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Selling Prefabricated Houses – Entrepreneurship, Advantages and Tips

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Start with the sale of prefabricated houses

Since the bursting of the real estate bubble, buying a house has become an almost unattainable challenge for many people.

There are other cheaper forms of housing such as pre-fabricated houses that are cheap and it can be an original but very profitable business idea to sell this type of product, which could be a profitable business for innovative entrepreneurs and a solution such as cheap pre-fabricated houses that could allow more people to enjoy their own individual space with a plot included.

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Selling cheap prefabricated houses can be a profitable business idea, as it is an original format, and there are already several manufacturers in Spain, they are modern, ecological houses, a new idea of living.

The technology in the manufacture and construction of prefabricated houses, has advanced and much, the pre-molded structures are made in different materials, often with the entire manufacturing process of housing modules completely dry.

Advantages of assembling a prefabricated house

One of the great advantages of starting a manufactured home business is that land prices are dropping a lot, and buying land will cost almost nothing.
As the name suggests, a prefab house is a house that has been designed and prepared in a factory, somewhat like an IKEA piece of furniture, but in a big way. Once you have a plot of land and prepared the ground, all you have to do is assemble it.
Prefabricated houses are cheap because the manufacturing process is standardized, the materials used are cheap (wood or plates), and little time is wasted in labor.
They work perfectly in areas with a stable climate (without hurricanes, for example).
They usually cost around a thousand euros per square meter (there are cheaper ones and also quite a bit more expensive ones), which means that you can get an individual house for the price of one floor.
Prefabricated houses are more efficient in terms of energy use.
These prefabricated houses are quick to install, ready to be delivered “turnkey”, in periods ranging from approximately 30 days to three or four months, depending on the type of construction project and the technology used.
Prefabricated houses are a profitable business, with sustained demand, and can be combined with the sale of other types of products or services for housing and prefabricated buildings, such as furniture, toilets, bath screens, carpets, garden furniture, etc.

Start with the sale of prefabricated houses
Types of prefabricated houses

There are many types of prefabricated houses, here we leave you a list of houses for you to choose your business:

Traditional houses, prefabricated wooden houses, durlock, plasterboard, style houses,
Standard or custom designed prefabricated houses
Premolded houses with modular construction system
American houses, alpine houses, cottages
Houses made of concrete panels, constructions made entirely of wood or some type of special wood on request
Log houses, brick villas, bungalows, pre-molded houses built with solid bricks, material houses, material alpinas, constructions in traditional material
Premolded houses in fiber cement, wood, plate, aluminum, superboard, quebracho colorado among other techniques and construction materials.

Requirements to start with the prefabricated houses

First of all, you need to know about prefabricated houses and their different designs. Knowing your business is vital for success, so that you have ample knowledge to guide the client in his selection and acquisition of the service.

Create a name for your business, you also need permits relating to the world of construction, in addition to the proper business records that involve having a company, so hiring a lawyer is essential to organize and set up the business properly and with peace of mind.

Tips for setting up prefabricated houses

Tips for setting up prefabricated houses

Using resistant and good quality materials, so that the client is left with an excellent impression of your business, this will help you to be recommended to other interested parties, constantly stimulating the necessary flow of clients so that your business not only stays, but also grows in the market.

Have good advertising strategies for your business, use the tools of the Internet, hire radio spots, conduct outdoor events where the public can see a prefabricated house, these strategies will help encourage people to acquire a prefabricated house rather than one built from scratch.


Problems that can arise 

You must know what types of model you should sell, there are models that can result in structural failure or low quality so you must have

have knowledge of manufactured homes in order to determine which ones are best to work in the business, otherwise it could bring bad reputation to your business, even legal consequences for damages.

Selling manufactured homes can be a little shaky at first, which means you may have trouble getting customers while your business is getting publicity, so you must have good advertising maneuvers on hand to stimulate customer traffic to your business.

Success stories 

Conar Systems is considered a successful company because it specializes in providing structural solutions for prefabricated houses. They even build highly energy-efficient buildings and lightweight wood frame prefabricated houses, using elements for wood structures, working with modern and environmentally friendly materials.

The Concrete Home, is another successful company in this business because they build the houses in a timely manner, making the dream house a reality in a few months, with great energy efficiency and at an affordable price, being these houses one of the best options.