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Sale of Office Furniture – Start Guide, Advantages and Tips

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Start with Office Furniture Sales

A well-furnished office is an office that speaks for itself. Furnishing for work is as important as or more important than furnishing a home, especially for companies that receive a large flow of clients every day. In this article, we tell you how to start your own Office Furniture Sales business and become a successful entrepreneur.

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Setting up an Office Furniture Sales Business Step by Step

Follow these simple steps and you will be ready for a successful opening of your Office Furniture Sale:

Business Plan: stipulates how much you are willing to spend on each area of your business, taking into account everything from rent, to setting up the premises, to fixed costs, to staff and any other expenses you may need. Once you have them, all you have to do is go out and get a place that fits your budget, along with everything else you have predetermined. In this way, you will be able to set up your expenses in a tight and orderly way.

Premises: choose a large premises with good zenithal lighting so that the microenvironments set up within it look better. Make sure it is centrally located so that customers have easy access to it. A free parking lot for them would be the ideal complement for this place.

Fitting out: your premises should look like many possible offices, so that the floors, light and some ambient decoration will be a basic requirement to show off the furniture. As soon as you get the keys, start equipping and decorating it.

Advantages of Selling Office Furniture

Requirements for Starting an Office Furniture Sales Business

Qualification: register your company and get the qualification to work within the parameters of the law. The sooner you get everything processed the better, since this way you will be able to hire personnel and avoid problems related to control inspection in this aspect.

Supplier: contact factories and importers in order to work with different product lines. If you know about the necessary procedures, you can also become an importer and save important costs corresponding to the importer’s profit. However, as long as you work with them, contact those who offer better quality at a convenient price.

Personnel: divide your company into sectors and select personnel for each one. An Office Furniture Sale business needs a Sales Department, a Marketing Department, an Administration Department, a Collection Department (in case you offer home credit) and some other sector you may need as your company is organized. Remember to hire a General Manager or Store Manager and a Purchasing Manager.  Make an exhaustive selection of personnel to ensure you have the best professionals. A recruiter can help you in this process.

Advertising: you will need to advertise your company, which you can do by using high quality flyers to reflect the quality of your furniture, in the yellow pages, on the Internet, in local guides and by paying advertising in business magazines.

Advantages of Selling Office Furniture

This type of business can present very good profit margins, especially when they manage to attract large customers, such as companies that can acquire complete lots of office furniture.

This type of product never expires and can be offered to all types of clients who wish to set up their office environment, establishing the cost of the lot only once until its total settlement, unlike other products belonging to other business models that can be delicate in the conditions in which they are deposited or have an expiration date which represents a possibility of loss for them unlike their business.

Tips to start in this business model 

Having a space big enough to supply your business, at first you can start small, but if you get big customers you should expand your business almost immediately.

Know your business, always try to study the characteristics of brands and consumer desirability so that you can acquire the product they are looking for, stimulating sales and improving the speed as the economy moves in your business, it is important to be in tune with what users or companies are generally looking for, trying to mount an office environment.

Success stories

Panel 2000, is among the most prestigious and successful office furniture sales businesses in Spain, because the company has the right answer to the needs of the most demanding entrepreneurs and offices. With a wide variety of products and more than 35 years of experience in the market, offering quality furniture at the best prices, this is a guarantee that will make you feel at home

commits to improving any budget that is submitted.

Problems that may arise

By working with only one type of product or only one destination which is the office, you are closing the door to those customers who are looking for home furnishings, restricting your business to the profits you could perceive from this type of customer.

At the beginning it can be difficult to attract customers, so you must be patient or try to use advertising strategies to stimulate sales soon after opening, also you can visit companies offering your product so you can gradually attract customers.

You must have enough space to store your furniture, and you must also be aware of what type of furniture sells most, otherwise you can have merchandise that is not sold, affecting your profits and representing a major problem for your business, because it takes up unnecessary space that could be used to supply items more likely to be sold.