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Domestic cattery – Advantages and characteristics

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Start with a Domestic Cattery

The fascination that cats exert over humans is very old. In Egypt they were worshipped, in the Middle Ages they were persecuted, in our times they are admired. Their healing properties in sick patients and palliative in terminal patients are well known in our times.

That is why many nursing homes allow these beauties to live and purr among their patients.

Today we tell you how to turn this preference and his company into a lucrative and profitable business for you, setting up a Cattery and then be able to raise pets to sell them. Let’s see how it works and everything you need to get started.

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First steps of a domestic cattery

Start with a market study that allows you to know the purchase value, the main types of buyers and times of greatest demand. This study should also include the breeds most sought after by buyers, as from there we will contact breeders to establish the basis of our own cattery.

The cats put for reproduction, must have all the necessary health conditions and the medical revisions must be a priority, so if you are not a veterinarian, it is convenient to hire one to check them periodically.

To promote your business, define how you’re going to sell the kittens. You can offer them to private individuals, but also to vets and pet shops where people interested in having a pet arrive.

How a cattery works

This business idea consists of taking charge and supervising the reproduction of cats that are in our care, raising them in their first months of life with all the necessary care and later, putting them on sale for those who wish to acquire them, be they families, couples, lonely people, old people, etc.

It is very important to have in mind the most sought after breeds so that the breeding revolves around them and thus be able to obtain the performance we are looking for. The kittens must be at least the first 2 or 3 months of life with their mother to feed correctly, learn to go to the sandbox guided by their mother and in general, have the adequate conditions to be separated from her. Every cat that is given should be properly de-wormed and should have the first two doses of the feline MMR vaccine.

Domestic Cattery

Why a cattery?

Cats are one of the most chosen pets mainly because of its independence, because unlike a dog, it is self sufficient as long as you have your food, water and sandbox always clean. This allows it to be raised by people who work all day and do not have time to play and take their pets for walks.

Besides that, cats are also usually chosen as a status symbol, because they are more exotic and beautiful than the typical canines, therefore, you can charge a good money for a good and pure breed cat. Now, although the cat is more expensive than the dog, it is cheaper to maintain, as their food is much more reduced.

Requirements for setting up a cattery 

The requirements and care of a Cattery must be very detailed and followed in a specific way, since we are talking about creating and breeding lives, so we must be ethical and professional when handling them. Some of the factors we must be especially careful with are

Breeding conditions: it must meet the necessary standards and requirements to ensure the quality of life of the cats that will be born there. To do this, we must take advice from the agency that is responsible for animal health in our country. Try that the space in which they remain is comfortable, preferably with the entrance of the sun and the available air. Also, make sure they have places to climb and exercise.

Ethics: at all times we must be guided by this irreplaceable value, since without it, we will not get very far. Sometimes it is preferable to lose a few dollars, but to gain in quality of work.

Sales: sales are fundamental, so we must try to open the channels of sale with various points, such as veterinarians or intermediaries, as well as with the direct public.

Knowledge: it is very important that before starting, you make sure you know everything you need to know about the breeding of this animal species, its first care, behavior, primary needs, medical requirements, check-ups, etc. If you don’t have it, take some course and research it.

First steps of a domestic cattery

Tips to open your kennel

Keep in mind that while cats often have a species-defined pattern of behaviors, these can vary according to the breed being bred, the conditions of the location, and other factors. Therefore, it is important to be aware of their movements and provide

all the necessary attention in this very important stage of growth, since it depends on whether they are acquired or not.

Be aware of the regulations that work in your city and country with respect to animal husbandry, since in many areas they usually have specific regulations or even prohibit the activity.

Weaknesses: animal husbandry is an activity that requires a lot of care, patience and time, clearly including the work of the breeder, so it is very important that you devote the necessary time to the task, which could take many hours a day. Avoid the breeding of excess cats, everything must be done in a meticulous way according to the demand and the sales channels you have to avoid having overpopulation in your domestic cattery.

Points in favor: it is a highly profitable business and given the current living conditions, with a lot of outlets, since pet ownership is an increasingly frequent activity. However, daily activities still take up much of our time, so cats become the best companion for those who do not have much time or are a lover of these very particular animals.

That they have good health conditions should be one of your priorities, as well as that they can move and have the necessary welfare, make sure you have a professional nearby.