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Bicycle repair shop – Profitability, Costs and Maintenance

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Start a bicycle repair shop

Riding a bicycle repair business may be the way to your financial independence, especially for entrepreneurs who are passionate about the sport, but also for those who decide to start their own business to provide them with profits and which enjoy what they do.

People who use bicycles as transportation or relaxation, know how important it is that your bike is in good condition for each route. In addition, not all cyclists know how to identify and solve a technical problem, this is where the profitability of a business is born by an expert on bikes.

How to start? Let’s see.

Learn how to get Business money where your investment is low

Getting started a bicycle repair shop


Given the above, it is time to take the next step. Begins with a market study designed to show you how the market is moving in the area where you plan to install your workshop. This makes it easier to identify the location of the target audience, the rates are handled by the service, and overall viability assembly, including possible competition.


Now make a business plan, it shall be included all the running we plan our workshop, from the activity, local, tools, promotion and all data necessary to start trading and thus have an estimate of the necessary investment. If you sell other items, include them on the list price you provide suppliers.



Running a bicycle repair shop


This is a type of work you can provide at home, so you can post a notice about your service in the window facing the street, a notice on a nearby pole point where you work, etc. Opening a workshop at home does not necessarily mean selling all kinds of goods for bicycles, but can focus on repairing simply.

On the other hand, if what you are interested in opening a repair shop with a store, we recommend looking for a visible place for pedestrians as well as good conditions in place and good space for the repair area, but also for shop windows and shelves where the products they offer to the public may be.

Start a bicycle repair shop

Schedule and operation of a bicycle shop

You can start this business with little money or free time to enter fully into the market in this activity. Can be an activity at home, but space is needed to store bicycles or other procedures requiring, in addition to storing the tools that we use and others are left in charge. If you do not have the necessary knowledge but want to undertake this project, you can hire a bicycle mechanic, and even, it may be necessary to have staff when business starts to grow.

How much is open this business idea?

Only capital investment is required with a few hundred euros, however the total cost of openness that have this type of business varies depending on the chosen space to operate (ie, if the property is personal or going to rent, If you do not decide to open this business at home) and the project budget for advertising.

How to promote my business bicycle shop?

To promote this idea with little money, if one of your priorities to reduce costs, you will have to direct attention to places frequented by cyclists, such as parks and bike trails, but this is more focused on shopping and arrangements for bicycles. In these places you can hand out flyers for any broker who has a technical problem know where to turn for a solution.

If you choose to pursue this business at home, a notice will be required in the window, telling neighbors, family and loved ones, put a sign on the street and promote the business on the streets in the area. A website presentation and an ad in the local newspaper are strengths in finding potential customers. Do not forget the online presence even if community groups where you can offer your services.

Requirements to open a bicycle repair shop


Like any business, you need to have a registration and operating license, for this you need to go near the entity in charge of your city and you check what steps you need to perform to take all the necessary documentation for your bicycle shop are .


Before launching your business to the market, it is necessary that you have all the tools and equipment you need this kind of business for the work you will perform.


Needs of the local


Among the main tools include the following: meter chain, set of keys repair, pump inflating chains troncha, game spanners, wire cutter, set removable, flat pliers and cutting, allen wrenches, extractor pinions, patches, screwdrivers, spoke wrench, bicycle lubricants, grease bicycle, wrench address, paint gun (optional), among others.


Spare parts and parts in addition to the tools, such as repair of bicycles need to have another set of items such as spare parts, accessories and all kinds of items for bikes, so you will need to find a supplier of this type of articles to ensure the flow of parts necessary repairs. This need increases if you decide to open a shop and bicycle repair shop.


The key is that you contact a supplier who can supply you all kinds of parts you need in a short time if you find last-minute service and good prices and quality.

Tips to open a bicycle repair shop

Tips to open a bicycle repair shop


In a world that places more emphasis on ecology and environmental protection a bicycle repair shop is a business trend. If your business works and gives benefits, can expand into related fields, such as a bike shop and if necessary and initiate market with a store, this may be extended considerably with the growth of the business.

Ideally you offer the best service at fair prices for every situation, so not only manage to meet the needs of your customers but generate a bond of trust because your customers will be sure to always tell them the truth about damages and solutions, prioritizing honesty in your business.


Weak points: Perhaps the biggest drawback of this business is to find the first customers, since those most frequently used bicycles have already trusted centers where they perform all necessary repairs. It can be reduced by using optimal marketing strategy, and a closer location and the view of those in need.


Points in favor: Among the advantages we can highlight various aspects, including and one of the most important; reducing costs for commissioning, for the workshop can be conducted at home. This business can become a family activity, work part time.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to expand your profits by selling sundries for bicycles, and some of them can reinvest in a bike shop secondhand.

Success stories


Learn how entrepreneurship can achieve undreamed achievements from these franchises that have managed their way into the sports world with businesses in different areas. Know their modes of operation, market experience and more key data to be setting the course of your business as they


Are you passionate about bikes? Sure this business idea caught your attention, so plan your project well and put in place, many are waiting outside your service.