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Florist Business – Characteristics, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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How to open a flower shop without a franchise?

Opening a florist shop is one of the simplest businesses in the sector, but be careful not to let this detract from your business, as its profitability lies in the fact that flowers and with them, arrangements and decorations are welcome in any month of the year. The events in which flowers are used are more frequent than we think, because they can be given as a nice and delicate gesture in a birthday, a romantic dinner, or other events such as marriages, funerals, special days like Mother’s Day, in short, a lot of occasions in which flowers become a great detail.

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Keywords: Open a flower shop

There is a list of flowers that have a greater commercialization in the market and that, for that reason, must be present in your business, these are: the roses, mainly, the daisies, the sunflowers, the carnations, the lilies, the tulips, the violets, the jasmine, among others. In this same measure, since the events for which they are used vary, the presentations of the arrangements, the colors for the decoration and the disposition of the flowers, among other aspects, should also vary.

If you are completely determined to open this business, it is important that you know that flower shops require a low investment, few staff and little equipment, and if you feel like learning or already know the world of flowers, you are ready to follow the next steps and open your own flower shop.

Keys to opening a flower shop

A place for the flower shop

Flower shops allow different spaces to start marketing them, which allows you greater flexibility. You can purchase a space to set up the point of sale or even opt for a cart where you will offer your flowers. This is one of the great advantages you get when you decide to go into this business, because you will not need large spaces to rent or buy with high investment costs to start.

Natural light and illumination

It is important that the place you have decided to set up your business enjoys natural light and artificial lighting as well. This will allow a greater number of customers to arrive and will improve the visualization of your flowers, as well as give them a greater duration and harmony to the plants.

Indispensable services

It is extremely important that you have the vital water service for the conservation and care of the plants you offer to customers and those you have as samples. In addition, you should have electricity and telephone services once your business begins to grow, as these services will allow you to manage your flower shop properly and efficiently.

Products catalogue

In order to speed up the process and show the variety of plants you have for sale without missing any, you should have a catalogue of all the flowers the florist has, as well as the arrangements and decorations you offer. This is an indispensable key, since customers will be able to visualize all the possibilities about costs, styles, colors, sizes and other arrangement particularities that they are going to choose with all the options.

Area for the preparation of the arrangements

You must have an exclusive space for the preparation of each of the arrangements, which must have a table with the necessary instruments for the execution of each procedure. Sometimes, the arrangement area is done out of business, however you may find yourself in the situation of a person who wants a last minute arrangement at this time, this is where this tip may be too useful for you.

Keys to opening a flower shop

The equipment and materials

It is important that you have a great diversity with respect to the material you will use for the arrangements, since not all of them focus on one event, but on a great variety, so a badly selected color may be inappropriate for the situation. In addition to this, there should be the conditioning material such as colored ribbons, scissors, bows, stuffed animals, among others.

A supplier for your flower shop

It is necessary that you select the best supplier, not only for costs, but for the variety of flowers and with it the quality that it can offer you. It is important that you make sure you have found the best one and at this moment, make your way in the sector.

The staff and the team

Although a flower shop can be maintained by one person if they commit to it, it is important to know that as the business grows, you will need staff to supply services that you cannot provide because you are in charge of other areas. This point proposes that you have qualified personnel to take care of different areas, personnel for the sale and the arrangement, since not all of us are given the same things.

Your role as owner and staff

It is important that as an owner, you have an understanding of the business you will be entering to acquire and work with, that is why you should take into account the following characteristics that you should identify and work with to ensure the profitability of your flower shop:

You love working with flowers and you have the best eye for detailing the conditions of each one of them. You are creative and you are passionate about the world of decoration with plants, you are inspired and enthusiastic.

You have efficient skills in dealing with customers and staff. You enjoy customer service.

You strive to create new and attractive designs with imagination and love for plants.

You are willing to learn every day about plants and what they plan to teach you about plant care.

As an owner, you care for and are aware of every space in your business, from preparation to sale and the care and cleaning of every area.

You have developed a business plan according to your particular needs to guide and orient your flower shop.

You investigate and inform yourself about their main cares, the proper way to cut them to allow their conservation, how to preserve them and take care of each one of them.

Advantages of having a flower business

Having a flower shop without a franchise offers the freedom to choose the type of business you want to open. An interesting one is being able to sell bouquets to passers-by on their way to work or to visit the bride, or also to offer arrangements for events, such as weddings, quinceañeras, anniversaries.

This business is considered one of the simplest and most accessible in the sector, but this does not mean that it is not planned properly. Because one of the successes of the business is that the flowers are fresh and well presented.

Another advantage is that you can have a very diverse clientele because at almost every important family event the flowers are present. They can also be given as a nice and delicate gesture at a birthday, a romantic dinner, as well as at other events such as funerals, special days like Mother’s Day, in a number of occasions where flowers become a great detail and a great business of high profitability.

Flower business success stories

Interflora is a successful company because it offers a diversity of options with flowers, one of the most interesting is being able to send flowers around the country, available for same day delivery within the entire national territory and within 24 hours in more than 150 countries. Flowers can be sent to any hospital or clinic, offices and work centers, hotels, convention centers, mortuaries and most destinations that the client can propose.

Adhoc Florist surprises and is very successful because it has the most original bouquets of flowers in the capital. People get distracted by looking at beautiful pieces of flowers combined with jewelry and even some clothes, all made by local designers.

Problems that can arise in the flower business

The most vulnerable thing in your flower shop is the lifespan of the different types of flowers. Abandoning the maintenance and care of your flowers in stock can result in great losses to your business. The location and promotion of your flower shop’s business is crucial to place the product as quickly as possible, since the main problem with flowers is that they are mistreated, wither and die too easily.

Final recommendations to make your flower shop successful

Research well before opening your flower shop, how to prolong the life and beauty of the flowers, as this is a key element in the success of this business. Also be clear that a fixed and loyal customer base and location will allow you to stay and give sustainability to your flower shop.