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Product and article shop for left-handers – Advantages and Structure

Start with a shop for left-handed products

Some years ago, being left-handed was like being something defective, but today left-handed people, according to specialists, mention that left-handed people have greater creative capacity and are more intelligent.
Between 10% and 15% of the world’s population are left-handed, that is, we are talking about approximately 700 million people. Left-handed people have serious problems to manage in the society, most of the products if not almost all of them are made for right-handed people.

With a local store you can have your business, look at everything here

With these data we give you the idea to open a shop of products and articles for left-handed people.
When you open a business of this type you will have to offer very attractive and interesting products that solve the small inconveniences that left-handed people have since they are born, an example of articles like a set of rules, scissors, keyboards, spoons, corkscrews, measuring tapes, etc. These articles, which cannot be found in any shop or bookstore, are ideal for being handled with the left hand, even for those who have had the pain of losing their right hand.

Market study to open a shop for left-handed products

Of course, as in any business, you will need to do some initial market research to determine the possibilities of finding customers in the area where you live and with the resources you have and above all, the key to success is creativity in creating the solutions.

In terms of marketing, you don’t necessarily need to be a manufacturer but you can contact one of the existing wholesalers who can provide you with the products to open your own store, redistribute, or partner with a department store to create a special section dedicated to left-handers.

In many cities in Europe left-handed shops are very profitable and their owners make interesting profits. Customers quickly become loyal.

Start with a shop for left-handed products

Disadvantages of opening a left-handed shop

You must also know that opening a business of articles expressly for left-handed people is not easy because you have to evaluate the real number of potential customers, plus you must have some additional resources that can make this business an excellent business because there are some drawbacks:

The machinery must be adapted. The production of each article is lower.
In many cases they are imported products.
The demand is low.
Society does not take into account the specific needs of left-handers.
There are few manufacturers who consider left-handed articles profitable.

Understanding the world of left-handers

To successfully develop a business you need to understand in depth the need that this business is intended to solve. Understanding the world of left-handed people and empathizing with them is a first step in the good planning of your business.

That’s why left-handers often experience various problems because of the inconvenience of living in a world designed by right-handers for right-handers. Being a minority (about 12%), in most cases they simply have to resign themselves to the fact that most services and products in common use are designed in a way that is not suitable and comfortable for them.

Of course for those of us who are “right-handed” this may go unnoticed, but if you are left-handed, your computer’s mouse, scissors or even the location of the enter key on your keyboard can make an uncomfortable difference.
Product ideas for left-handers

Scissors, Mouses, keyboards, phones, watches
Guitars, Desks
Can opener, corkscrew (with counter-rotating mechanism)
Kitchen accessories
School supplies: rulers, calculators, tape measures, notebooks
Shop with a variety of specialized products
T-shirt printing with messages of solidarity between left-handers
Manicure accessories
Requirements for setting up a left-handed tent

It is convenient to make a wide market study to recognize the left-handed population and the desirability of products in this market, this way you will be able to determine the best area to set up your business and what kind of products the left-handed customers need more.

You should have a medium space to offer your products, you can acquire the lease of a commercial premise in a shopping center or with a view to the street, so that it is distributed in a good way to offer your products to the consumer.

Advantages of having a store for left-handers

Advantages of having a store for left-handers

This is a type of business that you don’t see very often, however, for the left-handed population it is a very important place where they know they can acquire products that are much more comfortable for them, from musical instruments to work tools that will help the left-handed person to perform tasks much more comfortably.

In addition, this type of customer will tend to return more often to