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Fashion bikini shop – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Open a fashionable bikini shop

Clothing and bikini shops are highly coveted in Spain by foreigners, especially since Spanish beachwear is one of the most competitive in the world, successful on all continents. The consumer public is characterized by women who can be young or adult. In addition to bikinis, the store can also relate the beachwear for children, secondary activity aimed at increasing profitability.

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It is necessary that the entrepreneur has enough women looking for bikinis, their age, consumption habits, salary ranges and other aspects. All this will help to define a customer default, and with which the store can use its devices to improve its sales and obtain a good consumer-business relationship.

Location and Structure of Bikini Stores

The ideal location is where people spend all their time in front of bikini shops. The entrepreneur should invest mainly in the beach and pool sites, still thinking about the city’s climate.

In winter, sales drop a lot and this should be clear to the bikini shop entrepreneur. The number of competitors must also influence the location, i.e. the choice of property requires much study.

The basic structure of a shop should be divided into display area (where the shelves and gondolas are), a concierge service, sales area (where the packaging, product box and delivery is), administration, inventory and toilets.

The foundations of the bikini shops are the counters, shelves, display cases, computers, software, furniture, printers, telephone and fax, packaging and uniforms. The service counter is the place that is the product demonstration, so the customer can choose what suits him best.

Bikini Store Decoration

The decoration of bikini shops is very important, especially when we are talking about a clothing shop. Bikinis should be highlighted on the screen and all details in the architectural design contribute to an impression of the customers. Some of the lighting must be well elaborated.

Open a fashionable bikini shop

Business Tips For Bikini Stores

Bikinis should be purchased taking into account current trends, but there is also a need to buy bikinis for all types of women. While shorter ones can be sold very well, some larger models should be provided for shyer, older women or those with a few extra kilos.

A model could be hired to advertise the store, it could be anyone from a TV star, even some professionals hired at the agency. Online and in stores, model photos should be displayed, using one or more of the bikinis. Women, especially younger women, are strongly influenced by the media and the willingness of bikini shops to advertise more.

Requirements for bikini shops

One of the requirements to open this business is to have a physical space big enough to place sample boards to help offer the product and testers, so that the customer has ways to choose the right bikini when the time comes to buy it.

It is necessary to have a trade register and the proper permits to operate the business, you can hire a lawyer specialized in the matter to carry out such procedures, since this process can be very tedious.

You should have a wide selection of bikinis in all designs, colors and sizes, to fully cover the need of any customer who demands the product.

Advantages of having a Bikini Store

The product is lightweight easy to offer and easy to sell, in modern society the young woman is usually a fan of bikinis to go to the beach and have a good time being the center of attraction in the middle, which represents an excellent number of customers willing to buy in your business to get the model that best suits their body and tastes.

Your business can be small and cozy with such and have sample, can be located almost anywhere, even start from the Internet, for the easy handling of the product, you can also have such a selection that can cover almost any need of the modern woman.

Advantages of having a Bikini Store

Success stories

Eres, is a successful French store that has several models in which dark colors predominate and that seek to enhance the figure elegantly. The lines of all the bikinis as well as swimsuits are classic and sophisticated.

Another prestigious and successful store is TCN, with 30 years of experience, which stands out for its professionalism, for knowing the demands and needs of each woman and for transforming them into a unique and unique style.

The line he follows for his swimsuits is diverse, with classic cuts, prints, ethnic among others.

Problems that may arise 

Because only one type of product is offered, you may be closing the door to other customers who may be interested in acquiring other types of clothing, such as beach hats or T-shirts, bags, sandals, among others, which may limit a little the influx of customers for your business.

In addition, this business model is focused only on women, so it is failing to attract male members who can be offered swimwear.