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Gardening Business – Success, Tips & Tricks

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Starting a gardening business

Today we bring you the essential steps to start a gardening business, a good investment to obtain important income during this type of crisis:

To begin with, check what tools you have, if you have worked in gardening before it is very likely that you have much of them, so it will be much easier to start the business. Basically, you will need the basic gardening tools, such as shovels, rakes, pruning shears, pruners, etc. Once the business begins to make a profit, you can invest in more and more tools that will make your job much easier and more in line with customer expectations.
In every gardening business it is necessary to define how the plants are going to be transported. To do this, it is essential to have a vehicle, whether it is a truck, a car or one that is already suitable for the job if you can get it, such as a van or SUV. You may need a trailer, the classified pages of local newspapers usually have good offers at very affordable prices. Another option is to look for wholesalers who will deliver the plants for a minimum order, so you can wait a while for the business to take off before investing in a suitable means of transport.

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You should buy contract templates to fill in and checkbooks for the invoices you need to issue to your customers and buyers, you can also make the contracts and invoices according to what you need in your own computer, this is something more than indispensable in a gardening business or any business in general. Also take care of making some business cards to distribute among potential customers and give to know your business, this can go hand in hand with an agenda or calendar as ways to advertise or promote your business. It’s something cheap and that tomorrow can affect a greater influx of customers and greater profitability.

Get books and literature in general about gardening, remember that your clients will be asking you for your opinion about their gardens, plants, flowers, in other words, they will need the opinion of an expert in the field, for this reason, you must be fully informed about the subject. Another reason why you should be enlightened on the subject is that gardening work is often expensive, so people will want to hire competent professionals and not just apprentices who will end up wasting their money and ruining their beloved garden.
Once you start your gardening business, you must determine how much you will charge for your services, here it is fundamental to keep in mind that gardening jobs are charged according to the type of work to be done, not by the hour. Therefore, it is necessary to determine how many hours each type of work will take, so you can give your clients a more approximate budget of what the work they require in their gardens or plants may cost. In this area it is also important to think if you plan to work charging a percentage in advance or all at the delivery of the agreed work, generally, in a gardening business it is customary to start with 50% or a third and at the end, when the work is finished, the rest.

Requirements for setting up a landscaping business


A wide space must be acquired with the appropriate freshness conditions to keep the plants for sale and other gardening products with consumable nature, such as growth supplements and other products that require specific conditions for their conservation until their sale to the consumer.

You must have the appropriate permits in terms of trade registration, you can go personally and take this management well, if you do not have the knowledge or time needed for these diligences you can hire a lawyer specializing in trade registration with which to rely on these processes that can be very tedious.

Advertise your business, you can use the Internet tool if you do not have sufficient funds to hire ads in the local newspaper or radio spots to attract good flow of customers to your business, social networking platforms may have a large number of users interested in acquiring everything related to gardening.

Starting a gardening business

Advantages of having a gardening business


The gardening business will always have interested customers, plants and gardens require good attention to be fresh and well presented, in addition 90% of modern homes have a garden, even in the case of horizontal property, residents have a small garden area in most cases, representing a significant influx of customers who intend to acquire garden plants or materials to work with.

The plants produce seeds, which represents an advantage when it comes to reproducing your product, saving large amounts of money in the process of re-supplying your business. In addition, it is a fresh and comfortable environment to work in, which maintains the tranquility and fresh space unlike other business models whose nature can be of more extreme conditions.

Tips for setting up a gardening business

Acquire primarily what you need at the beginning, for this you should know about gardening and do a small market research to determine what products are most sought after in terms of floriculture by the local consumer, so that you can have a good start and early movement of your business.

Acquire broad advertising strategies, it is recommended to exploit the Internet to the maximum, whose tool is currently used by 70% of businesses worldwide, a platform that will help you save a lot of money on advertising, showing your business to thousands of users on the Internet that will be interested in going to your gardening business.

Tips for setting up a gardening business

Success stories

A successful company in this sector is the Centro de Jardinería de Aragón, which since 1870, when it opened to the public, this family business has been present in the field of arboriculture and gardening. Even today, the company continues to strive to maintain a high level of proximity and tradition that has set them apart for years.

Another successful company in this field is Jardinería Profesional Sierra de Madrid, S.L., which has a diversity of services offered such as gardening maintenance, installation of drip and sprinkler irrigation, pruning at heights and the construction of parks and gardens, including also, special works with wood, gazebos, porches, pergolas, among other services.

Problems that can arise in a gardening business

You must have an accessible location for the potential client, otherwise you can have many problems to attract a good amount of buyers for your business representing a strong problem in terms of constant and fluid income on a daily basis.

Plants need water and supplements to live and maintain their freshness until they are sold to the consumer, otherwise they can dry out before the transaction, representing product losses, and if you do not have a dedicated space to maintain them can be a challenge.