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Interactive wedding invitations – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Open a business of interactive invitations for weddings

Companies specializing in weddings are doing new things all the time, but sometimes taking the best parts of tradition and give them a modern twist that allows them to be at the forefront of everything that happens in the market.

This is the case of interactive invitations, business update traditional invitation through creating interactive versions. The bride and groom can share everything from photos, videos and even playlists with special songs for them.

It is so today we bring you everything you need to know about this business idea for inicies today. Let’s see.

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Running a business interactive wedding invitations

The idea of ​​this business is to generate impact and set a new trend in the industry parties, in this case weddings.

This new business idea will provide an innovative service products where the initial launch will create wedding invitations that also includes interactive augmented reality (AR) to improve the static design.

This means that with a smartphone or tablet and three simple steps to scan, guests will enjoy a new visual and engaging experience, which may consist of watching a short video invitation, to see a photo gallery or even share their songs favorite to listen and more. It allows the couple to personalize your invitation and create an unforgettable experience for your big day as well as quick access to relevant information so that they can attend and confirm the guests.

Installing business

Your business can start from home with the help of a computer with enough memory and internet access. With the programs required for interactive design and animation. However, as the business grows you can open an office of attention to the user for orders and requirements necessary.

Requirements to start selling interactive invitations for weddings

Ideally we have knowledge in the area of ​​design, which allow us to develop interactive wedding invitations via online and it is the image receiving guests from their hosts. It is so if you do not, you’ll need to rely on the advice and the work of a professional who can create innovative designs, bold and creative.

My business needs

computer equipment need sufficient memory and installing software design, animation and sound to structure the interactive invitations. Also an office either in a home or in a room with desk and chairs required.

May need training to use different programs, the acquisition of programs, materials and advertising and marketing. Also you need to create a website in which the couple can enter their full name, date of marriage, select different kits or items to be offered and confirm the information and accept the virtual list so it can be published.

Running a business interactive wedding invitations

How to start my own business interactive wedding invitations?

Currently there is no direct competitor. However it is clear that indirect competition with companies and businesses with email invitations wedding and some applications out there today.

A good way to start earning experience and recognition in this market, would be getting close to close, acquaintances and even relatives who want to implement your ad through interactive invitations.

How can I promote my business?

Since this business idea follows its activity mainly via online, it is where advertising should act more strongly. Thus, in addition to the web page that you have, you can include social networking profiles that allow you to be closer to the public to meet their needs and participate in forums or other online spaces weddings.

While online promotion is important, not discarding the physical advertising. To do this, you can leave fliers or business cards in gift shops, but also in agencies and event planners wedding.

Tips to undertake with interactive invitations for weddings

Most importantly the interactive invitations is achieved combining augmented reality and animated static designs wedding invitation to give guests a new visual experience. That is why we use all the available details at your fingertips with your mobile device.

The engaged couple can add to your wedding invitation, music, playlists, videos and more. This concept also allows to work with those who are designing their own invitations, and can do it too.

On the website you have in your business, allows users to have the ability to subscribe to various communication systems to receive information from your business. If required they may cease to be part of any system of sending information by simply selecting the appropriate option.

Weak points: the business of interactive wedding invitations should offer online shopping service backed by international safety standards. It must also be affiliated with the security program and virtual transactions of the selected bank, which is responsible for validating, approving or rejecting all operations carried out with credit cards on the website.

Points in favor: we can not ignore the potential of this business idea is exciting, it also can be used and grow in other commercial markets and entertainment that allow you to further expand the possibilities of your business. This, not to mention that it is an innovative and creative business that, over time, achieve attracting much attention from the public for its proposal.

Like the world of technology and you want to start their own business ?, How do from home interactive invitations? Do not wait and start to innovate in one of the busiest sectors of the market.