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Kitchen Equipment – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start with Kitchen Equipment

New technologies also arrive in this room of the house in which the richest things are elaborated and this is how we manage to improve the times, the cooking, the conservation and even the logistics. We invite you to start a Kitchen Equipment Business as a business model with present and future.

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Why Invest in a Kitchen Equipment Business

There are reasons that justify undertaking a Kitchen Equipment Business due to its simple management and high profitability. We present them to you below:

New constructions: houses, housing complexes and new buildings need to be equipped with the latest in kitchen equipment, therefore, you will have a fertile field on which to collect your profits when you manage to become their supplier.

Recycling: buildings that are recycled will look for the latest equipment for their new kitchens.

Hotels, Restaurants and Gastronomic Enterprises: the businesses that work based on Gastronomy, both totally and partially, as is the case of the hotels for the latter, will seek the most modern. So you have here more potential customers to exploit your profitable Kitchen Equipment Business.

Requirements to start 

Import: you must make the necessary arrangements to import goods from the leading countries in the manufacture of all types of ovens. Italy is one of the most prestigious in the sector. You can also work with national manufacturing from your own country, just handle several options to have more choices to offer.

Business Plan: plan all your initial investment and fixed costs, this will give you a very detailed picture about how to organize everything from the beginning and how much money you will need to start your business.

Study the Competition: study what they offer and how other companies that do the same thing as you do. In this way, you will be able to detect their strengths and weaknesses and emphasize your own business to cover the weaknesses of the competition.

Market Research: Find out, through properly designed surveys, what your local market needs. If what is missing is kitchen furniture equipment, concentrate on providing various designs and different prices. In case your market is overloaded with offers of convection ovens, find a way to provide them in a differential way (model, installation included or some promotion to make a difference).

Personnel: your Kitchen Equipment Business needs qualified personnel for each area: accounting, marketing, sales, design (if they are also manufacturers), cleaning, customer service, etc. Hire the best and most qualified for each sector of your company and you will be successful much sooner.

Show Room: prepare a Show Room that looks spectacular. You can hire expert window dressers for this purpose, as you need to create mini-kitchen environments with samples of the equipment you offer. The tidiness, layout and cleanliness of your Show Room will be crucial in determining much of your success. Don’t forget that everything comes through the eyes.

Start with Kitchen Equipment

Advantages of having a Kitchen Equipment

Absolutely every home needs a kitchen, whether built-in or portable which ensures a steady stream of potential customers for your business, representing good profit margins, plus there are the restaurant customers who can generate an excellent profit due to the industrial nature of their kitchens generating a lot of work.

It handles a non-perishable merchandise, which represents an important advantage when supplying your business, this means that you will not have to be replacing the product only when it is sold to the consumer, also you can coordinate with manufacturing companies so you can connect the service and make money in the process.

Tips to start a Kitchen Equipment

To carry out advertising campaigns for your kitchen equipment business, in this way you will be able to attract potential customers more quickly to attend to them using the internet tool, to create a web platform that helps the user to find your business, with possible online requests.

Currently with the help of web designers and SEO consultants, you can quickly position your company, so that you can capture thousands of potential customers even before they come to your business.

It is also advisable to offer all types of equipment, because the larger your inventory the more likely it is to meet the customer’s needs. To do this, it is recommended to do a market study in order to specify potential customers and the best area to establish your business.

Tips to start a Kitchen Equipment

Success stories

ARTY Cocinas & Obras, is considered a successful and prestigious company because it is catalogued as the most specialized and with more years of experience in the sector. The company opened in 1980, with the firm intention of becoming a leader in the sector, achieving this goal today, with thousands of satisfied customers.

One of its successes is the competitive prices, together with an excellent after-sales service, the quality of the equipment and brands they work with, being one of the firms best valued by customers.

Cocinas Santos, is another company that has gained much success because it is an established brand of prestige that has been offering the best kitchen furniture in Madrid since 1923. The company has been designing and building ultra-modern kitchens for 9 decades, having maintained its position as a prestigious brand due to the company’s philosophy, with a careful and personalized attention to the customer to guarantee his full satisfaction.

Problems that may arise

Kitchen equipment can be difficult to install and tedious to transport, so you must have patience and technical staff who know how to handle and install the mimes, otherwise you can have problems during the service obtaining a bad reference from the customer.

You must have enough space to distribute your business in areas to store the merchandise, product samples and customer service, so it can represent a significant expense to acquire the space, not including the cost of utilities and taxes to the state.