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Pillow and Mattress Shop – Entrepreneurship, Tips and Advice

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Open a mattress shop

Today’s proposal is to advise you so that you can open a Mattress Shop and make it a very profitable business. We will give you all the tips you need on the way from pre-opening to consolidating it as a market leader.

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With or without premises?

That’s right. You can start your business any way you want. If you want to start with a local, this can be open to the public and there you can have the mattresses and pillows in sight of customers. If you want to do it without a store, you can store the products in a room or warehouse that you have at your disposal at home or rented to store the items, so you can sell through catalogs and even mounting pictures of the products to sell them online

Requirements to open a mattress shop

Before you open a mattress store, draw up a business plan. It includes the costs of opening the business, the monthly income, the first stock of goods, fixed costs such as electricity, telephone, water, taxes, staff salary, etc.


Get a location that will fit the merchandise you are going to sell, both in the showroom and in the warehouse. The next step is to register the company so that it can start operating as such and get the merchant number to send to the printer for invoicing.

As for moving the items, given the dimensions, the ideal is to have your own means of transport, however, initially, to reduce costs, you can rent it.


Finally, it hires the sales and administration staff. The first one will be the one who has contact with the public and makes the sales, for which he must have a lot of knowledge both in sales and in the kind of merchandise that when you open a mattress and pillow store you will have, we must also have a person who is in charge of taking the product in a means of transport. While the administration staff will be in charge of the payment to suppliers, the cash desk (collection from customers), credit cards and everything related to the numbers.

Products for the sale of Pillows and Mattresses

Besides the different types of pillows, mattresses and box springs, such as latex, polyphon, spring, water, slatted, articulated beds, orthopedic pillows, special pillows, with degrees of hardness and support, among other options of both modalities, when you open a mattress store you should also sell bedding and rest items to complement these products. Try to vary in the formats of each product so that all customers find an article for their needs.

Pillow sales success stories and Mattresses

Mattress Shop Customers – Who do we sell to?

When you open a Mattress Shop you need to know your clientele, which are basically people who move alone, people who get married and start a new home, those who renew their mattresses, give away sheets, have problems with the current mattresses and pillows and seek to improve their rest with the purchase of a new product that solves their problem.

Service offered by a Mattress Shop

The staff that attends to the public must be trained in interior design or have extensive knowledge in the subject, since they must provide advice to customers that come to your mattress shop, so they must leave the customer satisfied at the end of the process.

Suppliers when opening a Mattress Shop

When you open a Mattress Shop, the suppliers and the relationship of the entrepreneur with them is fundamental, since from it will derive the discounts and credits, as well as the deliveries in time and form of the merchandise for your stock. That is why we recommend that you take the time to choose a reliable supplier who will provide you not only with the products you need, but also with the best attention and service.

Location of a Mattress Shop

Although the classic is to mount it in a central area, there is also the option of opening it in a more peripheral area. In both cases, make sure there is room to park the vehicles of customers who come to your mattress shop, as other customers will not need the transport service as they will bring their car.

Advantages of selling Pillows and Mattresses

Offering pillows and mattresses through a store of these items can be a very profitable business because people are always needing and demanding this merchandise.

Opening this business with a store has the advantage of being able to display and offer the items open to the public, with a warehouse where you can have inventory available for immediate delivery if that is the case. You can also sell through catalogs or with a website where customers can place orders.

Pillow sales success stories and Mattresses

Mattresses Aznar is a successful store in this sector that offers mattresses, pillows and canapés a wide selection including bed bases and that the customer can find in this store. They also have viscoelastic mattresses, spring mattresses, latex mattresses and foam mattresses.

Mattress Express is another successful store in the sector because they have 8 stores where the customer enjoys the best advice to help you find the ideal mattress, when you are thinking of renewing the rest equipment. Since, the company has teams of specialized personnel who advise the customer so that according to their health condition can get the mattress that best provides comfort and convenience to sleep.

Inconveniences that can appear: The delivery of orders at home or simply the transport of mattresses requires to have a means of transport in which it is protected and is suitable for its transfer, besides that it must be at our disposal at the moment in which we need it. However, the ideal is to have your own means of transport, as in the long run, renting a vehicle can be more expensive and may even be unavailable at times.

Final recommendation: Make sure that the space where you have installed yourself has easy access to vehicles so that they can be moved more easily. In addition, we recommend emphasizing the choice of supplier to provide the public with quality products and that our prestige is not affected, as well as our operation in the market.

Here are the steps to follow to make a profitable business of your mattress store, just put it in motion.