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Opening a Tangueria – Customers, Market and Competition

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Open a Tangueria 

Tango has its origin in the Rio de la Plata. Argentina and Uruguay have disputed its paternity for decades and have not reached an agreement. If there is one good thing that we have rescued from this litigation, it is that tango is worth dancing and whoever has seen it born has the honor of having gestated the most sensual dance until that moment. We give you the steps to dance to the sound of the most famous four by four in the world and you can open a Tangueria.

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What is a Tangueria

It is important to give a definition to the business before opening a Tangueria. A tangueria is a place where you can dance tango. It can be set up as a bar with drinks, some picada style food, tables and chairs and a dance floor in the middle. The characteristic that cannot be missing, no matter how good it may seem, is the tango beats sounding permanently.

Requirements to Open a Tangueria

Location: talk to your real estate agent and explain that you need a bar area where music will be played until late at night. This way, your agent will make sure that you can open a Tangueria without having further problems due to the noise that will be caused in your place.

Set up: once you have the place, set it up and decorate it according to the style of a Tanguería. Wooden wall coverings and a wooden bar are very characteristic. If you hang pictures of great tango values, such as Carlos Gardel or Julio Sosa, you will be left with a tango air that nobody will resist.

Music: get tango music of all styles: tango, milonga, sung, instrumental, sung by men, sung by women, classic versions, modern remixed versions, electronic tango (BajoFondo, Malando and Gotan Project are excellent options in this last field). Get a good audio system with speakers that resonate in every corner and you’ll be ready. However, it is important to point out that when you open a Tanguería you are not opening a dance hall, by this we mean that the music should not be at full volume, but at one that allows you to dance and talk at the same time.

Suppliers: negotiate with a good supplier of alcoholic beverages to obtain discounts. Whisky, grappa, cognac, liquor… are the stars after the music.

Make a difference by opening a Tangueria

These are some ideas that will make opening a Tangueria very profitable for you:

Tango lessons: you can set aside one day a week to give tango lessons. Hire a good teacher who knows this dance both in theory and in practice. As a marketing technique, we recommend that you give each student a voucher for a drink to take when they like it the most. This way, you will have one more customer in the Tanguería.

Live music: another very good idea is to organize a “Live Tango Night”, with orchestras that play this music. You can do it once a week and see how it captures the attention of new customers.

Advantages of having this business

If you are a fan of tango this can be a very entertaining business, you can breathe an atmosphere of art and entertainment every night where in addition to receiving a very good profit margin from sales on alcohol and food you can enjoy a cosmopolitan and stimulating music.

There are thousands of tango fans, who are dedicated to practicing it as a culture and entertainment, which represents a significant influx of customers who seek to breathe an atmosphere that they enjoy and are passionate about.

Tips for setting up a Tanguería

It is recommended to choose a location close to the lovers of this culture, so as to facilitate access to it, managing to attract a significant influx of customers, shortly after its opening, in addition to using advertising resources such as the press, radio spots or the Internet itself that can be very helpful.

To pay special attention to the decoration of the place, so that it is attractive for the followers of the tango, reviving the bohemian atmosphere that this culture represents so that the client feels satisfied and in an atmosphere familiar to his artistic tendency.

Tips for setting up a Tanguería

Success stories of a Tanguería

An interesting space to dance tango is in Rivas, which has classes of ballroom dancing and Latin rhythms, tango, salsa, pasodoble, bachata, kizomba, merengue, rueda cubana, waltz, swing, cha-cha-cha, in which you can choose the best schedule, among the many different schedules and levels.

Another successful company in this sector is Tango Restaurant Madrid which offers, besides the dance, a selection of Argentine and national grilled meats, as well as exquisite typical dishes of Spanish and Rioplatense cuisine. They have a bar area and high tables to enjoy a more informal dinner or lunch, in addition to several rooms, including a reserved area prepared for to host more private celebrations.

Problems that may arise

Because tango is only one style of dance, this factor closes the possibility of attracting customers who want to devote themselves to another style of the same, channeling a single type of customer, due to the exclusivity can be a problem to attract a good influx of them.

Because this is a type of nightclub can present security problems or conflict of people who abuse alcohol during the night, so you must be prepared to deal with such problems, in addition, because this is a business model that operates at night can disrupt the sleep and health after a good time of business, so you should watch this factor closely.