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How to make a blog or website on the internet

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How to create a blog from scratch with wordpress

At present there to give answers complex for the person who asks how to make a blog or a website. This is due to the progress that have platforms from which you can manage the content of a website and providing facilities for further personalization.

Here you can see Many Internet businesses

The same has happened with hosting services, domain, plugins and other resources that should know how to combine the results are going to be a blog or a website with a professional look.

Carefully read each of the explanations, definitions and useful tips to launch your website, because with the help of this guide you will have the basic knowledge to start your Internet project.

The difference between a website and a blog is the type of content and the structure in which it is presented. Anyway if you are strict, technically no difference should be established between the two because in both cases you need a hosting or a hosting service and a domain or web address.

1.1 What is a website?

The usual practice is that a website has an institutional, commercial or corporate orientation. For this reason it is common for static sections with contact details, product catalog, offers, rates, services, mission, vision, etc. are used to indicate

In addition, content of a page web is updated infrequently, so users will not be so tempted to share a website of its kind in social networks.

Digital Imaging Business on the Internet 

1.2 What is a blog?

The content posted on a blog known as articles or entries that are written with a more personal approach. As a result what is said to be valuable to the reader as to store a value in itself.

Also, one of the key differences between a blog and a website is the frequency of updating the content, which of course is much higher on a blog, allowing drive traffic with fresh material and is much more likely to be share on social networks.

  1. Content Management Systems or CMS

According to the budget of each project or choosing the person in charge will have to select a platform to manage content.

To create a blog or website is advisable to use a content management system that delivers professional results and is a fast, economical, simple with which you can create and manage a website.

We recommend you use a content management system or CMS as the results will be excellent, you save a lot of setup time and are the most popular choice today between platforms to create a website or blog.

  1. What are the differences between a blog and a page we

2.1 What are the best managers of content?

It is the most popular platform today for a professional website or blog. You do not need advanced knowledge to use and unlike the .com version requires the purchase of a domain and hosting own.

The great advantage of to create a blog is the ability to customize it to the fullest with plugins, templates and even create online stores.


It is another popular content manager but more complex. This point makes up for being much more flexible than WordPress as far as design is concerned, because their workforces are highly advanced.


Content managers not only reduce platforms to create a blog or a traditional website. There are also alternatives for creating an e-commerce, it is an online store.

Magento is one of the options that are recommended to do so by the many features offered flexibility and templates to customize your design.


In the same way that Magento is a content manager for an online store. Your administration panel is simple and powerful time.

2.2 How do you know which CMS to choose?

WordPress is the most widely used today and which owes much of its success to be a content management open source platform. It also has a repository of plugins and templates gigantic and is updated daily. For these reasons we recommend using WordPress.

You will not need to be an expert in design or programming, WordPress make a website or blog is a process very fast and ends up being more optimal than other options.

Also, the main advantage of WordPress for those who are starting is your admin panel with a very good work in their visual environment for anyone with a few clicks you can navigate it or configure the platform.

Now there are two options to use WordPress: and

2.3 What differentiates of?

The free option which should not be paying anything is With it you will have your own website in a matter of seconds and with a few configurations for installation is automatic.

As for the basic functions are as create categories for items, customize menus, choose templates, etc.

The point against is that you will not be able to install WordPress plugins and you have to assume that another limitation to customize the template.

URL will also include extension, which is going to undermine the credibility and professionalism to your project. Of course, this point can solve paying for a domain, and other functions that can be extended. is convenient for initiating and wish to gain some experience regarding the use of a personal blog.

Is the option that we recommend to make a blog or a website because your site will be much more advanced in design, features, options and more. With this version of WordPress you may use your own domain, hosting selected by you and customize to the smallest detail.

The main advantages of are the following:

  • You can use Premium templates that will give your site a professional look.
  • Install WordPress with plugins you will greatly expand the possibilities for your website or blog.
  • If you know anything about HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScripts have the option to make modifications manuals to adjust your site before specific situations.

2.4 free platforms to create a blog or web site

Now if you’d rather save a little time and opt for a free platform to create your blog reliably and quality. We recommend any of these options:

As already mentioned is the free version of WordPress. You do not pay anything for using it, but to extend itself some functions will be necessary


It’s a classic Google service. It is one of the tools by which many are opting to start with the experience of publishing content on the Internet.

It is a content manager very good quality work, even if not much is known and programming code will be a complex alternative to customize and achieve a professional result.


It is a microblogging platform that lets you create a blog to share photos, videos, audio, text, links or citations.

It’s mostly a social network in which you interact with the contents, which are quickly shared among other users.

free platforms to create a blog or web site

  1. Hire a hosting service or web hosting

There are several points that should be considered when selecting a hosting company. Among them they are: the speed of the server, how effective is your support, space offered, type of backup system you use, price, etc.

3.1 What should consider before choosing a hosting?

  • Speed. To ensure optimal performance of your website or blog must have a fast hosting. In addition, if the response from the server is slow user experience will be of low quality and not achieve good results wanting search engine position.
  • Support service. If you finally decide to use WordPress for your website, it is desirable that the support of the hosting company allocate part of its staff to sites that work specifically with this platform in order to solve specific problems.
  • Disc space. We suggest that dispongas least 1GB of space on your server for a WordPress installation. Never be good for your website you’re about to exceed the limit of space.
  • Backups or backups. Is a crucial aspect to hiring a hosting. Note that you offer this feature because you never know when you might come up some calamity and lose all the files on your website or blog.

3.2 What we recommend hosting provider?

According to our experience with web hosting services we recommend company because it is a hosting that we use to host our sites and so far has more than fulfilled every one of our requirements.

  1. How to choose the domain?

Select the domain that will use your project is a decision that requires forethought that allows to choose the best option because once you buy it you can modify not.

Perhaps you already have a domain ready for use and only Debas establish a connection with your hosting service. Ultimately everything will depend on the specific characteristics of your project.

4.1 Recommendations to select a domain name

Although the choice of what will be the domain for a website or blog recently created is a crucial aspect, many people tend to ignore it and fall into common errors.

Consider the following tips for choosing your domain name: Include keywords in the domain. It will be an input for your search engine optimization strategy.

  • Do not use names that are ambiguous, difficult to understand or to spell.
  • Your domain should be easy to remember. If it is sticky mejor.Dale much priority to .com. It is the generic domain name on the Internet. Do not dismiss the possibility of buying other generic extensions to prevent others from impersonating you.
  • If your project targets a specific country could consider a geo domain as an .es for Spain, for Colombia, for Argentina, etc.
  • Your domain name should be short, a maximum of 20 characters.
  • Avoid as far as possible use case, eñes, scripts and the like.
  1. The template or design your website

In making a blog or a website you have to think about the user experience. It is for this reason that a suitable choice of the subject to be used is key to visitors with a good impression.

Consider when choosing the template for your website that has a good structure, design and is optimized for SEO or search engine optimization. In addition staff must be responsive, ie, that fits any screen from which you visit us.

5.1 How to choose a Premium template?

Please note the following considerations:

  • It must be compatible with all types of devices and browsers. In other words responsive.
  • Should offer so that you see an option to import demo content how it would look when really use.
  • Ideally Premium includes plugins for enjoying special features.
  • Not have compatibility issues with the most popular plugins.
  • Look at the number of downloads. It is an indicator to see how good it is.
  • Notes that both the update. This in order to be sure that your Premium template will be adapting to the new changes bring with internet and standards.
  • Which has a section of theme options to configure the template without touching code.

5.2 What sites you can find Premium templates?

The most popular site for templates ThemeForest Premium is a place where issues have compiled the highest quality for all platforms you have mentioned so far.

It is also a portal that has the advantage of providing a support forum for each designer to store the doubts of those who have purchased any of their subjects.

There are other places to find quality templates at sites like: Elegant Themes, WooThemes and Template Monster.

  1. How to design content for your website or blog?

As you probably selected a content manager to create your blog, and solved various tasks to be done in a conventional website itself should be considered.

Some time ago a person who did not have basic knowledge in HTML and CSS could be in charge of a project on the web, because the end result would be an unprofessional and attractive page.

If you are using WordPress can select some plugins to integrate into your facility that allow ter make a good quality design for your articles. These plugins layout are: Visual Composer, Page Builder or Live Composer.

Anyway are plugins to address very specific issues and in most web pages or blogs created with WordPress install will not be necessary because the basic functions will be more than enough.

  1. SEO or search engine optimization

You have everything ready to make a blog or a website, but you have to clear all where your visitors will come. For this working in search engine optimization, ie a series of techniques that best results are achieved in the list of search sites like Google. Among above show up, most visitors get.

If you use WordPress plugins there that will make the process easier. The same goes for those that are well optimized for SEO Premium templates.

7.1 Plugins to improve search engine rankings

There are two most popular options today for WordPress with which you can configure the entire site and each entry specific.

  • All In One SEO
  • Yoast SEO

There are also other plugins to optimize aspects such as the burden of the site, reduce the weight of the images and the like:

  • W3 Total Cache: Save your cached page in order to achieve better performance of the server.
  • it: Every image that you upload to your blog or website will be optimized to reduce charging time.

7.2 Basic SEO Recommendations

  • Conducting a study of keywords for your blog with tools like. Google Adwords, Google Trends and Keyword Tool With your help it will be easier to know what kind of items to prepare and even determine which sections of your blog will be.
  • Use a lot of images to your content. Add a title and text for each of them, so you posicionarás in Google Images.
  • Use YouTube videos. This favors those contained in Google.
  • Your content must be quality and valuable to the user, so that you will achieve share on social networks and position themselves better.
  • Post regularly. Do not abandon your site.
  • Give a better structure to the content of your website with internal links leading to a visitor to other areas you to deepen your inquiry.
  • Do not use duplicate content. Your content must be original.
  1. Conclusions on how to blog or website

As you can see, creating a blog or a website requires a process of reflection in which a good strategy in line with the interests to be taken is drawn.

To do this, select a good domain name, choose a quality hosting and a platform that meets our needs, so we recommend WordPress for most cases.

Once installed WordPress looking for a Premium template to be of the highest quality. Install plugins that enhance the features of your site and give boost to search engine positioning. For the creation of content to publish you must ensure that they are original both text and images.

Finally, you consistent with your website, be to their own style, quality content and interact with your visitors. The rest depends on how creative you to continue your strategy.