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Game and Toy Repair Center – Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start with a repair of toys and games

Toys and games are one of the articles that are used daily, regardless of age who are targeted because they are fun and entertainment. But what happens when one most preferred is damaged? The truth is that there are very few chances that a parent could buy a new one or even realize that this toy is no longer available, this is where the profitability of the repair center is born toys and games.

Note that among the busiest sectors is the children’s sector, and with very good publicity, you get the movement you are looking for.

If you like the world of children and fun, and also have skills and patience to repair and restore, this is a very good way to start making money. Let’s see:

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How does a business repairing toys and games?

Let’s start by knowing the activity that will take place in our business. In addition to repairing items and toys, many people will use to visually fix your business, improve the painting, recording the name of children, among others. Take this as some other services to your customers where you increase your income.

I start requirements: What do I need to repair toys?

The first is that you need to have the least idea of ​​repairing these materials and articles, because although they all work differently, you need to bases in these procedures. On the other hand, the materials will also be very important. The ideal is to have a team of basic tool to start. Then you need other more specialized materials, paints, etc.

Needs of the local

This is one of the most important parts, because depending on the visibility you have your business and the area in which you ubiques, we get part of the success we seek. It is advisable to place you in a commercial area, preferably near stores where they sell items of toys and entertainment.

On the other hand, you need to have equipment for your home such as: cabinets and shelves for toys repaired or locate some new and individuals who want to sell. You will also need a cash register and office items for the financial and organizational. A locker to store toys and repaired by dates and names, so you know who owns each toy. It includes handles, belts, and parts that can incorporate new toys that are under repair.

The dimensions of the premises should not be too large, tend to organize your home according to your conditions and basic needs.

Start with a repair of toys and games

Do I need staff?

Be you or not who deal with the repair of toys or attention to the client, you will need at the least one person who initially help you. Also because it also must be on both new customers and arrangement of local stakeholders for entering. Nobody likes to wait, so to offer a timely and prompt attention, will be a plus for your business.

How to start my repair center toys and games?

Having done this, it’s time to start with a market study designed to show us the location of our major customers as well as potential competition and prices that are handled in the sector. While this is not an activity which is often our competition might be toy stores that are closer.

As for our clients, these may vary. While you can go to parents who want to repair toys and games for their children, another good way to increase our activity is going mainly gardens and schools, especially dedicated to children, who usually have all kinds of items for children fun and given their use, often those who most need it.

Now, the key question, how much will I need? “Even though you can not give exact figures, what we can do is help you bring out your own budget. This will require you to take into account local needs in terms of conditioning, but also rent, purchase of materials and promoting your business. Remember that you can accommodate room available you have at home, but advertise your service with a sign overlooking the street.

How can I promote my business?

The area in which you ubiques your business will not need to repair toys daily, so you should look for customers in other areas and maximize your reach. A good way to do this is by promoting your business online, through a website and social networks where many more people can find you and get in contact with you. You can offer your repair service deliveries, for example.

Do not forget traditional advertising through business cards and flyers. Remember that your target audience will be mainly families with young children and middle-aged.

Tips for repairing toys

Before finally launch your business, be sure to gain experience in the process, so you can go repairing toys to family, friends, neighbors and loved ones. Yes, do not forget about advertising, which you must work for time to publicize your premises.

The key to making money with a service undertaking is to offer quality care, personalized, friendly, respectful and in which, above all, they are met with dates and deadlines. This last point is very important for customers, and it depends on the image of your business, so you must take good care.

Keep a constant promotion and approach your potential customers in different parts of the city, because if you offer good service, distance does not matter.

Weak points: without the necessary publicity your business could experience losses instead of profits. Few people know this kind of business because there are not many that exist today, and although it may be an advantage not to have high competition, means that demand is not as high in the place where you are, what with little publicity will lead to oblivion.

Please note that at present consumption levels are very high, so you have to face it. Highlights the advantages of your service to go changing the idea that buying a new one is better than repair and seize the material, especially on the side of environmental awareness.

Points in favor: you can easily become a benchmark for service in a sector that is dedicated to buying and easily discarded. It happens that many children grow attached to toys in particular and when damaged, always think about loss rather than repair. Your business offers a more economic output to continue to enjoy the same, so take advantage of it very well.

In addition, it is a business in which to undertake, need very little money, you can even start from the comfort of your home.

This is a business idea that can be considered among the alternatives sustainability to reduce the level of consumption, and thus the environmental disaster that suffers from mass production and the levels at which lots are discarded materials They are made with natural resources.

Earn money putting your skills and provides a service to return the favorite activity of children toys.