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Sale of perfumes with or without premises – Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start selling perfumes with or without local

Open a perfumery is an idea that can have multiple entry points money: personal hygiene, cosmetics, cleaning products and, of course, perfumes. This is an industry that is always moving, and therefore provides a space venture that can not miss.

You have all these options on 100 m2 is very important for the customer because it saves time to go to different stores separately. So, how much more variety of perfumes offer, the more sales opportunities you will have.

See all you need to start:

Main businesses that require a low investment here

First steps in selling perfume

First of all, define the jurisdiction of the perfume, which will be, mainly, the supermarket and hypermarket. Second are local pharmacies.

The first excess merchandise and the second by shortage of it, to opening a perfumery he can win away either.

Select personnel knowledgeable in the area or, failing that, be sure to attend training sessions with different brands so you can advise very well to every customer who enters your business. In turn, ensure that all persons attending, have much taste for dealings with the public, since this factor can make the difference between a satisfied customer, or one that will never return.

In addition to this, it allows the profile of the staff are oriented counseling people, so you should know flavors and perfumes to give you the best options according to what customers are looking for.

Operation of a business selling perfume

The sale of perfumes is one of the busiest sectors within the market niche in the beauty and personal care, making it one of the best areas to focus. It is not necessary to have a physical location to start our business, because we can sell the product catalog with imported perfumes of the highest quality, selling including the Internet or other channels.

Thus, our business will focus on selling perfumes for the whole family with a variety of scents in which each person can find the scent that you like best.

To sell locally, or without local? Let’s see what you need in each case:

Local: requires the purchase or rental of the premises, shelves, displays and physical products purchased for display. You must look for a visible place to set up your business, near shops. Your promotion should be designed to attract the public to the premises. To do this you can use promotions and discounts achieve capture their attention.

No location: you can buy perfumes before to store them on a shelf you have at home or buy them from penalties you place an order. You must have catalogs of attractive products to attract attention, and in this case, which will be your promotion will go in pursuit of the target audience.

Choose the option that best suits your conditions and possibilities to start the business.

Who are my customers?

When you think about opening a perfumery, keep in mind the customer will give guidelines on how to approach and present your business, then you know who it is for and to this extent, how you can attract your attention.

People who come to a perfume shop to buy often be housewives, people who have to make a gift, young people who go perfumes trend, people living alone, among others.

Highlight benefits of price savings for cleaning products for the home, your customers will always pending bids; while a touch of glamor will always be attractive to the most conceited people.

Sale of perfumes with or without premises

Requirements for the sale of perfumes

After choosing a suitable location in terms of visibility and competition, you must go to the agencies in charge of giving the authorization to act as a trader in the field of perfumería.Tendrás a fixed cost for opening it and then taxes paid on account of having the business running.

You can have one or two people as assistants on site to care for the customer, organization and cleanliness of the site.

Tips for selling perfume

As in the textile sector they are constantly appearing new product trends, aromas and fragrances of specific brands and seasons that attract more customers about others, especially when it comes to prestigious names that everyone wants to try. So we recommend be aware of the trends and offer them to the public at the right time.

Open a perfume can be a great business if you take advantage of these tips and build a profile of committed and persevering entrepreneur.

Remember that whether you choose to sell from a local or not, advertising should be both physical and digital, as this will be key to attracting the attention of customers through various means through which to place orders. Distributed flyers and posters in strategic areas where your target coasting frequently, but do not forget to offer your products through social networks or a website from which your customers can see the product catalog that you offer.

Weak points: in business should maintain order and a very precise organization with money that is intended for the purchase of products that will be sold, since in many cases this is not clear, inverted inordinately in other areas and the purchase of products is a concern then.

Another point that you should consider is the closest competition, as are businesses in which the public trust and who has been carrying out your purchase for years.

Points in favor:It is a business very profitable, since perfumes are one of the products that are purchased more frequently, either as personal purchase, or as a gift, so it becomes an excellent alternative to take in the beauty world . In addition, this type of business you can bring your project according to your terms, and you can choose to open a local or not, and still have many opportunities.

You become your own boss, you choose your suppliers and general working mode.

Success stories

On the list of successful franchises enough reasons to start your project. For entrepreneurs like these, your business could achieve the same success with a road full of commitment, passion and patience

And you, are you ready to start your business? Start with your project and become your own boss.