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Lamp trade – Features, Structure and Tips

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How to start a lamp shop

Lamps are usually located on tables beside the bed and in other places in the house, such as living rooms. It is made of a material that is most often conical and prevents people from seeing the bulb directly. Whoever wants to start producing and selling lamps, can be in front of a very lucrative business, as it is often considered a luxury item, depending on its material.

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Older people also have the lamp as a main light source, in some cases, and young curators functionally use the object to illuminate delimited places or even to compose a classic and elegant decoration.

Profile of a lamp trade entrepreneur

The lamp trade entrepreneur can buy any lamp and resell it. Of course, production will result in higher costs for the production of lamps, but in return it will be even cheaper. So the first defining characteristic of the trade entrepreneur is: Leadership. The ability to make decisions that involve the whole company to be strongly associated with the entrepreneur, and choose the best decisions that should have notions of marketing and business.

To this end, the trade of decoration items has some courses and conferences to help the new entrepreneur to cope with market situations, production, customer relations, etc.

In addition, energy saving and decoration are strongly associated with this business and should be designed with professionals in each area to offer customers the best of technology, both in the decoration and in energy saving, which today already has a strong attractive environmental needs and to be studied with great caution.

Location of a lamp shop

A lamp store can be located on busy shopping streets, in shopping malls, and other places very accessible to the public. It is important to get away from the competition and win an interesting place for selling lamps.

Profile of a lamp trade entrepreneur

Investments for selling lamps

A lamp shop needs a little investment in equipment and facilities, such as telephone, fax, commercial property, a one-person office, bathroom and some other basic details. The working capital is around 40,000 and the average monthly turnover is 10,000. Therefore, the owner may have an assistant, as his employee and the other service may be in charge of outsourcing, such as in the production of lamps where appropriate, cleaning the store, etc.

Disclosure of the lamp shop

To increase profits and drive more customers to comply with the lamp trade you can invest in disclosure, warning about the various benefits offered by the company’s products. The lamp store can highlight its commitment to the environment by selling lamps that use less electricity. In addition, you can pay attention to the excellent design of their products and credit card payment services. Gifts can be offered and other benefits for cash payers. Promotions don’t get left out and usually lead to many people getting to know new stores.

Requirements for setting up a Lamp Shop

You must have a trade register to be able to carry out the trade activities properly, you must hire a lawyer specialized in the subject to help you carry out this management successfully, once you have the trade name you will proceed to look for a space where you can establish your business.

The space must be large enough to offer a good range of lamps of all shapes and sizes, so that the customer can find the ideal lamp for his home or office.

Advantages of having a Lamp Shop

Once the business has been set up correctly, it is only a matter of waiting. Absolutely everyone always needs a lamp to light up at night or to work more comfortably, so you are working with an ideal tool that is very necessary in people’s daily lives.

This type of inventory has no expiration date, so the risk of loss due to this factor is zero, you just have to wait until at some point a customer arrives and takes his product happy.

Tips for starting a lamp shop

To have a good range of selection, so that the customer always finds what he is looking for in terms of lamps either for exterior or interior, also always try to make your business known through advertising strategies.

Use the tool of the internet to make your business known, using advertising strategies on social networks, dedicated websites or blogs, so that you can capture a

a lot of customers before they even pass through the door of your business.

Success stories

La Casa de la Lámpara, is a successful company in this sector because it avoids all the stress of going out to buy in a lamp shop, which can become a real odyssey.

Due to the traffic, the lack of parking, the waits that, cause so much discomfort, the solution is to buy your lamp with tranquility through the network. You choose the style you like best and the company brings it to your home.

Another renowned and successful company is Lámparas Lidia, which was founded more than 40 years ago and is dedicated to lighting and design. So, in this store, you can find all kinds of modern lamps, more classic lamps, design lamps, rustic, tiffany lamps, LED lamps, among others.

The company has been adapting all this time to the tastes of the customers, offering lamps of new trends and solutions in lighting, with the last innovations in this market.

Problems that may arise

In the beginning, like many business models, you may have problems to get an acceptable amount of customers, so you must have a lot of patience the first year to work and make advertising strategies for your business and thus be able to get more and more customers.

In addition, if you do not have a real selection of indoor and outdoor lamps, the customer may not get what they need, losing sales opportunities due to lack of inventory to meet consumer needs.