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Shower Installation Company – Entrepreneurship and Profits

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Start the shower installation business

Current trends increasingly mark the inevitable extinction of the impractical and dangerous bathtub. The truth is that, however picturesque (or rather old-fashioned for the conception of modern life), it turns out that bathtubs are difficult to clean and dangerous because of their material.

As if this were not enough, they occupy a considerable space in a society whose tendency is to optimize everything as best as possible. That is why setting up a shower installation company puts an end to these annoying bathtubs, and changes them into practical, hygienic and safe showers.

How do you start? Let’s see.

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First steps with the installation of showers

Ideally, once you have defined the modality in which you are going to work, make a market study that allows you to find possible competitors nearby, the prices that are in the market in terms of services and products you offer, and also identify your potential customers. This, taking into account the specific operation that your business will have.

With this data ready, make a business plan. In it you must include the specific activity you are going to carry out and in this sense, specify step by step the launch, the articles and tools necessary to start, the promotion, possible personnel, installation of the work place, among other aspects with which you can quote and obtain an approximate investment value.

Start the shower installation business

How a shower installation business works

Running a shower installation company represents having in your hands a profitable business in marked growth, both because people are recycling their bathrooms and getting rid of the bathtubs, a legacy of the year, even installing modern showers. This business idea works under several modalities, since you can also become a supplier of construction projects that install and provide the necessary inputs.

For the latter, you must also be a manufacturer or importer, because in this way you will achieve the price that these ventures will demand.

Requirements to offer shower installation

In order to have a shower installation company you must first decide how you will approach the business: as a manufacturer, importer or wholesaler. The first case will require a considerably higher investment and factory and sales premises. The second option allows you to manage the price directly from the factory and you can become the supplier of other wholesalers. In the latter case, you will buy from the factory or the importer, and your profit margin will be a little lower or the price you charge the customer will be a little more expensive than average.

Once you have decided on a modality, you will need to set up in a shop, distribute the goods on display and organize the warehouse with what you will handle in stock.

Personnel: you may need personnel for the administrative and accounting area, sales and labor for the installation of the showers. Carefully interview candidates and confirm their experience and training, especially those who will be doing the installation work. A poorly done installation can cost the company a few thousand dollars to repair.

Finally, register your company with the appropriate government agencies. If you are an importer, contact a customs broker to help you with permits.

How a shower installation business works

Key tips for starting this business 

A service like this implies, at the same time, a vote of confidence for your clients, since you enter their homes and they are the ones who are going to recommend your work with these people, so it becomes a value that has to be taken care of. To do this, offer clear quotes, comply with the stipulated schedules, be honest if there are problems and try to communicate any problems to your customers.

Whether you offer installation service or also offer the sale of these types of items, it is extremely important that each product you have is of the best quality, this requires looking for the best suppliers in the market. If you are not familiar with the industry, find out which suppliers and brands are the best known before you start.

Weaknesses: service for the client is measured in several aspects, not only in the product you sell or the service you offer for installation, but above all, in the profile of the staff that performs it, the communication you have and other aspects of the person that can be decisive when recommending or reusing a service. Many companies fall into disrepute for not making sure they hire good staff, train them and make sure they carry the philosophy of their business.

Try to take care of each person who works with you, offer adequate conditions and select very well before each hiring. This will help you