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Cooking classes for children – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start with cooking classes for children

If you love children and have cooking skills, you can unite these two qualities to start a business of cooking classes for children, where they can discover their culinary skills, preparing dishes that can test your imagination and creativity.

Children are thirsty to learn; It is the best time to develop in this field and can, at certain times, feel independent and able to prepare their own meals. The most important thing is to teach them in a safe and fun way.

How to get started? Let’s see what you need.

Find out how to get Business profits with low investment

Getting started cooking classes for children

Start planning your business start involves market research. This first analysis will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the market that we launched; the location of potential customers, identify the most visible areas to install the business, know the rates that are handled in the market and other key data.

Also, you will need to perform a business plan in which you include everything related to running your business, specifying every aspect, such as; the number of tables that you will use, cost local, ways of promotion, etc. All this information will allow you to contribute and have an estimated initial investment capital value.

How to organize classes?

Cooking classes for children should be organized according to the availability both of them, when they are free of their academic activities, and when parents or guardians have the ease of transport to the place of classes.

Even if you can well establish classes twice a week from Monday to Friday Ideally these weekends, when the children are not in school class and its leaders can bring established.

Start with cooking classes for children

Running a business of cooking classes for children

This business idea proposed to give cooking classes suitable for children, organizing classes and types, from espefícios dishes according to the ages of the children received. To do this, you will need to have a physical space where children can run and take classes there.

Classes for the youngest of our business, should not be of much complexity, mainly highlighted that for them will be simple and will not take much time to prepare them. Also, within the class content, should include not only the preparation of the dishes, but also the preparation of the cook, which involves teaching steps prior hygiene and cleanliness, like washing your hands before starting, but also clean very While fruits and vegetables, including cooking utensils that will be used.

Requirements to take cooking classes for children

The first and most important is that you have knowledge in the dining area to teach children, that is, have a prior preparation that allows you to choose the types of dishes suitable for them. If you do not have knowledge or experience, it is best to take some time to train you.

Registration: that everything runs smoothly and your business venture can be established as a 100% legal, it is necessary that you register on the relevant entity in your city. In addition, it is important to consult permits and licenses, according to the activity of your project, you have to provide security for all the children who will be part of your group of students.

Local: need a space where they can teach classes to children, which stores the ingredients you’re using, tables, chairs and other tools for teaching children, so we recommend opting for a space not so great, but where you can have a reception room kitchen where spaces where you can store food and utensils and teach.

Be sure to find a place easily accessible, visible and in a strategic place. Facilities must comply with all regulations issued.

Tips to undertake the business

You could start dictating cooking classes for kids in your own home, but this will require a large kitchen and privacy. Note that the number of children who can attend will be limited by space and many parents do not feel confident leaving their children home from a stranger. You better get your first customers among family and friends, sure will help spread the word.

Win the trust and attention of children do not get bored, it is one of the major business challenges like these, for this we have several keys that can be considered in the process. Among them are the possibility that delegues tasks according to their abilities and age. Introduce them new foods, choose recipes which are present colors, flavors and textures that make them tempting. For example, pasta into fun shapes, forms broccoli seedlings, cauliflower-shaped clouds, among others.

Running a business of cooking classes for children


Getting dirty is part of the process of learning to cook, especially when measuring liquid ingredients, flour or when they break eggs. Let them have fun without pressuring them, teaching them gradually to have better handling with the ingredients. Let them do tests you food or condiments with some spicy, sweet, salty, acid and bitter-sweet. They will learn to identify each flavor and to accept them easily.

The best time for children is to test the final product. The new chef must receive his prize, a small bite of his creation.

Weak points: an aspect to consider is that in this business, especially the approach will take time to grow to achieve profitability sought, especially because classes most of the time on weekends will be taken, so you should look for an alternate activity that allows you to make money from week to hold your business every month.

On the other hand, keep in mind that these businesses are highly sensitive, since parents will not let their children with strangers, so you must earn your trust and credibility.

Points in favor:a school and children’s cooking program can be a good deal because it requires only a small investment and competition is not so great. You can share tips and ideas to help children and teach them the basics and necessary to introduce them with fun in the world of cooking.

Take advantage of this sector and begins with one of the newest activities for children, where they learn having fun and knowing the culinary world at your fingertips.

Start your business today.