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Setting up a Gomeria – Characteristics, Requirements and Strategies

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Start a Gummy Shop

If we talk about business as usual, we probably think about food or inns in the middle of the road, however, we should also consider the Riding a Gomeria, a business that, although it works with regular customers, does not fail to attract those who, having had a mishap in the middle of the road, use it as their lifeline to recover the functionality of their vehicle. For this reason, and because of its simplicity, we recommend this business as a profitable and, most importantly, easy-to-use business option.

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Requirements for setting up a gummy shop

When we go to set up a gummy shop we need to take into account certain requirements that, although shared with other businesses, here may be accentuated and, in many cases, doubled:

Fire clearance: all businesses ask for it, but a more exhaustive control is made in the case of a rubber fitting, since the material the tires are made of, that is, rubber, is highly combustible, so you must have one or more fire extinguishers, and the fire department will inform you, as well as an emergency exit.

General Permits: Depending on each country, the State requests certain documentation from the owner in order for the company to operate legally. In addition, you will need to apply for a merchant registration number, as this will appear on your invoices.

Accident Insurance: this is an insurance that is paid for employees, because if they have an accident at work, you need to be insured to avoid possible fines. Also here, when you assemble a garage, you will have an extra control, since, given the high combustibility of the material and the weight of several tires together, which can cause momentary injuries, as well as more permanent ones in the workers, it will be controlled more that you have this insurance than if it was an office with few risks.

Requirements for setting up a gummy shop

Marketing and Sales Strategies for Setting Up a Rubber Tire Shop

Sales will be your reason for being, while they need marketing to sustain them. Here are some tips that will be more than useful when selling tires and, what we always look for, make a difference:

Eye-catching premises: although it doesn’t have to be big, it should be very eye-catching and when we talk about very, we mean something that really catches the eye. The first thing is to think about the color of the paint of the place on the outside. A yellow color would be ideal and, if you paint it with red letters, we can’t assure you that it will be elegant and sophisticated, but we do assure you that it will not go unnoticed.

Variety: there are too many types of tires, so when you assemble a gummy shop you should offer at least one of each: quality, price, durability, cushioning, etc.

Service: carry out a market study and if its results show that the tire shops only sell tires, you go further and offer some service apart, in order to be eligible among the customers who are looking for tires for their vehicles.

Advantages of having a tire shop

The vehicle’s tyres are essential for the use of the vehicle, which makes this product highly sought after when it is needed, a situation that occurs in 100% of private vehicle users.

It is a product that takes a long time to expire which makes it a durable item capable of remaining on the shelf long enough until it is sold, an important advantage when assessing the integrity of your merchandise compared to other business models whose products are more careful.

Since the expiration of the product, represents more risk of loss, forcing the merchant to replace it if it is not sold on time, perceiving losses in your business.

Problems that can occur in a Gummy Shop

A requirement of this business is that you must acquire top quality items to avoid accidents in customers’ vehicles, because a bad brand could mean an event that could bring catastrophic consequences to your business.

Since, in the vehicle, the tire is the basis of the person’s safety, and it is essential in the stability of the vehicle, you must look for the best quality in the product and thus obtain a meritocratic seal before the business users.

You must have a large inventory for all types of vehicle tires otherwise you will not be able to satisfy the customer’s need, obtaining a lower flow than expected in this business model.

Success stories

A successful company in this sector is Aurgi, which opened in 1972, with a small first store, emerged in the heat of the automotive industry, increased by twelve times in a decade. With a concept of self-centre in which the shop and the workshop are combined in the same space. AURGI is

a purely Spanish company, which is an example of the creative potential in the business world, because it has created a model, technology and knowledge that has never been seen before. .

Midas, is another company of great acceptance and success, in which new technology has been incorporated and with each visit to the Midas workshop a diagnosis is made of the most important safety elements of the car.

Its professional employees fill in all the points they check on a tablet and take photos of both key parts in good condition and those that need to be replaced. Then they send by email the detail of the diagnosis made and the images, so that the client is informed of the state of the car review where he is.