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Piercing Study – Start Guide, Features and Tips

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How to open a piercing studio

Among the various opportunities that can be taken into account to find work, especially in a time of crisis like the present, is developing their passions through the creation of small businesses. In these cases, it should be very clear what needs to be done before starting. This guide is focused on opening a piercing studio, to be ready to meet a trend that seems to be constantly increasing.

Visualize here many businesses that are locally owned

The first thing to do when you decide to open a piercing studio, is to follow a training course or, failing that, to gain experience in the field, as an apprentice. As a first case, a good suggestion is to attend a toilet facility organized and proposed by the local health authorities; the courses are paid and each region of them develops differently. If you prefer to get a job as an apprentice you can do it in an ongoing laboratory; this way, it can be easier to acquire clients once they start their activities, because they will already be known by the fans.

In order to open a piercing studio, a number of documents must be presented in order to obtain permission. In addition to the certificate of incorporation, a certificate of psychophysical fitness, issued by the local health authorities, is also required. In this last one, the documentation that accredits the approval of the facilities will be given, both for the certification in relation to the good operation of the plants, the disposition of the different rooms, and for the certification of approval of the equipment that will be used in the study.

Then it must have a precise space division inside the piercing studio, it will be necessary to be equipped with an independent entrance from the area where the piercing will be done, a waiting room, a bathroom and its dressing room, a dressing room for the staff (it can be enough, even a located closet) and an area where it operates (minimum size of 9 square meters, and that it has an adequate lighting).

In addition, the studio walls must be waterproof and washable with disinfectants and must have a sink, as well as ensuring constant air (through one or more windows or using a certificate of the ventilation system).

After completing the bureaucracy, you can start hiring staff; if the room is large enough and more people need to be employed, it might be a good idea.

Hearing of a piercing studio and services

The target audience of a drilling store is very broad and undefined. Jewelry is very popular today, both for the middle class and for the upper and lower classes. As for age, it is very relative too, going from 15 to 40 years or even more.

Most of the services requested today are applying eyebrow, navel and ear piercings, however, this jewelry can be applied in several places, including the tongue and genitals.


Disclosure is extremely important in this business. Invest in a website or a blog, as well as brochures and posters to spread outside your studio.

Requirements to start a piercing studio

You must have training to attend this business, the minor surgical procedures like opening piercings together with the tattoo world must have very clean sanitary spaces and knowledge of the service provided.

It is required to have a physical space, a small place can be acquired in a commercial center with enough distribution to offer a diversity of piercings and a space to install them if the client requires it.

You must have sanitary permits and trade registration, so you can hire a specialist in the field of law to support the entire bureaucratic process.

Tips to start a piercing study

It is recommended to offer other services related to piercings, such as other types of jewellery, collectable magazines with piercing themes, tattoo studios or human modification services. In modern society many people seek to perform this type of procedures such as tunnels, metal inlays on their arms or minor aesthetic surgery.

Another advice is to make the business known, attending exhibition days about piercings and tattoos organizing advertising campaigns, this way the client will be able to know the business and acquire the service. Likewise, to associate to cultural events is a very useful strategy, in addition it can use the tool of the Internet to publish the business, either in social networks, blogs or webs dedicated to the business.

Tips to start a piercing study

Advantages of having a piercing studio

It is an easy product to transport, acquire and move, so it represents an extremely comfortable business, in a fresh shopping mall space unlike another

business models that deal with larger, harder-to-mobilize and harder-to-sell merchandise.

Nowadays there are thousands of piercing enthusiasts and fans and several alternative cultures that use this medium to encourage their expression, representing a space of potential customers, exclusive for the business.

Success stories 

The Tattoo Center is considered a successful company because it is a chain that was born in the year 2000, dedicated exclusively to professional artistic tattooing, body piercing, afro hairdressing, other services and aesthetic techniques that the public demands such as henna tattooing, dental jewelry, micro-pigmentation, in a sector that is part of the underground culture.

Montera tattoo, is another prestigious and successful studio, specialized in tattoos and piercings, so the client can approach them and ask for advice or prices on the different piercings they usually do. This centre is run by professionals in the body art field, so you can also consult their catalogue of tattoo designs.

Problems that may arise 

Working with minor surgical procedures such as piercing can be a dangerous activity, if you do not have a sanitary space or knowledge, because you can seriously harm a person by carrying legal responsibilities in the business.

Not all people like piercings so you may have problems attracting large amounts of potential customers, in addition this type of business represents short daily profit margins so you should know about the trade and use alternative market methods such as tattooing and other services such as inlay and placement of piercings.