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Furniture store as a profitable business – the good wood of success

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Furniture store as a profitable business – the good wood of success

The proposal is to set up a furniture shop so that you can start your own business and make interesting profits. A furniture store is a business that always has customers, at all times of the year and is very simple to organize.

With a physical store you can have your own business, see everything here

Let’s see what products you will offer: furniture of all types and sizes, with different functionalities, in different types of wood, styles and colours. A furniture shop ranges from the most functional to the most decorative furniture. Among them there will be: beds, light tables, dining room sets, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, sideboards, barges, TV tables, wardrobes, desks, etc

Attract: everything enters through the eyes, so look for a place that has a wide window in which to make a scene. This is very important, when you want to sell furniture, it is very effective to make a scene. That is, if you want to sell a dining room set, display the table with its chairs in the window, put a tablecloth or a folder, some plates and cutlery, if the situation requires it, include candles and surround the scene with what you would find in a house: sideboards in the background and some armchairs on the side.

Free circulation: when arranging the furniture around the rest of the premises, try to leave a free corridor between all of them. This means that the client must be able to move freely around the premises, without taking anything with him or her or running the risk of accidentally breaking any of the decorative elements, while at the same time being able to access each and every one of the pieces of furniture without anyone interfering with their access to a particular piece of furniture.

Furniture store

Customers of a furniture store

That I have to take into account when setting up a furniture store. The clientele of a furniture store is very varied, since they will buy in it the newlyweds, the person who moves alone to his first apartment, as well as the consolidated family who wants to renew their old furniture.

Where do I get the furniture?

You can import them, which will require separate paperwork, or you can have a workshop make the furniture for your business, which you order from. A practical and low-risk way is to first design what you want, order a model of each piece and every time you sell it, order another one.

Make yourself known

It’s important that people know you exist, so advertising in local guides, on your own website, through door-to-door flyers, are excellent ideas.

Always try to appeal to the attention, whether it’s through price or a promotion, or through featured products.

Extra services that are a must in a furniture store

It is convenient that you have a catalogue with photos of everything you offer. It will be very useful if you have just sold a bedroom set and you have to wait for the next one to be made. This way, you will have a way to show it to potential customers.

The installation service of the modules and other furniture that require assembly is a very important plus, since you will free the client from the stress of having to find a separate installer.

This is all you need to know to set up a furniture store.