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Tips for opening a kennel and becoming a successful breeder

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Steps to become a dog breeder

Unfortunately, many people are afraid to pursue their dreams and passions. With these guides we hope to instill a touch of courage to bring your dreams to life.

If you like pets, dogs in this case, this article will be useful because it will analyze together all the variables to become a dog breeder, and open your own commercial structure and also some business ideas related to the dog world.

I want to dedicate this article to all dog lovers eager to dedicate their life to this passion. Setting up a dog kennel is considered a real farm and the business opportunities are numerous for this idea.

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A sincere love for dogs is essential, but not enough to open a dog kennel either amateur or professional. In any case, before taking any action in dog breeding, it is necessary to invest in training in order to avoid management mistakes that could ruin even the best intentions. Although the job of dog breeder does not require patents and certifications, you should be guided by experienced breeders and qualified veterinarians.

What exactly is a dog kennel?

A dog kennel is a structure in which dogs are housed, maintained and cared for. The main objective is to avoid stray dogs and to solve the consequences of abandonment. On the other hand, the aim of dog kennels is to find a new family and new owners for the animals present in their structure.

Dog kennels can be of two types: public or private. They can be subsidized by the State or intermediate bodies or by private or non-profit associations. The most widespread reality is that of municipal kennels, which offer temporary accommodation, medical care through veterinarians and above all give the animals new owners.

Steps to become a dog breeder

Starting a dog breeding business

First of all you have to be aware of the guidelines on health and hygiene requirements and regulations, regulated by the Presidential Decree and regional laws.

Then you must have available a suitable building and a veterinary permit issued by the National Health Service. As far as the role of the job is concerned, you have to apply for registration in the register of companies.

Let’s move on to the practical part of opening a dog kennel: First, the kennel must be placed in an isolated location, possibly outside urban areas. It should have different environments such as a clinic, a store for food and storage space for equipment, an isolation room, the toilet and an apartment for the shelter of the dogs. Cages should be heated, easy to clean and disinfect. The dog kennel should be equipped with an area of the park, in which dogs can play every day, that is not less than two thousand square meters.

To open a dog kennel and make it work well, highly specialized staff is needed. The presence of veterinarians is essential, so they can carry out the routine or emergencies. The presence of veterinarians is also important in determining the good health of the dog at the time of adoption.

Another important figure within the dog kennel is the assistant, who performs tasks ranging from cleaning and feeding the animals to caring for the environment in general. To obtain the status of the assistant it is necessary to participate in the training courses organized by the Municipality.


You can apply for grants and raise funds to get the initial capital needed to start your dog kennel. Contact a lawyer or accountant to activate the non-profit status. This will encourage donations, as donors will be able to write their contributions on their taxes.

It will also allow you to raise funds tax free. As you can imagine, this is just the beginning. The more people you get in touch with the momentum the more you will generate income to achieve your goal. If this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t be afraid to start with small donations. Volunteering at animal shelters and encouraging rescue are two good ways to start connecting with the right people and learning skills. And remember, you don’t need to have a huge dog kennel.

Even small organizations can make a big difference.

Problems You May Have With the Pet Business

A very important challenge that you must take into account is the protection and care of the animals and the environment surrounding the kennel

dogs. Preferably the same should be a bit away from residential areas.

Tips for a successful breeding business

You need to be clear about the legislation concerning dog breeding, environmental protection and the legislation and permits concerning non-profit organizations.