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Workshop on garment arrangements at home – Initiation, Entrepreneurship and Advantages

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Start with a workshop arrangements garments at home

Riding a clothes shop arrangements is a business that growing population is demanding and that the passage of time, has managed to remain. These workshops are an accurate alternative to any arrangement or processing have to be made in new clothes or used and which we have ever gone.

Ride home a clothing repair shop, it is a good choice if you want to install a job that allows you to implement your knowledge and generate a source of income.

So how to set up my own repair shop clothes at home? See everything you have to keep in mind:

We want you to know the best business with little investment

Getting started in a business arrangements garments at home

Begins with the development of a catalog of fixes and changes that will be offered. This can post it on different channels to your customers and prospects know the services they can offer.

One of the most complex parts is to assign the appropriate price for each service offered, to know what price we use can take several account issues, including the current costs of the local market, but also calculate the cost of performing the service, terms of labor and materials.

Running a business arrangements garments at home

This business idea proposes to undertake one of the activities most in need, but the more people left behind by the absence, since it is easier, in some cases, buy a new garment to send to repair. However, this ignores the possibility of saving money, while reducing our repair one level of consumption for producing one of the most polluting sectors of the world garment.

What it is offered? The main services of a clothes shop arrangements are focused on the recovery of used clothing, new clothing arrangement, adjustments and all kinds of textiles that the customer requires modifications in your clothes. In the case of garments he used it is more limited, although it is still common in the case of party clothes and ceremony, high cost and little use, making it necessary to adapt to changes in fashion or size.

Who will be my customers for the settlement of garments?

Now that we know and determine the core activity of the business, it is necessary to identify the people most likely to become our customers and in this sense we must point to distinguish two categories, organized as follows:

  • particular client: People under 60 who work outside the home, with average purchasing power, who care for their personal image and thus your clothes are tailored.
  • Regular client: people who are aware of the needs of the home, the whole family, especially their children or themselves. They will go immediately to a repair shop and arrangement of garments for whoever need be.
  • Clothing store: shops that need this service and prefer to hire others to arrange, giving us a guarantee of increased workload. Many may require repairs or redesigns of garments.

Requirements arrangements garments at home

Requirements arrangements garments at home

To mount a workshop arrangements garments must have at least basic training, sewing notions, dressmaking of a training course that will provide adequate training. And the traditional as in other professions, there is a general recovery trend of traditional jobs or tasks.

In addition, you must have the necessary materials. This includes a quality machine, threads, needles, scissors cloth meter, among other elements for repairing garments.

As for the needs of the workspace, in addition to materials, we recommend that regardless of size, count on good lighting, preferably away from the noise.

Should I hire?

In principle it is not necessary to form a great team, because at this point we will be revealing and most likely is that orders are not so great. However, you must be open to additional staff, because if you receive orders from stores or a large number of items, and the delivery will not be far away, expecting the least one other person prevent incumplas in delivery dates and may have everything on time.

Must ensure that this person has the necessary knowledge in the area because of the presentation and quality of the work they perform depends on the reputation of your service.

How can I promote my business?

To attract customers must use communication techniques that are accessible, like putting a sign in the place of operation, an ad in the yellow pages, mailings, participation in free local magazines, radio spots, among others. Communicate your service with family, friends and loved ones where to locate your business plan.

For customers who own a clothing store, it is best to devote the necessary time to make visits in order to gain their trust and establish agreements. You can also develop a small web with the presentation of your services, prices, contact information and location map.

Tips for making arrangements garments and make money

Some services within the framework of the arrangement garments are easy to learn, but others require much more technical training. Considered complete your learning through courses and workshops in sewing, knitting and in general, the world of garments to offer a quality service with the best techniques. And you’re not entirely sure if your training, do not include in your offer.

Looking for a central location and as visible as possible, and always close to areas of great commercial concentration. If you choose to get settled at home, make sure that neighboring people know about your service. Do not forget to offer additional services, this is a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, such as pickup and delivery.

Earn the trust of your customers properly advising on possible solutions for adaptation and arrangement of garments. Even if that sometimes means recommending cheaper services or even renounce fix the garment. Persecutes fidelity of the customer, not the immediate opportunity. And finally, it indicates delivery to the least guidance. Ensures that in general do not exceed 48 hours.

Weak points: an aspect to consider is that at present, a large part of the population, especially young people, instead of sending a garment repair prefer to buy a new one of the same type.

This is inconvenient if you look at it is this population that is more buying clothes, so that our offer should be comfortable for them. Deliver clothes on time should be a priority, since in many cases this is because the fix to a garment, delivery times are frequently violated.

Points in favor:is a business idea that you can make money without having to leave home because there will be your place of operation and where your customers are going to run to fix your clothes. Also it allows you to monetize a skill that many people have not formed and that is usually needed within communities.

It is a service that, although it has delivery dates agreed with customers, you who choose and set work schedules according to your possibilities and conditions, so there is much more flexibility for entrepreneurs.

What do you hope to open your own repair shop and repair of clothing? Surely just around the corner find someone with pants in his closet that he wanted to be and could not because it requires a fix you can do.

Start your business today.