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How to set up a vet – Tips, advice and more

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Starting the veterinary business

Businesses dedicated to pets are one of the sectors that has grown the most in recent years, this is mainly due to the fact that animal ownership has increased and with it, the way we relate to them has become a relationship of protection and care, company and loyalty.

It is no coincidence that the business has grown, since their welfare involves several frequent activities offered by a veterinarian, so if you have knowledge in the area and looking to start your own business, this may be the option for you.

Let’s see everything you need to get started.

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First steps in the project 

The first thing you should do is a market study that will allow you to identify possible competitors located near where you plan to set up your business, in addition to locating potential customers, which in these cases are people and families close to you, especially. If you do not have experience, the best thing to do is to carry out a small investigation that will allow you to know the prices for products that are handled in the sector, given that the treatments and other specific procedures have stable values.

After this, make a business plan. In this document you must specify the activity your vet is going to carry out, the services it is going to include, the first supply of products, the showcases, the conditioning of the place, the people who will work there, among other key data that, after a quotation, will allow us to have an idea of the investment capital we need.

How a veterinary clinic works

Well, it is a physical establishment where professional medical care is offered to domestic animals to identify, prevent and/or treat various ailments and diseases. In a veterinarian, there are also bathing and cleaning services for the animals, as well as surgeries, deworming, hospitalization, sale of products and articles for consumption, medicine, bathing and feeding elements, among others.

The profile of the entrepreneur in this business idea is focused on a professional person who has the necessary knowledge to attend and bring the services he has chosen within his own veterinary practice.

Should I hire staff?

According to the variety of services you offer in the vet, it will be necessary to hire at least one or two people who are responsible for the general care of the business, as well as assistants for bathing and care, among other tasks. In this sense, the person in charge of specific animal tasks must be qualified in the area.

You can count on other people as assistants, cleaning staff and customer service staff who, although they do not need to be veterinary professionals, must have knowledge of customer service, care of the premises and advice.

Starting the veterinary business

Requirements to open a veterinary practice

In addition to the professional title for those who will be in charge of the treatment of each case and service, it will be necessary to have the necessary licenses and permits for the premises, in addition to the corresponding registration. This implies consulting with the regulatory body of your city, which are the permits you must acquire in order to start your business.

Needs of the operating premises

Qualified premises: when the premises are to be rented, it must be specified that it will be for a veterinary surgeon, as the infrastructure will have to have certain direct access services. In addition, it must be a spacious place, in full view of the public, where dogs will be bathed and have their hair cut. It will also have to have space for the operating theatre and a small waiting area.

Instruments and supplies: you need both the aesthetic instruments and the hair cutters and dryers, the surgical ones, are very specific and must be bought in the right place that is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing them. As for the inputs, you should always keep basic equipment available and control them, among them there will be: anesthesia, disinfectants, antiparasitic, flea, ticker, shampoo and other specific drugs for eyes, stomach, etc.

Furniture: plastic and metal cages will be needed to keep the animals that have been operated on and those that have only come for a beauty session, but that their owners have taken advantage of to do some diligence in the meantime.

And finally…

Among some alternatives that you can take into account and that are becoming more and more profitable in the market, you can consider offering bimonthly home visits, complete check-ups every six months and even offer a natural product, both aesthetic or food, created in the same vet (exclusive).

How do I promote my business?

Vets are usually connected

strategically with other related businesses, such as pet shops, or shops where only consumer products are offered, among others. Try this alternative to ally yourself with other market niches.

Use physical advertising such as business cards that you can give to your first customers with contact numbers, address, name and services. Don’t forget about digital advertising, because it’s actually much more efficient than you think. Create a website with information about your business, the services you offer, photographs of the premises, products and values, among other data that your audience will appreciate.

Key tips for business 

One of the main factors that you must take into account is that your business and above all, your service, must demonstrate quality in every sense of the word. This is included from the moment they enter the vet, where customers must find a clean space, with everything they need, available staff, clarity in the information they receive, advice and care recommendations for their animals.

On the other hand, choose an area with potential where, if possible, the level of competition is not high. Although it can be complex, try to locate yourself in a visible area, near residential areas and important roads to take advantage of the visibility of all passers-by.

To open a vet shop you not only need the equipment of the whole business, which must be of the best quality, but also, you must consider the service offered in terms of attention to each customer. It tries that each person who enters with its mascot, receives a friendly and respectful treatment, where its doubts are solved. This is one of the main secrets to gain the loyalty of our customers.

Weaknesses: if you are located in an area with high competition, your business may not prosper, because even competing with prices, the truth is that the public tends to choose often those services that have tried and they deposit the confidence and welfare of the general care of their animals. On the other hand, the investment capital of a business like this can be considerably high, given the type of services it offers and the materials it requires to operate.

Points in favor: it is a sector that is taking more and more strength, given that the possession of animals has increased considerably in recent years, so it is a business that your customers will be happy to have, especially if it is close to those who require it most. Profits are higher if you offer necessary commodities that your customers can see while they wait for a consultation or make another purchase, make sure you equip it as best as possible.

And now that you know everything you need to start your business, what are you waiting for to open your own business?

The time is now.