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Jeans Sales – Business Model, Approach and Needs

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Start selling Jeans

Emerging as inelegant and all-weather workwear, jeans have become the main item of clothing for all ages and occasions. That’s right, more and more jobs are allowing them and attending parties like birthdays at 15 in a pair of jeans, is no longer all that unthinkable it used to be in the past. These and other reasons make you think of a jean shop as a profitable business.

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Approach of a jean shop as a profitable business

A jean shop as a profitable business or a jeans store is a place open to the public that retails jeans of different brands and works with all kinds of jeans garments.

Jean factories and workshops that manufacture jeans do not have the infrastructure to sell them instead. So they will require the drive and freshness that a store dressed in jeans offers to the public.

How a jean shop works as a profitable business

Here are the keys to the success of a jean shop as a profitable business:

Don’t buy, ask for consignment. Although it seems a very obvious explanation, we will explain it to you so that you can open a jean shop as a profitable business. When you are going to open a jean shop as a profitable business, contact jean factories and ask them to deliver you their garments on consignment, that is: they will deliver you a series of garments from each one of those they have for this collection.

Garments to sell: the following are the garments you should try to have for sale in your jean shop: common jeans, fishing jeans, jean shirts, jean jackets, jean shorts, jean skirts (long, channel, minis), among others. Be sure to stock up on an important variety of brands and models. Do your research, go visit the factories and make sure the quality they offer on the fabric is what you want to represent your business.

Showcase: A good showcase can make a person visualize something that catches their attention… from a bus.  This means that you can create an attractive window, with something red and knowing that it can be read from left to right, you can have a window that catches all eyes, including that of the passengers on the bus.

What do I need to open a jean shop as a profitable business

Register the company: register it with the corresponding bodies.

Insurance: insure the goods against theft and fire, even more so in this case when the goods are on consignment at your premises.

Choose the premises: it does not have to be big but it does have to have a deposit at the bottom or at the top or at the bottom.

Decoration of the shop: decorate the place in such a way that it evokes the period and the scenes in which the jean was created. A tip? a covering with wood or similar on the walls will make your jean shop a real Far West establishment.

Shelving: buy, rent or have the shelves made to display your clothes.

Everything is ready for you to open the doors of your jean shop as a profitable business.

How a jean shop works as a profitable business

Advantages of having a jean shop

People are always going to need jeans of all kinds, because of the style and practicality that comes with this type of clothing, so the business will always have customers interested in acquiring a model of jean for their daily use.

This factor represents a very positive profit margin, because there is a young captive audience that likes and demands this type of clothing to work, go out or even be at home.

Another advantage of this business is that it is not difficult to manage the type of product, basically you can have only one major supplier and with this work until the end of time.

Tips for starting a jean shop

Starting small is always good for having total control of your business, as well as getting to know it and master it, so that it grows little by little according to the influx of customers that come through your door.

Using advertising and marketing strategies, it is recommended to use the Internet tool to attract customers, this medium will allow you to attract customers even before they enter the door of your business, you can even mount an online platform where you can offer your product widely.

Success stories of a jean shop

A prestigious and successful store is Pepe Jeans, which is a brand that creates trends with an extensive collection of jeans, and other clothes for girls, boys and juniors with all the spirit of an avant-garde brand, in unique jeans, as well as dresses, overalls, skirts, shorts, shirts, accessories and footwear.

Another successful space is Jean Flor, which sells casual jeans with a flower on each leg, which give style and figure and are very comfortable, in different sizes, from very small to very large, being a new trend product, and which can be worn by any woman.

which can be purchased through the web, getting free shipping all over Spain. With a very interesting possibility of paying by hand without problem being able to open and check the article before paying having the support of the company, and if you want to buy but have doubts, you can talk to the online stores through whatsapp.

Problems that can occur in a jean shop

Since it is a business that works with only one product, attracting only one type of customer who wants to buy jeans, limits the marketing of clothing, this factor can affect the influx of customers to the business, since it is a unique product, and there must be a sufficient variety of garments and designs.

Having a good selection of jeans can be expensive, so you need good capital to acquire enough variety to offer in the business, otherwise it may take a while until the right customer takes your collection.