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Start a furniture and vintage style restoration business

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New businesses to the old style

Undoubtedly vintage style, as it is known retro and old style we see today in clothing, decorating home and of course in furniture, is the trend today, a style that incorporates and today is present in many homes. If you like decorating theme, strange and antique furniture or have the ability to turn something traditional and dull into something cute and charming, then this idea is for you.

You need invest a little to have a business

Today, many people want to decorate their homes to the best vintage style, however, constantly they fall into the mistake of purchasing new furniture instead of noting the potential for those who already have to restore them and give them the touch they want. This will be an excellent alternative to allow users to save on buying new furniture and get them as they wish.

Take advantage of the trend of reuse and launch your business now.

Business activity

In a local you rent or purchase the garage at home or space you have available within your means, you build your restoration workshop furniture and vintage style lunches there furniture who want to give a touch I retro both has become fashionable these days.

This is a type of business that implements your imagination and creativity to give life to all those who were already off furniture and transform them into new items for each customer remains happy with the result.

Location of the restoration workshop furniture and vintage style

The location of the workshop can be a very relevant or not, depending on the approach that you want to start it. This, because you can choose whether to give priority to customers your only sector or if you want to expand your reach and that any client of any party can find no priority is location, but transportation and the possibility of reaching the workshop.

Although while not going to serve your customers directly as in an office, you do need to have a space where you may have stored the furniture restoration work and the materials and tools you will need for the process.

Investigates and fill yourself ideas

There are many ways to fill in each restoration ideas for the new appearance of each of furniture that come to your workshop, among them are Internet sites and applications such as Pinterest, where you can inspire and create the best ideas. He is also visiting malls selling vintage furniture, analyzing photographs and antique furniture, etc.

furniture and vintage style restoration

Creating samples

A good way to draw customers’ attention while you give to know each other, is buying furniture that are in poor condition or find them to restore and convert them into precious samples of vintage style. This is a way to earn money through the restoration of furniture and direct sales, at the same time the public knows your work and are encouraged to provide their furniture.

However, if your idea is not selling or condition your shop to devote to it, you can do so only at the initial stage and create a catalog of samples with photos of before and after each piece so that interested parties can see your skills.

Equip your workshop

Workshop will be necessary to have different types of material which will test your imagination and creativity, among them are the basic carpentry tools like a hammer, nails, saw, sandpaper, drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, etc., as well as decoration material and restoration of vintage furniture, as paint in different formats and colors, cabulla or ropes, ribbons decorating, door handles and drawers, lace, etc, all you can use to give you the best touch to every piece .

Business promotion

In addition to the catalog that you proposed in the previous paragraph, it will also be necessary to have other physical advertising that allows you to make yourself known as the flyers and ads that you can place and spread through different areas of the city, as well as related businesses decoration and furniture where you can place your ad to increase your audience.

An extremely useful item for you in this business, social networks and will generally internet. Many people look for information in this way mainly because they are not common these businesses, however, demand is growing for them, so if you or if you should be on the network.

Problems that may arise

As mentioned, this is not a kind of business we find easily down the street, so at the initial stage it may be difficult to get the first customers, especially if we focus our business locally and physically, this could lead to we arrive at the results first imagined.

Final recommendation

According to the above problem, we recommend that the business will also focus on other areas of your location and even cities that are interested in accessing the service you offer. To accomplish this, we must be the best restorers of furniture that can be found in the area you are in order to draw the attention of potential customers throughout the region.