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Dog Walker – Model, Profits and Operation

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Starting out as a dog walker

The pets we have at home, especially dogs and cats, have gone from being a company to being part of our families. This has allowed the needs and businesses offering products and services for them to grow, such is the case of the dog walker. This can be a profitable business idea if we know how to organize our schedules and locate ourselves in an area where there is a high number of residents with dogs.

If you like dogs and you are also looking to generate an income that will later become your own business, why not become a dog walker?

To get started with this business, take a look at the following steps:

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Running a business as a dog walker

The dog walker is the person in charge of going out at times that are defined according to the needs of the owners with the pets. These outings are necessary for the dog to exercise and its physiological needs. Beyond pulling a leash, as a dog walker, you must know the animals, give them confidence and love so that the activity is not a total burden.

This is the service on which our business is focused. With the passing of time and the increase in demand, you will be able to incorporate personnel to offer the service to other areas.

Requirements to become a dog walker

Even if you don’t have the need for a location, you will still need some elements and materials for your business. You may need the following:

Leashes: Owners will probably provide you with leashes, however, it would be best to have professional leashes that will allow you to better secure each pet.

Belt: it is a safety belt that you wear, it must have several compartments to carry the necessary tools and be able to secure the straps of the pets when you need it.

Bags: during the outings, many people go to the parks where you go, so it is wise to carry packages of bags for excrement and to be able to collect them always.

Comfortable clothes: you should have very comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes and preferably a cap to protect you from the sun. These clothes, later, you can personalize them with the name of your business and give them to those who start working with you.

Starting out as a dog walker

How do I start my dog walking business?

A good way to start while you get to know yourself and gain experience, is to walk pets and dogs of people close to you, friends and neighbors. You will surely find many people who do not have the time to go out with their pets, so it will be a very good opportunity for you.

You can set a fee per pet according to the time and duration of the walks. Also take into account the inversion of the bags and the behavior of the animals, and the distances and areas where the owners are located. Find out how much other walkers charge and set a price that is not so excessive.

How do I promote my service?

You can print flyers, posters and business cards that are given to people you see with pets, pet food stores, veterinarians, among other establishments in the sector to find your customers directly. You can also create a website and social networks that allow you to expand your business.

Key tips for offering a dog walking service

It is necessary that in service, we take into account that we are walking a living being, who deserves love, respect and attention from us, so we must take care of being their companions, give them love and know their behavior to know how is the work with them. This, because some breeds that do not get along with other dogs, some others will be in situations such as heat or particular sufferings, some will be more aggressive than others, etc.

This will allow you to better manage the situations and know how the walk will be with each one.

The best thing will be that as a dog walker you ensure your integrity, so we recommend access to insurance that allows you to do so. Do not forget to have the necessary licenses and certifications to perform your work and keep in shape to properly develop the activity with these beautiful pets.

Weaknesses: as we have mentioned, not all dogs have the same behaviour and conduct, and the truth is that this can trigger different situations, such as a pet running away, fighting with another or even behaving aggressively towards you.

On the other hand, the need for this service, although it is required in different areas, may be far from your main location, so you should evaluate whether you can cover it or not.

Pros: It is a business idea that allows you to combine your love for animals with a business that does not require experience

and also not large amounts of money, which gives you many possibilities to start it at the time you want. In addition, it is a need that has been growing, so with a good network of workers, you can offer an alternative source of income to many people in different areas.

Starting our own business and combining it with our passions and the areas we like, is the real secret to have a profitable and successful project, however, there are other ingredients that we must incorporate, such as: commitment, constancy and perseverance.

Equip your business and start today offering this service to dog lovers.