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How to set up a newspaper stand – Magazine stand

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Open a newsstand

Learn how to ride a newsstand or magazines can be a lucrative business. The real purpose of mounting a newsstand is to take the information, culture and knowledge to the most remote locations around the country. Usually installed in points of great handling, kiosk tend to attract the audience that is looking for quality information and entertainment.

Business low-cost production here.

Newspaper market

The market for newspapers and magazines has increased considerably. The market remains active and there is a good choice of income, however, a question to be addressed is the advent of tablets throughout Latin America. No one knows for sure yet how to market this model and how it can influence the newspapers and magazines in the market.

Location for newsstand

If you plan to install it near the banks of some street, you must request permission from the municipality, often require a tender or public lottery, but usually newsstands are in the most strategic and differentiated points.

Still speaks in the commercial point, it is very important to remember that this factor is one of the most important aspects for the success of the company also feature local public is quite significant. In choosing the site should analyze the space and spending on renovation and structure. Before you choose, remember that it is very important to analyze the competition, the public profile, ease of access, security, transportation, parking and visibility.

Structure for mounting your post

A standard panel magazine has 40 m² divided into shelves to accommodate magazines, newspapers and door-counter products. You can also generate income from buying sweets, candies, chocolates, lighters, and more. With this structure, two suppliers is sufficient to keep the business organized and customers with great service, but it is important to note that the seller is the card too so choose a professional with differential, which is synonymous with success.

Open a newsstand

Products that will sell in your newsstand

The goods would be magazines, newspapers, books and DVDs, so no raw material in this business, but you still need an initial investment of 23 billion euros to pay for renovations, equipment, expenses for company registration and working capital.

For those who really aims to mount a newsstand is good to remember that direct contacts with publishers and newspapers will make a big difference when it comes to providing quality products to the public.

Capital investment required to mount a newsstand

You can not talk about a new business without talking about investment, one of the most important parts of the process. The initial capital invested is approximately £ 14,000 to have an implementation of a newsstand, which vary by location. This amount already have the space and all inclusive, which may also be the cost of employees.

However, most fail to hire someone, but simply only acts in office, there is no risk if not a big banking that involves many clients, who may be at risk of some petty theft.

Problems that may occur to the start position your business

If it does not all the merchandise you are offering on your post newspaper, you may become obsolete and cause losses. The initial investment is a little high, and may not get short-term gain expected goal. If you are only (a) attending your post newspaper and have many customers may leave without paying some or have some robberies.

Final recommendations for your success newsstand

Before mounting your newsstand, we recommend you do a business plan in which you can weigh the costs of investment, we suggest you start with minimal investment and go gradually expand your newsstand. It is very important that the items you are selling, have an expiration date to be aware of how long you have to run for their marketing.