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Fantasy makeup workshops for children – Requirements and Functions

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Start with fantasy makeup workshop for children

This idea of ​​entrepreneurship can add fun to festivals, fairs and events, it certainly becomes one of the attractions and collectors of child care. If you like the world of makeup, fantasy and children, this is the idea that all your passion combine to create your own project.

With this business idea you can enjoy becoming a painter (a) of high-quality faces. Let’s see how this idea and all you need to start working.

Low business investment here

First steps in children’s fantasy makeup

The first thing to do is make a business plan that allows you to get an idea of ​​the initial investment capital you need to start. This is because through this document we know the necessary material and a quote, and the value of advertising, and in general, from the description of our way of working, we discover our needs.

Now, having this done, it’s time for our market research. In this paper we will research to approach us to the sector and meet the conditions of the market as we identify our potential customers, as holiday events, business party decoration, animators, etc, and we can also know the location of direct competitors , the rates are driving down service, among other database.

Start with fantasy makeup workshop for children

Running a business from face painting for children

This business idea proposes that, from your knowledge and skills to make children’s fantasy, you offer this service in different types of events, whether for making up the children in both events, birthdays, halloween or other special occasions for the hiring your service.

But how do you get your income? To do this you have two payment options: cost per hour or per each of the makeups you make. If you decide to set a fee per hour, can offer for events such as birthdays, you picnics, fundraisers, family reunions, church festivals, corporate events for families in restaurant, among others.

It is very important that when setting a value you consider the type of makeup is done, and thus the products used, your skills, knowledge and experience.

Requirements to offer children’s fantasy makeup

The first and what would be more obvious, would have knowledge in makeup fantasy for children, but goes beyond this, it is to be knowledgeable, too, the type of products to be used for the skin of children, variety of topics that can be handled even have a catalog with the makeup that you can do around this fantastic world and accordingly, provide your service. If you have little knowledge and experience, we recommend you take time to practice and train you before you start, because it will depend on the image and the concept of quality of your business.

It is extremely important that count on certificates and licenses necessary to ensure the professionalism of the service that you offer.

Requirements to offer children's fantasy makeup

Materials needed for my service

Inputs basic you will need are: palettes of shadows and color quality artist brushes good quality, eyebolts or dashboard of the menu, if you have an art show or want to offer your services at an event, cleaning and hygiene, mirrors, protective gloves, protective linings hair and clothing, among others.

Also consider some of these elements: Canopy pop-up, portable table, 2 chairs, one for you and one for the child who will be makeup, sponges and wipes.

Key tips for makeup fantasy for children

It is important to have a good base templates to provide customers, this must be very varied, with different figures to see children and within which they can choose. On the other hand, it is extremely important to always be in the flow of new designs and drawings, including cartoons of the time, movie characters, among others you can find on websites, specialized magazines, etc.

And finally…

It is a good opportunity to take a short course that can continue to discover your skills, developing new techniques and keep learning the most widely used designs, plus this will serve as an experience to go to practice before starting to work with children directly.

Weak points:Please note that the hours may be long, and people can not ask for things that may not have tried before. The character and personality are very important in this type of business face-to-face work with children and parents, so you need to consider what it would be or not affected by experiences with customers.

Much of the work you get, comes from the mouth to mouth referrals. If you’re a cheerful, smiling, artistic and talented, easy with children, neat and clean, patient and taste for fun, could charm the parents and employers who hire you. This is a quick quiz to see if the initiative could be for you.

Points in favor: We can not ignore the possibility that we begin in this creative field with initial costs too low. In addition, you can set your own schedule with flexible hours, focusing your business great makeup for children according to customers you would like to visit first.

The busiest days may vary, but many families choose on Saturdays, which are more popular for children during the summer, so you can do your own business with a small investment of time, spread at different times to start .

Use your creativity.

Enjoy interacting with children and earn money with your project!