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Trained Dog Rental – Start Guide, Features and Benefits

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Start with Trained Dog Rental

The daily occupations nowadays take up much of our time, and it is that certainly the education of a dog is a process that requires commitment and dedication to form it according to our conditions, and that, in this same measure, fits our lifestyle.

However, this process can be very complex for people who are busy for long hours but still want to have a dog as a pet, or who for some condition need it. That’s why, if you like animals and have knowledge about dog training and education, then this business idea may be for you.

To see how it works and what you need, pay attention to the following information.

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First steps in renting trained dogs

Start by defining the kind of dogs you’ll have. To do this you must take into account the audience you are going to address initially. If you are going to focus on ideal pets for safety, these will not be the same as those we focus on in family homes and companionship. Research and with the help of an expert, choose the ideal pet and breeds for each service.

Make a business plan that allows you to define the amount of money you will need initially. In this document you must include in detail how your business will work, this will allow you to make a list of what you need and so you can quote its value to have an approximate value.

Start with Trained Dog Rental

How does a trained dog rental business work?

This business idea proposes to have dogs that are already trained for different purposes. That is to say, our service will focus on renting dogs that could be required for people with disabilities who require a dog for their movement, people who require them for security purposes, among other fields.

Thus, with trained dogs in a comfortable space for them, we can receive there the possible clients so that they know them and go for them.

Who is my guide dog service for?

Trained pets can have a wide audience to which they can address. A part of them, for example, are people with some kind of disability in which a dog is the guide and their main help. They can also be required by animal lovers who do not have all the time necessary for the training of the animal, police institutions, etc.

Requirements for offering rentals

The education and training of pets is a very important process, so it will be necessary that, if you are not an expert in the area, you have trained personnel for this. Having the necessary knowledge for the process, can determine the success or failure of our business, in addition, if we do not have the information and knowledge, we can put at risk not only the integrity of those who rent them, but also the animals.

Check out the permits and licenses you need to start your business, because a sector like this has regulations that must be followed to take care of the animals and their conditions.

The place: for the animals’ stay, it is necessary to have a considerably large space where the dogs can be comfortable. You must take into account spaces such as: food area, play and training space, comfortable place to sleep, bathing and waste area.

Staff: not only will you need people to take care of the training of the dogs, but also other support people for the care and maintenance of the place, as well as who will attend the calls and visits of the clients.

How do I promote my business?

Like any type of business, the ideal is to advertise through different means. This indicates that you will need a website, being in social networks is very important for a business like this, since it is complex to focus on a specific place, because the customers are very varied.

Don’t forget to have flyers and business cards to direct you to businesses and high traffic areas where pets are crucially needed, such as medical centers, residential complexes, among others.

Key tips for the rental service 

The care of the animals is a crucial factor for the good development of the business, and obviously of the dogs themselves. It is very important that you have qualified personnel for their care and protection, as well as making sure that the clients are people who really take care of them to guarantee the integrity of the dogs you train. Make sure you maintain a training program with experts who can advise and accompany you throughout the process.

Although the conditions of the place will largely depend on the number of dogs you have, the important thing is that the animals count

with the necessary conditions for their development and stay. A remote area of the city with plenty of space to run and play, will be the ideal place.

Weaknesses: since caring for an animal involves not only time, but also capital, starting this business could represent a significant investment for everything they need. In this sense we include aspects such as: place, space, grooming supplies, food items, food, vaccines and health, care implements. toys, among others. Therefore it is necessary to fix a considerable part of the investment to the welfare of the animals to take complete care of them.

Points in favor: it is a business that by the function and capacities of this animal species, has many possibilities and options to which it can be directed, which allows that we have more alternatives to train the dogs and thus, to obtain profits with them.

Take advantage of all the promotion channels to make your business known. You can start with people in nearby areas to gain experience.

Are you ready to start? Start your business today.