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Setting up a Lighting Shop – Tips, Benefits and Advice

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Learn how to set up a lighting shop – light and design

Giving light to your home is giving life; learn all about how to set up a Lighting Store and acquire your profitable business while providing the essential light to the population of your area.

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Why Set Up a Lighting Store

If you’re wondering what the reasons are for setting up a Lighting Store, here they come:

Marriages: whether for collective or personalized gifts or the couple themselves who come to buy at your place, the reasons for setting up a Lighting Shop merit the process you will have to follow.

New homes: more and more people are going to live alone or with friends or fellow students in order to pay the rent among several. This implies that new homes are being created permanently and if there is one thing that cannot be missing from a new home it is lighting.

Renovation: the purchase of lamps and wall lights does not refer to the emergence of a new home, but people usually renew their homes from time to time, which makes setting up a lighting store is a business of permanent profitability and endless possibilities.

New tendencies: from the hand of the previous point, but this time depending not of the boredom towards the decoration that every day we see around us when waking up, to transit by our house and to go to sleep, is the emergence of the new tendencies. Fashions change, are renewed and start again from scratch, the same happens with the functional and decorative elements of our home. So, with the emergence of a new trend in functional art, there is an audience that, in order to remain at the forefront, will be the first to make Setting up a Lighting Shop as profitable as dynamic.

Requirements for Setting up a Lighting Shop

When you decide to set up a Lighting Shop you will have to take into account the following requirements to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

Location: the structure, size, distribution and location of the premises are very important factors to take into account when setting up a lighting shop. Try to find one that is spacious and load it with shelves at the sides, then assemble the window, which must be wide and allow you to see the inside of the premises.

Merchandise: there are three well-defined options regarding the merchandise offered by your lighting store: one of them is to offer varied products, without a defined criterion; the second is to mark your own style, offering products belonging to a type of decoration: art nouveau, modern, country, etc. Finally, and this is the most risky option, it is about offering products of exclusive design that transgress the common. In the latter case, you will have to find one or two suppliers who manufacture products with a very marked style of their own. That your clientele will be reduced to a sector that consumes that style, but on the other hand, the profit will be greater, since prices are considerably higher.

Register your company: arrange the legal permits to have your light shop working in accordance with the law.

Advantages of having a Lighting Shop

Couples and families are always looking to innovate the spaces in the home, and more and more people are going to live alone, with friends and fellow students to share the rent among several. This implies new homes created permanently, with lighting being both a decorative and functional element that one seeks to install in the new home and that cannot be missing.

Fashions and trends in lighting change and are renewed as this field evolves, which is why having a lighting store represents an advantage because you can offer a public that is always in demand functional and decorative elements for the home. Making the business as profitable as it is dynamic.

Requirements for Setting up a Lighting Shop

Tips for starting a Lighting Shop

An important tip for success in this business is to control spending, know and overcome the competition and know how to build customer loyalty. It is advisable to have common sense with the administration, to never spend more than you have.

With regard to overcoming the competition, it is advisable to go out and walk around, pretending to be a customer and look at the offer that the competition has and take some ideas that seem to be functional to others.

A third piece of advice refers to marketing, which should now be supported by the internet and social networks, in order to make yourself known to a wider audience.

Success stories

Ideas Luz is considered a successful company in this sector because it offers a variety of state-of-the-art and innovative lighting solutions. Being a reference in the technical and decorative lighting, which proposes

solutions in lighting projects with last generation leds, as another option to the traditional halogen lighting.

Años Luz, is another prestigious lighting company in Spain, with a wide variety of lamps and high level lighting solutions. It is also considered a leading Spanish company in the lighting industry, which was created in 1978, also collaborating with some of the world’s most famous and outstanding designers and manufacturers.

Problems that may arise 

One of the problems that the investor may encounter is to have secure suppliers who guarantee the products. Some light bulbs are of low quality and short duration, burning out very quickly causing the customer to be dissatisfied and to walk away from the store. Not only does he walk away, but he also spreads his dissatisfaction to others, which is detrimental to the prestige of the company.

Another problem that can arise is having a large stock which can be expensive at first. Besides, if there is not enough flow of customers, the products and devices may take a while to be sold.