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Pet Day Care – Entrepreneurship , Tips and Requirements

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Start with a Pet Day Care 

If you like animals and are looking for a profitable business that you can grow and be financially independent, then a pet day care center should be on your list of possible ideas. Responsible pet ownership has increased considerably in recent years, so pet-focused businesses are one of the best alternatives.

In this article we will see everything we need to set up a day care center with all the law, plus some tips and keys that ultimately must be taken into account.

Let’s get started!

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How a pet day care center works

Having a wide and adequate space so that the pets can be in the best conditions, we will install our nursery there. This will be a space where people will have the possibility to leave their companions in a safe place and with the best care while they are travelling, spending all day at work, etc.

Since some of them will spend more time than others in our responsibility, it is important to have all kinds of items that they will need, from plates for food, to toys and blankets.

For this type of business the animals that are most often subject to service are dogs and cats, but you can also include fish and birds, it all depends on the sector you want to target. We recommend starting with dogs, then cats and gradually increasing the offer.

Requirements to open a pet day-care centre

It is key to register our business with the relevant entity in your area of location in order to operate legally, as well as to have documents that certify the validity of our business to offer the pet day care service. Check which documents and procedures you must have ready to start your business.

On the other hand, your business must also be subject to parameters that allow the daycare to operate smoothly. Some of these may be requirements such as sterilization of dogs and cats, divisions for aggressive animals, a medical checkup prior to entering the daycare and that all animals entering have their vaccines up to date.

Workplace Requirements: The Day Care Center 

Ideally, this is a space of its own, as some pets will spend several nights in the nursery. As time goes by and the number of animals in the nursery increases, it will be better to hire staff who work in shifts so that the pets are not left alone at night.

Nursery needs: Keep in mind that pets will need spaces like the following and to this extent, a number of items:

Sleeping space: beds for pets, spaces to separate species and pets, textiles to avoid the cold.

Play area: open space (preferably), pet toys, collars for walking, muzzles, etc.

Bathing area: open space for dogs, excrement bags, sand for cats. Toilet cleaning items.

Feeding area: pet food (depending on the feeding habits of each pet and species), feeding and drinking cups.

Start with a Pet Day Care 

How do I start my own pet day care?

Before taking another step, you need to analyse the conditions of the market you are targeting. This will allow us to know how viable it is to set up the business there and the number of people who have pets in the area.

In addition to the visit of the pets in the place, you can offer other services for customers who decide to leave their pets and thus, take advantage of other of your services. These can be: daily or regular basic cleaning, games with balls and ropes, pet pool space, pet massage and behavior correction (guided by professionals), among others.

How do I set up the rates?

According to the services the pet has access to, the time it spends in the nursery and other aspects, you can establish a particular rate, as these prices can vary. Take into account the economic situation of the area, the size of the daycare center and the exclusive services you offer.

You can even arrange seasonal packages and offer discounts to regular customers.

How do I promote my pet day care centre?

Print flyers that are posted around the area in high-flow shops, pet-related stores and potential customers in the area. However, we recommend not to limit yourself to the area, because if there is not a closer place, you could receive customers from other parts of the city, even from the region, so do not keep advertising around you. A good way to call your customers even more is through social networks and websites.

Key tips to open a pet day care

Your daycare should be a welcoming place, full of love and respect for the life of these animals, so that caring for them is the most important priority and thus, we will be a reliable and safe place for customers to leave their pets. Remember that care is a substantial factor in the process.

Many people will want to be aware of what is going on with their pets, so they will ask you for information about them. Send videos and photographs often to avoid worrying and to ensure their well-being while they are in the nursery.

Weaknesses: in many cases and due to different circumstances, pets can behave in unexpected ways that are detrimental to other pets and even to ourselves. Their disturbance could be out of our hands, so it will be necessary to have insurance to protect the pet day care in case of incidents and liability claims.

Points in favor: it is a business idea that allows you to choose the location area, because although you must be aware of where your potential customers stay, the truth is that due to the space conditions, it can be located in any area where customers can reach with good advertising.

And you, what are you waiting for to open your own nursery and make money? You will surely be surprised how often this service is sought after nowadays. Don’t think twice and start today.