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Bathroom Screen House – Profitability, Entrepreneurship and Trade

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Open a Bathroom Screen House

When you decide to open a Bathroom Screen House, you are creating a site dedicated to providing comfort to all those people who like to have a tidy bathroom and, especially, dry after a shower. Since its invention, this bathroom implement has become a must for those who opt for comfort and elegance. We teach you everything about this business.

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Requirements for Opening a Bathroom Screen House

Opening a Bathroom Screen House requires certain steps and compliance with certain standards that we detail below:

Legal Papers: first of all, make the corresponding procedures to be able to open your company. In addition, since you will have a workshop space if you manufacture them in your own premises, you will have to take advice on safety regulations for your staff, as well as make extra contributions, if applicable in your country, for having people working with machinery or risk tools.

Personnel: if you have a workshop when you open a bathhouse, you must hire operating personnel for the manufacturing area. They must be qualified and have vast experience, as this will be a way of preventing possible accidents. In turn, you will need to have personnel for the sales, marketing, reception, purchasing and administrative areas.

Open a Bathroom Screen House

Raw Materials and Suppliers: the most commonly used raw materials are tempered glass and acrylic. This second option, although it is much cheaper than the first, if it is not of optimum quality, will end up generating problems over time, such as breakage or twisting. For this reason, it is essential to make a good choice in the supplier, since he can guarantee us an excellent quality, which will always leave us standing very well in front of the customers we have.

Local: the point where the premises will be located is very important. It should always be a busy area. In addition, it will be necessary to have an area for workshop, in which the screens can be measured and cut, for which tools will be needed, such as lathes and saws.

Marketing and Sales Techniques for Opening a Bathroom Screen House

Once our business is up and running, we’ll have to think about how we’ll sell them. First of all, an eye-catching sign will make customers passing by see us and may interest you in our products and services.

A very good technique is to include the price of the placement in the price of the materials. In this way, we will create the “optical illusion” in the customer that we are not charging them for the installation, but we are actually charging them along with the price of the material.

Finally, the use of advertising techniques is very important. A smart idea is to be published in decoration and home magazines, since there we will have potential customers for sure.

Advantages of having a Bathroom Screen House

This business offers the advantage that modern solutions can be offered to customers with houses that can be assembled in a faster time than if they were built from scratch. Designs and specialized personnel can be offered to make the assembly of the same.

It can also be an ideal business for an architect, designer or construction engineer to offer not only houses but also advice and the complete project from design to assembly, finishing and decoration.

Tips to start in Bathroom Screen House

It is advisable to know the sector of the houses of screens before initiating the same one, one has two options to be dedicated to the import or to the own manufacture, in this last one it is possible to be mounted an exhibition and a factory with specialized personnel who assemble the houses of screens.

In the case of importing, costs rise due to tariffs and prices of materials, in that case quality is guaranteed and you save the challenge of manufacturing the panels and proposing the designs.

Another advice is to take into account the clients for whom you work, there are the private clients that even have the house already made and only want solutions to optimize spaces, there are the clients of offices and companies that require offices with screens, and also the clients that are going to want the design and complete assembly of the house.

Success stories

La Tienda de la Mampara, is a successful business in this sector because it offers the customer the possibility to discover the best selection of shower and bath screens made to measure. With bath screens and shower trays, which allow you to decorate to your liking by choosing the glass, with an anti-lime treatment, height, profile, screen printing colour and other various options.

Another successful company is Casas Val, of prefabricated houses that since 1948 serves its customers, both large companies and individuals, with the same professionalism and compliance, in standard and special projects, with personalized attention.

This company offers an excellent alternative for its housing construction projects, offering also other advantages such as the fact of being manufacturers of doors, windows, lattices and moldings, with a variety of independent and at the same time complementary products in the construction area.

Problems that may arise

One of the problems they face with the bulkhead house business is that this may be a more suitable method for making house renovations and optimizing space, rather than for complete house construction. So if you are going to start in this business it is important to know the technology of bulkhead houses and the designs that can be offered with the advantages for the customers.

Another problem with the screen house is the right choice that cannot be told to the customer what it would be because, you have to take into account several factors in this regard, if you have to make the decision based on the functionality that should have the comfort and, above all, aesthetics, because an accessory that does not fit in itself, can damage the whole design.