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Men’s Clothing House – Introduction, Requirements and Benefits

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How to Open a Men’s Clothing House

Because THEY also deserve their place, opening a men’s clothing store is a profitable business that will allow you to acquire the financial independence you’ve been looking for.

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Requirements for opening a men’s clothing store

First register the company and decide which staff you will put to work alongside you. Remember that, unless you import the garments, you will need someone to design and make them. So unless sewing is your forte, you already have at least three people you should hire: one to design and two to make.

Then find a location. For your convenience, you should have a large workshop at the back of the shop. When you are going to open a men’s clothing store, look for a place in a commercial area with a lot of human traffic. Also make sure that the shop is bright and has a good window.

Initial investment to open a men’s clothing store

The following items will all be part of your initial investment when you open a men’s clothing store: rental of the premises, machinery for the workshop, materials for making the clothes, staff salary.

Define a style

There are two great styles to choose from: formal or informal. You can also make clothes using both styles, although you should first stick to one and then try the other.

The following are items that every men’s clothing store should have: jackets, jackets, raincoats, pants, overalls, shirts, vests, ties, as well as accessories that, although you will not make them in your workshop, you can get from importers and offer them: umbrellas, hats and scarves.

How to make yourself known when you decide to open a men’s clothing store

Here’s how you can make yourself known and get customers to come to you:

Advertising: make an elegant triptych with models posing your clothes, it is an attractive way to promote yourself. A tip: when you make the photos with the model or models, choose natural settings instead of photo studio backgrounds that leave the photo feeling empty. Choose beaches, docks, parks, etc.

Internet: create a web page and through your Facebook account, create a fan page and invite all your contacts to indicate their likes and thus reach more people.

Media: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines.

How to Open a Men's Clothing House


On a business level, everyone has strong competition, and the men’s clothing store is no exception. So if you want a quick return on your initial investment and a quick profit, make a difference with models, textures, original designs, that customers are able to go halfway across town to buy from your exclusive store.

Clear guidelines, rigidity and discipline

You’ll have staff in charge, which, if it’s a challenge if it’s the first time it’s happened to you. The key is to make the rules clear from the start and only bend them when there is a major exception. Be strict but friendly with your staff and you’ll see how everything works out.

Advantages of having a men’s clothing store

You are dealing with a non-perishable product that can be kept intact for years, which unlike other business models that work with items that can deteriorate or expire can represent a good advantage when it comes to valuing this factor.

The business of men’s clothing is relatively easy, since the designs will always be very similar to each other, plus the male customer is more practical which helps to stimulate sales more quickly unlike women’s stores that need more attention to detail and acquisition of very varied and colorful designs to sell to all types of customers.

Problems that can occur in men's clothing stores

Problems that can occur in men’s clothing stores

At the beginning it can be difficult to attract enough customers, so you must be patient with the opening while the advertising strategies used in your business take effect, which is a small disadvantage in terms of customer flow, besides many times this business is only sought when a customer wants to make a gift or on special occasions, in addition to the customers that represent the business world who always want to buy a suit to go to the office.

Success stories

A prestigious firm in this sector is Scalpers, where you can find avant-garde suits with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. It is a young, branded tailoring shop, with a team that makes it possible to find innovative, regenerated cuts, without ever losing quality.

Another renowned company is Ertl & Cohn which is a 100% Spanish brand, creating pieces that combine classicism and avant-garde expertise. This firm gives a touch of color to the pieces that follow the most classical patterns. They manage to reach a diverse and eclectic audience, so they dress “from CUNEF students to bank directors”. So, their success is due to the exquisiteness of their fabrics and impeccable patterns and mainly to the word-of-mouth, because there is no better publicity than a satisfied customer.