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Painting – How to start, maintainability and tips

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Start a Painting Business

Painting our house from time to time is an indispensable requirement for living in good conditions and keeping our home tidy. Starting from this base, there is also the option, increasingly used, of painting not only for tidiness, but of putting colours on our walls that identify us and reflect our personality on the four walls that shelter us. So setting up a paint shop is a business with an important flow of sales.

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Advantages of setting up a paint shop

Having your own paint shop will give you the advantage of being your own boss, so you will set your own hours, make all the financial decisions, deciding what to buy and from whom and at what price to sell. Nothing better than having carte blanche when it comes to decisions.

Another great advantage is that, as the paint shop grows and makes more profit, you will be able to hire the staff you need to cover the shift and the company’s tasks and you will be able to have the day off when you need it or when you want it.

Tips for setting up a paint shop

It is important to have a wide selection of paints for both the exterior and interior, the consumer’s taste for innovation and repair their home is extremely wide so if you want to satisfy the customer in a broad way must have at hand all the tools necessary to support projects of painting and home decorating, office, business.

Having staff trained in customer service and knowledge of paintings is essential to provide good service, so the customer will always leave the door of your business with the vision of quality increasing the likelihood that this return with friends and family interested.

Start a Painting Business

Requirements for setting up a paint shop

You will need to meet the following requirements when setting up a paint shop:

Investment capital: Taking into account the products, personnel, site conditioning, advertising, permits and other expenses, the investment capital of this business could start at $6,000 or $10,000 and up. This depends on the size of the premises and the stock with which we are going to start mainly, as this is where most of the investment will go.

Permits and legal authorizations: to process with the corresponding state agencies the necessary authorization to start up your painting business. This compromises the registration of the shop and the operating licenses. Please note that in each city or country, these procedures may vary, so you need to contact the entity in the area where you are located.

Paint shop premises: rent a premises with space to store the stock of paint cans and which have a good showcase to display the products in a tempting way, such as photos with the possible results of the products. Do not forget the showcases and a good access for the customers, looking for areas not very hidden but in sight of the public.

Supplier: it is convenient to get a wholesale supplier in order to get the best prices, which will allow our paint shop to have competitive prices for the public. It is important that to choose it, you take into account the quality and prestige of the products offered, as well as recognition in the market, customer service, delivery times, compliance and wholesale costs.

Offer paints and something else: in addition to paint jars, it is convenient to expand the offer and include waterproofing, wallpaper, sticker sheets to decorate walls and other related products that you find that can go well with your paint shop. Brushes, paintbrushes, paint tape, among others.

Painting course: although it is not an exclusive requirement, it is very convenient that the owner of the painting shop has a wide knowledge of the types of paints, their advantages, colors for each environment and type of place, colorimetry to know how to combine, etc. If not, you should hire experienced staff and their service depends on them, but this does not mean that you should not know about the subject.

How to set up a paint shop and make yourself known

Once you’ve decided to set up a paint shop, you need to make yourself known to more people than those who walk through your door. So the following strategies will be very useful to reach the public in the area… and beyond.

Website: you will need a web designer to build it and show you how to update it. It is important that it is very visual, that it has all the contact information (telephone, address, mail), that it details everything that the company offers, that it has photos of the products and that it includes prices and offers. It is also vital to keep it updated, nothing worse than a customer calling about a promotion that is no longer in force.

Flyers and cards: These are the traditional methods of advertising that thanks

to their effectiveness are still used by growing and established businesses. You can hand out flyers to all the people around the shop and its surroundings so that they can learn about your painting business.

Neighborhood magazines: it is an economical and practical option to make yourself known. Subscribe to a neighborhood magazine that includes businesses in the area.

Radio advertisements: the great advantage of this type of advertising is that you can ask to pay in exchange for paintings.

Problems that can appear: One of the biggest problems in this type of business, is not investing and distributing correctly the money that we have destined for the assembly of the business. For this it is necessary that first we make a market study where besides analyzing the actions of the competitors, we give us an idea of the types of products that more clients request and the most used in the field, thus we will have a stock with demand. Don’t forget to add other products as well to expand the offer.

Final tips: Although it is not so easy to acquire a paint creator machine in all countries because of its value, if we have the option to create a variety of colors with a paint machine we can have a high benefit. To improve the service and offer the color that the customer wants, we will need the color chart, then the base paints for mixing and base colors that the painting machine already has. If you want to know more information about this type of machine, consult your plastic or oil paint supplier. Sometimes these companies rent these devices for entrepreneurs, which will be of great help.

Success stories of a paint shop

Mavy Tienda de Pinturas, is successful because the basis of this company is the commercialization and distribution of a diversity of products of paints, coatings, auxiliary materials, machinery and products for handicrafts, Fine Arts, carpets, floor tiles, floorboards and wallpapers, from the most recognized firms. It also has its own factory for TKROM products (Eupinca).

Vallecana de Pinturas is also recognized as a successful company in this sector because it sells all kinds of paints, varnishes, plastics, enamels and tempered, floating floorboards, tintometric system, brochures. They also have machinery rental, vinyl and photomurals. In addition, they have great experience in the sector and offer customers personalized attention and advice to each of their clients. They also have a wide variety of machines ideal for facilitating the task of painting.