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Fish shop – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start with a Fish Shop

If you are thinking of setting up a business and you like the world of fish, with a little determination, creativity and money, you will be able to generate profits in a short time by setting up a fish shop, one of the animals chosen to stay at home.

The truth is that besides being at home, fish have become one of the attractions of hotels, restaurants and other spaces where their bright colors recreate the beauty of the place. Therefore, here we will see everything you need to start.

Let’s get started!

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Operation in a fish shop

This business idea proposes to open a physical location in which we can install a fish shop open to the public, in which we have a great variety of fish that are usually purchased to be at home. In this store we will also sell the respective food, vitamins for their care, ponds and fish tanks, as well as everything necessary for their welfare.

A fish shop, if possible, should be located in an area with high pedestrian flow, preferably near related pet shops, since these are usually the points that people take as a reference to acquire them.

Requirements for opening a fish store

Before starting, it is extremely important that as an entrepreneur and owner of the fish shop, you have all the necessary knowledge about them, from their species names, to care, feeding, behavior, eating routines, water conditions, etc. This, because all this information will serve to advise our customers.

The shop’s aquariums should be clean and the fish should look unstressed and healthy. Test frequently or daily. Keep everything as balanced as possible (according to the normal “cycle” of a tank). Don’t alter the pH unless you know what you’re doing.

Making each tank stand on its own by choosing the right types of fish and other living creatures will reduce the maintenance burden to some extent, but not entirely. Still, it’s worth leaving the first line of defense in the hands of algae eaters and having other cleaning crustaceans, snails and fish provide another layer of self-maintenance.

Operation in a fish shop

First steps in a fish shop as a business

To start your fish store business, the first thing you have to do is research how you will organize the layout of your store, the price of your fish, what kind of fish you will sell and the breeders you will contact. All this should be included in your business plan, from there, after a quote of what is needed, you will have an approximate of the investment capital value needed.

Organize your store according to the different types of tanks you will have, such as fresh water (high and low temperature), salt water, brackish water, goldfish, etc. Colored gravel and artificial plants will make your tank more attractive to your customers.

Tips for opening a fish shop

The life of these beings depends on you, so the space in which they find themselves must be the most suitable according to their natural habitat. Do not sell any fish that show signs of disease, avoid keeping incompatible fish in the same tank.

Check the fish return policy, give a guarantee of a few days on the death of the fish, as long as you bring a sample of the water so that they can check the ammonia level of the water. Inform the employees of what you are selling. Before selling any fish, they should ask the customers for the data of their aquarium (size, inhabitants, etc.) to find out if the purchase of a fish can be suitable for their aquarium.

The more you know about the fish, the better. Research which fish are aggressive and which are not. Quarantine the fish before adding them to the tanks. When customers notice that you have healthy fish they will want to come back. Some fish eat their young. It is advisable to separate young fish from adult fish.

Weaknesses: Farmed fish may be sick. If you notice signs of illness, remove the fish to a hospital tank. Check your fish daily and change the water in the tank frequently. Once your tanks are up and running cyclically, you’ll need to take care of your fish. Keep your fish healthy.

Pros: It’s a business idea that has a lot of potential, especially since it has a wide variety of customers you could sell to. If you have a lot of fish, don’t rule out other pet stores or veterinarians where you can promote them and have them find a home that will take care of them.

Now that you know how to get started, what are you waiting for to get started in the pet world? The time is now.