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Buying and Selling Chinese Products – Entrepreneurship and Advice

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Start with Buying and Selling Chinese Products

When it comes to the production of articles, China is undoubtedly one of the countries that should or should not be named, since they have stood out in recent years for their manufacturing capacity in a wide variety of articles and products in the market, from toy items to beauty products and household appliances, among others.

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This has allowed it to export its products at very low prices especially in wholesale purchases, while its accessibility is becoming easier thanks to the growth of Internet purchases.

How to start and what do you need? To find out, we invite you to read this section in which you will find out how to start your business.

Business activity

What we will do is to allocate a portion of the investment to the purchase of Chinese products, which ones? That depends on what you are most interested in, this being one of the biggest and best secrets of success in business. Then you can bring them in wholesale or retail with an online site or by ordering with your customers physically (these options we will see later). Your percentage of profit must be added at the time of offering the total of the products as a quote to your customers, which will depend on the size of the order.

What Chinese products should I import?

It depends on the sector in which you want to link initially, because later you can start importing products from different sectors as your customers grow. For example, one of the most profitable areas is the electronics sector, beauty products and accessories, clothing, jewelry, and others.

Who will be my customers?

According to the market sector you want to target, they can be from individuals in the case of retail purchases, such as physical businesses or online stores for wholesale purchases.

Start with Buying and Selling Chinese Products

Do I need to register as an authorised importer?

As we mentioned, Internet sales have facilitated this type of process, especially in initial wholesale purchases. However, with the growth of the business and the size of the orders, we recommend having an importer registration that certifies you as a registered importer and wholesaler, so that you do not have problems with the frequency of your orders or other types of difficulties.

How do I choose Chinese suppliers for my purchase?

You have your investment capital and you know the product you are going to buy initially, but you have no idea which supplier to approach, page or trading site. There are points you should evaluate that go far beyond the price, as there are also: the trajectory in the market, the type of products they have, shipping costs, among others. There are a lot of Chinese suppliers in the market that can overwhelm your search, however, in this article you will find everything you need to take into account to choose a safe and reliable supplier

What do I need to promote my business?

We recommend the existence of a website in which you expose your services as a wholesaler and retailer according to the market sectors to which you are going to be initially inclined. This should have a series of images provided by your quality Chinese suppliers with clear and real descriptions. Promote the site on social networks, forums, communities and so on.

If you don’t want to have a website and you want to sell the products by catalogue, for example, you can build one with quality images provided by Chinese suppliers from whom you buy the product and you can offer it in physical business premises, stores and individuals.

Advantages of having a Buying and Selling Chinese Products

An advantage of this business is that you can calculate the price of the product you want to import and you can also have a warehouse and a logistics center, through which you can attract and serve customers who demand the products.

Another advantage of buying and selling Chinese products is the possibility of offering the public low cost products of good quality, because they work according to Western standards, which can bring prestige and high profitability.

Success stories of Buying and selling Chinese products

Oriental Market is a successful and prestigious company in this sector because they work with the food market and a diversity of ingredients to prepare dishes, such as different types of noodles, as well as different teas, fresh products such as vegetables, pak choi, dragon fruits and other ingredients difficult to find when you want to make recipes at home. Korean and Japanese ingredients are also available, making it one of the most comprehensive shops for Chinese products.

DHGate, is another prestigious company and success in the sector because it offers wholesale purchases of various items such as clothing, shoes, electronics, home, jewelry, weddings, events, hair items, cosmetics, including cars and motorcycles, having its web space, from which you can make orders directly and intelligently.

Problems that may arise

One of the problems in setting up a business to buy and sell Chinese products is economic autonomy,

Problems that may arise: Many people who purchase products from Chinese suppliers make the mistake of overlooking the investigation of shipping costs and possible import difficulties with the entry of the product into the country, which hinders the purchasing process and may prevent the arrival of the product. Try to know everything you need to know before choosing the supplier and buying.

Final recommendation: Although the idea is to start acquiring products in bulk as well, the ideal is to start with small orders before launching into purchases of larger dimensions, as this allows us to gain experience if we do not have it, as well as to know the business and its operation little by little, because not because you get up earlier will wake up faster, so be very patient and stay committed to your business so that it grows.