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How to offer dog walking service – Profits and Stability

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Dog walker as a business

Offering a pet walking service is much more than just keeping a dog on a leash in the street. It is an activity that requires patience, love, knowledge and responsibility to make it efficient and enjoyable for both parties.

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If you are an animal lover, know how to organize your time and want to make this your main income sector, this business idea to create your own dog walking service agency, is for you. How to start? Well, let’s look at the following points:

Business activity

Basically, this service offers help to dog owners who do not have enough time to take their pets out to relieve themselves or simply for a morning walk. This is where the work of the dog walkers comes in, who are in charge of fulfilling this task. As for the schedule, this must be set by the walker according to the hours in which you want to devote, although it may be more needed in the morning and evening hours, as many owners have accustomed to their pets to perform that activity in those hours.

Diligences for the creation of a company

Naming your business is one of the most important aspects, as you must create a simple name, easy to remember and pronounce so that anyone who has a dog can quickly think of you when they need to. After you have chosen it, you must go to the agency to legalize your business and have the permissions and licenses established to put the service in place.

Necessary clothing

Although the leashes are provided by the owners of the dogs, I advise you to have your own set of strong leashes to avoid breaking, tangling or damage during the walk or any other situation. In addition, it is necessary that you carry out this activity with comfortable clothes and I advise you to use a cap, you never know when you will need it during the day and the hours you will devote to the exercise of the work. You should also always have your permits up to date and a seat belt so that you don’t have problems getting them in your hands, especially if you have more than two pets.

Promoting the service

One of the advantages in this important process is that you can find clients who are in need of your services both in the area where you are located and on the Internet. This is how getting your clients can be a process that, carried out with various strategies, can give you opportunities very soon. You can make flyers, business cards and publish your services on social networks, even creating a website.

Dog walker as a business

Obstacles to take into account

All dogs have very different personalities and temperaments, so it is best to purchase insurance, as you will never know if one of them will bite you or lose control of it in the event of an accident. In order to take care of your integrity and that of the animals you look after, you can buy insurance, which can be very cheap and will cover you.

Final advice

A good way to promote your business and work hand in hand with an established business in the sector, is to publicize your service in a nearby veterinary or in your neighborhood, because this is where you will find more people interested in what you offer.