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Bicycle messaging – Operation, Structure and Organization

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Start with bike courier business

More and more companies seek supply agency services in order to fulfill deliveries of products to customers. Product suppliers want speed, discretion and in line with market prices, working to get directly to their customers. That is why the bicycle messenger has opened a profitable and sustainable way to do it.

To start earning money with this business idea, the company can ride on your own or you can turn it into a family business, so members can help distribute envelopes or other products, this you reduce how costs as the business starts to grow.

So how do you start? Let’s see:

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Operating a bicycle courier business

This business idea aims to provide service delivery and addresses from using a bicycle relatively nearby areas, or that are less comfortable for this type of transportation. To this extent, the type of items to be delivered must be adequately sized to avoid problems with displacement.

This service can offer a particular business you want to start using this type of delivery, so that we can start individually and gradually, with the knowledge of other businesses, increase our staff and hire people engaged in deliveries .

What we transport? This depends entirely on the field who want to go, however, among the most profitable fields are: food, clothing and fashion accessories.

Requirements to start my bike courier business

The first is that, as the service provider, tell a suitable means of transport, so you must invest in a good bike with all the conditions to move smoothly. This means knowing basic tasks of inspection and repair if simple problems. Remember to have documentation bike day.

On the other hand, it will be necessary that you have a digital tool designed to show you the best routes in case of problems or to shorten the time between displacement, this will definitely be of great value to contractors and end customers.

Operating a bicycle courier business

Bike courier costs

We must have basic tools kits for general maintenance, staff uniforms (at the beginning we recommend buying two or three bikes to start), and structures according to the sizes set for loading on bicycles which will accommodate orders.

Remember to include the costs of establishing a limited liability company, as well as buying envelopes and boxes parcels, buying bicycles, buying uniforms for staff and payment for working staff to work with you when you start increase demand.

To do business do not forget, a road service charge, logistics costs (telephone, Internet, computer and peripheral equipment, memos, forms, bank fees), payment of wages or part of each trip and advertising expenses, which fit both the implementation and exercise of the activity.

How to start a venture bicycle messenger?

Done, it is time to take the next step. To start this activity, the same as other profitable business ideas, we have some news to be always ahead of the competition. So you can think of a number of services that are included in your activity, such as:

  • Delivery on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. Most companies bicycle messenger only make deliveries until around 12:00 on Saturday and Sunday no service, so they lose a potential opportunity weekends.
  • For emergencies can provide emergency service provision, which lasts between 30 minutes and 2 hours from the time the delivery order is taken.
  • Return documents.

To advertise their services, you need to mount a specific professional website for this business, where there are pictures and data from people offering the service. Do not forget to deliver business cards and flyers in business premises of the sector to take into account that you need as a delivery service.

Tips to start on bicycle messenger and make money

In addition to standard messaging services can promote other activities, such as sending gifts or flowers to their loved ones (delivery).

Where to find staff to provide service? You can easily find employees among young people, pupils or students, it is important that own bicycles, you pay a commission for each delivery and contact them when necessary.

Finding potential customers should be a constant work and which must stay tuned, because it can happen anytime and anywhere, so we recommend being on both the contact means ready for it.

It is key that you keep an order of the orders you are going to do during the day and if possible during the week, so you can accomplish everything on time without delays and with very satisfied customers.

Weaknesses: In winter times the business could reduce your ability to deliver. On the other hand it is extremely necessary that you consider the importance of having quality bikes that meet the performance and the potential for such activities as the image of your business will depend on compliance with delivery in most .

Another key aspect is the staff. Since it is a vote of confidence that you provide your customers orders for delivery, you also have honest and responsible, because they are who will ensure that it reaches its destination.

Pluses: to start, you can start this business idea based on the needs of the market and the geographic area in which you find yourself, although this can be extended according to the amount of services provided to beneficiaries.

In addition, it is actually very little money to spend on this venture, compared with a vehicle that has high maintenance costs. You do not need a local or retail space, just a few small plots of deposit or lack of them, since it is sent by the sender and the recipient.

Success stories

Meet at the following link companies in this sector that managed to consolidate its position as market leaders with much effort and passion, profitability shows that you can achieve with this business idea.

The possibilities are many as you can imagine. While your business plan, conducts market research and start your venture as a bicycle messenger today.