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Sale of advertising spaces – Features, Advantages and Tips

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Start by selling advertising space

One of the most profitable businesses you can find today is the sale of advertising space. Anyone with a little imagination and time can start investing on your own project, if you have a vehicle, or good you are creating ideas to help boost sales of a business, this may be your job.

Sale of advertising space is something that any business needs, from a stationery store, to a greengrocer or carpentry can offer services that many people are unaware, and thanks to the sale of advertising space we do, they can begin to know each other and thus benefit both sides.

We want you do business with little investment

First steps in the business of selling advertising space

Once you have prepared the above, it is time to conduct a market study to identify you where your potential customers are located, ie, those traders who are willing to pay for advertising space to increase their profits. Often the type of business that best encourage this are the restaurants, business events, clothing stores and others that are in season, settlement, promotions, etc. However, be sure to offer your services to other businesses.

Make a business plan in which you include all the teams are going to have for your business, and how long you’ll be running, traditional or physical advertising, such as charging packages flyers, among other things, you will allow give you an idea of ​​the investment capital you require.

Operation of a business selling advertising space

This business idea works as a means of promotion for various business and commercial products and services. Maps will always be various shops or stores that are interested in expanding their profits and thereby further expand its business. To fulfill it, you just have to approach them and offer your services by making them see that will design an ad to be played with speaker or car with megaphones.

In this way the information will be disseminated to people from nearby areas who can become potential customers. However, there is another option if you do not have megaphones, amplifiers, speakers or a speaker.

Requirements to undertake the sale of advertising space

At the start this business need a number of key items for your operation, such as a motor vehicle that may well be a car or a motorcycle, this is the most important, because without it you can not play the ads throughout the city. It is also important to have a computer in which design and all ads for advertising are made in addition to the organization of information to be said of every business.

You need a special permit, as these activities are within the category of noise pollution factors, so you need to have permission east, where you credit and respaldas you to play your ads on public roads. Remember to be clear about the relevant regulations, since there is a volume limit you can use.

Equipment for your business

The team of your business must include a microphone, without it we could record the ads that sell as well as megaphones, amplifiers, speakers or speaker is something we need if we advertise through the streets or neighborhoods in particular.

How to set the rate my service advertising?

Ideally, you organize a fee for the collection of ads according to the time of day in which it is performed. For example, you can set an hourly or daily, even charge according to the amount of views desired by the customer, it is done on a daily run. Consider the physical advertising, such as distribution of leaflets and posters.

Start by selling advertising space

Tips for selling advertising space as a business

Ideally, a business advertising promotional offers several alternatives according to business that hire in this regard several strategies should be developed with specific times when suits do to capture the attention of the target audience. Therefore we recommend performing a preliminary investigation of the type of business that hires you to start designing an advertising campaign that achieves efficient results.

In many cases this type of advertising is used by businesses that are in town for seasons, so are usually not so well known, in some cities, local traders common. One way to start earning trust between them, will be to promote nearby businesses who dare to test your service soon, other larger businesses are encouraged to check the results they can get.

Never be more, if you have knowledge in the world of advertising, rely on the advice of a professional, for sure will guide you better in each campaign.

Weak points:one aspect you should consider is precisely this just mentioned; the fact that there is a means as well known for local businesses, and is limited in many cases, even large businesses have their own vehicles to promote their activities.

On the other hand, keep in mind that buying items for the dissemination requires an investment that allows to offer you quality sound, so consider well means that you will use before you start, especially if you plan to save startup costs.

Points in favor:to undertake this project, we need a capital investment because if we have any means to offer our services as their own vehicle, this gives us a lot of things. Remember that you do not have a boss who is bothering you or demanding, and you can earn as much as you want because the more business visit to offer your services can generate more profit.

To create selling advertising space you’ll not need to be an expert, you only have to practice to have a voice or look for someone that proper record to the announcement. However, you can look at any Internet from many programs that exist to record that do not require much knowledge to use.

Success stories

To learn more about the world of marketing and advertising, and watch how far you can go and plan the course of your own business, we made a list of franchises in this sector have achieved success in their endeavors.

You see the sale of advertising space can be quite profitable, many companies began advertising and a single car or motorbike to make announcements and gradually grew more offices and vehicles or advertising space.

Start your business and begins to grow.