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Create an online course – Features, Concepts and Advantages

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Start in Creating a course online

If you have any special skills and you like laenseñanza can create an online course from the comfort of your home. At this time there are many people who want to learn a specific topic, whether a language, a sport, a skill like oratory, food preparation, music, etc., and who have knowledge. Many of these people would be willing to pay for access to a custom class or to access content deep over the area you’ll manage.

So why open an online course? Something to keep in mind is that it is an activity and a form that is revolutionizing education as we know it. Whereas before teaching was reserved for teachers and limited to, any schools that now dominate an activity or theme, you can leverage your skills to earn money to anyone who wants to learn or know more about it.

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Running a business online courses

There are multiple platforms to host and sell online courses, all work in a similar way and offer conditions very similar, so once you have the course on a platform, the best you can do is upload it to all others to find you the greatest possible number of people. People looking for what you offer but from different sites.

So what platform to use to start my course online? This is a series of choices of sites where you can post and sell your online course and work very well: Udemy, Tutellus, TareasPlus, Cursopedia and Aprendum. You can use different resources to the learning process, including videos, documents, images, interactive polls, live classes, among others.

Requirements to open an online course

First, we must have certificates substantiating our knowledge we established activity, information that should be included on the website and social networks that we open to enable interested parties to verify the legitimacy of our business. Make sure you have all permits and operating licenses, register your company and make the necessary arrangements to operate smoothly. To know them, you can go to the corresponding entity in your city.

Now, choose the subject. Here are some ideas of interesting fields where you could install the theme of your business: books, websites and blogs that you usually usually read, your hobbies and your tastes, studies or jobs today, productivity and entrepreneurship, councils, among others. The key is to evaluate and define a topic that is your strength in depth and know where you feel comfortable.

Running a business online courses

How to open my own online course?

The first step is to decide the theme of the course you plan to start. This depends on the specialty or theme you’re an expert in this plan and what issues related measure could be added.

The content consists of: several videos representing different lessons maximum video length is 10 minutes, so it is preferable to have many short lessons have few long, in addition to videos, you can add PowerPoint presentations, pDFs, audio and ZIPs. You can also record your own videos, you do not need more than your laptop webcam, a neutral background so there are no distractions and good lighting.

To promote it, once you have all the material ready, just create an account on Floqq or platform you prefer, click on “Create a course” and enter the details of the same (name, description, category, price and image). it is important to choose the name of the course, description and image to represent you as attractive as possible.

Finally, turn up the trailer for the course, videos and other supplementary material. Click “Post Course” and, once the team has reviewed Floqq everything is in order, you can start accepting students.

Tips to open an online course

Care quality information you offer, this involves paying attention to the presentation, using images and colors, as well as correct spelling and speaks to the moment of expressing it. It is essential that you maintain good communication with those who take your classes, be sure to pay attention to their concerns and inquiries and attempts to answer in the shortest possible time, this will improve the experience of each.

Now, to promote your online course, we recommend you take advantage of various resources such as discount coupons which you can create codes to distribute as you want. As well as build a list of the best sellers, where the most prominent categories that ensure greater visibility and consequently more sales are.

There are many ways to promote and disseminate an online course, one is creating a website on which work part of the course, for example, there will climb related content, learning resources, videos or other items to disclose the course. Do not forget to add contact means such as phone, email and if possible, link to blogs or other sites such as social networking.

Weak points: one of the main challenges we face with this business is that it easily users can find what we offer free and easily on the Internet, as growing demand has meant that every time the user can find what you are looking better. This achieves that often the person does not see the need to buy a course when you can have it for free.

Here we have not lost the battle, because what we do is offer something beyond what you may find on the net, learning materials and resources, issues discussed in greater depth and other information that is of interest.

Points in favor:one of the main advantages of opening a business like this is that they are cheap to produce, since only a laptop with webcam, an Internet connection and something to teach is needed. Nothing classrooms, tables, chairs and blackboards for students. In addition, they can be easily distributed over the Internet and reach any part of the world without much difficulty. Students learn at their own pace, because if something is not clear they can repeat the lesson as many times as needed.

Although the mode of operation may vary, as can create live classes or leave videos or other resources for teaching, the truth is that in most cases the teacher or the person who instructs, you should only work once. Is, once created the course, you can enjoy an unlimited number of students both now and in 5 years and do not need the teacher is present to impart, and still win money.

Success stories

Many businesses that start slowly, and it is certainly much better in cases where funding is limited. However, the pace is slower but much better calculated, which is why we present below a list of franchise companies dedicated to English courses and in general, all kinds of classes where you can get inspired and get ideas to incorporate your business about their modes of operation as well as see how it works and more.

Keep your audience motivated in training when they start the online course is the key to keeping them active and reduce the chances of desist and abandon the course, creates a bond with your customers.

Are you ready to start? We know that starting a business is not an easy job, however, the first step is the hardest and which are giving us if you’ve come this far, so much encouragement and, Let nothing stop you!