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Gold Shop – Features, Advantages and Benefits

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How to Open a Gold Buying and Selling House – Jewelry

Starting a business with a Gold Buying and Selling House is an excellent idea if you are looking for profitability regardless of the feasible and inevitable economic crises that occur cyclically in the world.

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Reasons to open a Gold Buying and Selling House

Gold is the only commodity that resists the crises, it is more benefits from them, because it is precisely in these periods that the difficulty to pay debts and bills increases, so people resort to the last possible resource: to sell the jewelry and jewels that were still part of the family inheritance. It is precisely here that it becomes important to have and know how to operate a Gold Buying and Selling House.

Requirements to start a Gold Buying and Selling House

Enable your company by obtaining the legal permits that every company must have in order to operate as such. In addition, contact the bank closest to you to apply for qualification, if necessary.

Rent premises; a small one is more than enough, since you only need a physical space in which to receive your customers, a counter, a cash register and a safe.

Draw up a business plan, in which you bear in mind the initial investment costs (rent, rent deposit, equipment for the premises, staff) and the fixed costs involved in having a Gold Buying and Selling House. This planning will help you to keep your accounts up to date and stay organized.

It is necessary that you have a security camera, since the values you handle are very high and you need to be well protected.

You will need to record every purchase and sale in a logbook, so that when the inspection comes to control your movements, you will have everything recorded and in order, which will facilitate the work of the inspectors and help you to stay with the organization that a business requires.

Tips for starting a Gold Buying and Selling House

Skills to handle when you have a Gold Buying and Selling House

A Gold Buying and Selling House requires knowledge of jewelry. Most of the gold you will receive to buy comes in the form of jewelry, so in addition to having the appropriate instruments for the detection of carat, you will need to have knowledge of styles, dates and other information of jewelry that only knowledge can provide. So get trained in the area before you open your Gold Buying and Selling House.

If you hire staff, they should be trained in the skills of a jewelry store or you can train them yourself as you work together.

Advertise a Gold Buyer’s House

In order to get more customers, it is important that you effectively advertise your Gold House. To do this you can start with very good quality flyers that include photos and briefly describe the services you offer. Adding that you have the best price for the place, if you can achieve it, will give you an extra benefit.

In turn, you can try other options such as neighborhood magazines and even radio or television ads.

Advantages of having a Gold Buying and Selling House

Buying and selling gold is a business that has been going on for generations, it is one of the best and finest methods of making money in the world, precious metals have practically no borders, keeping their value high all the time and rising. So, when buying and selling gold, it can bring quite high margins of profit.

This business is one that can survive crises, even be the best option to work in times of economic recession, because gold never loses value against the currency, your business can be connected with others in the world, moving the economy not only of the local pocket but internationally.

Tips for starting a Gold Buying and Selling House

First of all, you should be aware of the security schemes for your business, install cameras, use bulletproof glass cases and security doors suitable for this business, due to the high value of working with precious metals.

Always study methods to value the metal, which will easily reveal whether it is genuine or not, there are several methods, from using chemicals that are used in this field, as well as other alternative methods that will help you to widely value the precious metal, decreasing in a good way the susceptibility to fraud.

Success stories

Quick Gold, is a prestigious and successful company that was created to provide high quality customer service when choosing to sell jewelry, with the advice of professionals. Therefore, in QuickGold stores you can sell gold with the security that you will get 100% of the value of your pieces, whether they are gold or silver.

Here, you can sell or pawn gold or silver in jewels of any kind, rings, bracelets, brooches,

necklaces and pendants, bracelets, among others, as well as other household objects, cutlery, crockery or other pieces. Transactions can be made quickly, easily and securely, with the customer benefiting from gold prices that are currently at their highest levels.

Problems that may arise

Working with precious metals can be a risk if you don’t fully appreciate the value, weight, and if you don’t know if the metal is genuine, you can easily fall into a scam by being a victim of large losses of money due to the concept, so you should be well trained and study a little, knowing the business before working on a large scale.

Since the creation of this business model decades ago, it has always been subject to security standards, due to the high value and susceptibility in the market worldwide, so having security flaws or lack of parameters, such as lack of cameras, can lead to a big problem due to the high probability of being a victim of assault in your business.