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Pet grooming at home – Tips, Advice and Benefits

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Start a home pet groomer

It seems that we have less and less time, but in reality it is the activities that we carry out every day that generate this occupation of so many hours in the day, and although the presence of pets is increasingly frequent, in many cases we cannot dedicate as much time to them as we would like.

Many people do not have businesses nearby that take care of check-ups, bathing and other activities for our pets, so home service becomes the best option. That’s why, if you have knowledge in the area and love animals, this is a business idea you should consider.

How to start? Let’s see.

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First steps in a home pet groomer

Now that you know who your potential customers could be, it is time to conduct a market study that will allow us to get closer to the market. In this sense, in addition to seeing the possible competitors, which we will see in a moment, it is also convenient to investigate the area in which you are going to operate, which although it is at home, initially must be areas that do not have a hairdresser’s or pet centre nearby to increase the chances of them hiring us. Once they know about our service and we can build their loyalty, this risk will decrease.

Running a pet grooming business at home

Our immediate goal is to create a retail business dedicated to the care of the image and welfare of pets with physical checks for bathing and grooming. That is why this business idea will offer bathing, deworming, brushing, drying, cutting, etc. services.

The profile of the entrepreneur of this project should preferably be a dynamic, creative and active person, who likes dealing with animals, and is able to advise and guide customers.

In this case it is not enough just to choose the business, because to undertake in the sector of pets, you have to feel respect and affection for them. This feeling must also exist in the personnel hired.

Who will be my potential customers?

The range of clients is very wide, among which we can include: children and young people who want to have an animal as a friend, middle-aged people who are looking for a substitute for children they have not had or who have already left home, older people for whom pets increase their quality of life, couples, families, etc.

They may also be people who, for various reasons: mainly due to the lack of time, the comfort and specific needs of their pets (size, special care, etc.), go to a pet groomer’s to maintain the image and hygiene of their pets.

Pet grooming at home

Requirements to offer a pet hairdressing service at home

Although the entrepreneur can delegate the activities of his business to professionals in the field, the ideal is that he has knowledge to supervise each procedure, so it becomes a requirement to acquire knowledge in this area. In addition to this, although we do not have a physical space, it is important to consult the licenses and permits that regulate the activity before the corresponding entity in the city.

Having the documentation up to date will allow us to operate without problems, offering a quality and safe service.

If possible, take out an insurance policy, because a person who offers this service, no matter how much knowledge he has, is not immune to any unintentional injury to the animal. In this sense we also recommend considering possible allergic reactions of animals to certain types of products. Consult the insurance policies that you can purchase.

Equipment needs 

As for the assembly of your business, it is convenient to have a van that is fully equipped with air conditioning, heating, hot water, electricity, extractor and ventilation system; all the necessary utensils to leave your dog beautiful. Foam bath, cut of tuft here cut there, dryer…

Don’t forget the clothing of the personnel who operate, they must have a uniform and other basic elements of hygiene such as a mask and gloves.

What competence do we have to take into account?

Check the companies that offer the same services as our company and companies that, although they do not initially offer these services, have them as complementary to the main one. Here we will have to distinguish different types of companies:

Pet hairdressers, which offer the same services as our business.
Veterinary clinics, since many of them offer as complementary services the cut, wash, deworming, etc.
Home care services.

Key tips for home pet grooming services

Don’t get stuck with just one

service, put yourself in the client’s place and analyze their response with a business that offers much more than just an activity, since you can not only offer cleaning and hairdressing, but also deworming, ear cleaning, nail cutting, anal glands, etc.

We could partner with a veterinarian who likes the project, otherwise the influencer could be the first customers through voice to voice, or initiate a marketing program of the service.

Weaknesses: if you don’t have the knowledge needed for this type of delicate service, it is best to take some time to do so. On the other hand, keep in mind that customers will not arrive from one moment to the next, especially since many of them already have their trusted sites, so it will be difficult to encourage them to try our service at first. What you can do is get close to people who are close to you, neighbours, family and friends, so that you can gain experience and with it, references from them.

Points in favor: it is important to emphasize that it is increasingly common for those who have animals at home, to be concerned about the health of the animal, but also all the care related to their appearance and external welfare. This is why pet-oriented businesses are becoming increasingly strong, as the growing profitability of this sector allows for this.

Moreover, you become your own boss, you have many possibilities to grow in the market, to vary the services you offer and to earn money.

And now that you know what you need to start your own business, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the performance of this sector and start your own project.