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Shoes Directly from the Factory – Entrepreneurship, Tips & Tricks

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Start selling factory shoes

This is one of the most retail options at the moment and the benefit it can provide for resellers is always very good, especially for those who are going to resell women’s shoes, as they happen to be the most demanding public.

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So today I want to offer here some interesting tips and steps so that you can get a good footwear for resale directly from the factory and get great benefits from working with this type of product. Let’s look at a series of advantages to start with and then the process we must go through.

Advantages for reselling factory shoes in your city

-The chances of success of reselling a traditional product on the market are much greater than getting something completely different, since they are necessary items for all kinds of people and always have news on the market, especially for women. So this is already one of the great advantages of reselling factory shoes, but we cannot forget that the profitability in all this is usually very good and high, reaching the 200% mark in each shoe sold.

-Another advantage that I consider important for the retailer is that he has the ability to buy the main novelties of the market and offer them to his customers even before finding them in the general stores of the sector, you can get a great highlight in your city even if you have your own shoe store, and can reconcile the resale of the shoes with any other permanent job you already have, take it only as a source of extra income or maybe even building a solid business in the market.

Steps for reselling factory direct shoes

Establish a way to sell your ready-to-wear shoes

To make a small analysis of your city and to establish on the constitution of a small shoe store, is one of the main steps to observe the conditions and the state that presents the market at general and specific level around this sector, either to resell door to door or any other form that you consider suitable in your city, like the conditioning of a physical place. Do you want to sell in a place, a website, door to door, by catalogue, or combining some of these options?

Define your target audience

You have several options in terms of the public sectors that exist for this niche, among them those in greatest demand are the female sector and then children’s shoes, given the growth and development of children, which generates a constant purchase for children’s shoes.

According to the sector of the public you choose, you will carry out the search for the supplier or manufacturer to start with the resale of factory shoes.

Where to buy shoes for resale?

It is not always easy to find shoes from distributors to resell directly from the factory, usually because you have to go to other regions to find small factories and all this can be a little expensive. I, for example, live in Arequipa and many people buy their products from manufacturers in the state of Lima and Tacna, for example, but you also have to do your research to find good suppliers.

Doing a good and deep search on the Internet, I assure you that you will be able to find factories that provide their products for wholesale resale shoes, you have the opportunity to become an important contact with companies like them for you, besides first checking the terms and then making a test with the shoes to resell directly from the factory, so you can analyze their main characteristics and choose it if it is what you are looking for.

Start selling factory shoes

Making the business plan

In this document we are going to include everything related to the construction of our business, from the amount of initial investment that will depend on the material we will need to sell, this also depending on the type of sale we will use, to the marketing plan for the launch of the business, medium and long term objectives of your business, training, name of the business, etc.

The business plan will be the basis of our business, on which it will operate and follow as if it were a map to guide the activity.

Business promotion

Mostly, all types and business models have understood the importance of developing their promotion and advertising strategies both in traditional media (television, flyers, business cards, billboards, etc), and in digital media, which refer to the presence in social networks, a website, online marketing strategies, among others.

So, define what strategies you will use according to the extent of your sale, for example, if you sell on the Internet, your customers can be both inside and outside the city even

of your country, while door-to-door sales to start, is also a good option to make yourself known within your area of location.

Reselling imported shoes is also a good option

Another good option for you to get here in search of shoes for direct resale from the factory is to learn how to import big brand products and resell them in your city. This is an option that is in vogue these days, since the profit margin is high and you can buy imported women’s shoes at up to 80% less than the negotiated prices, so it is something that is very valuable, not to mention that you may be one of the only shoe sellers in your area to work with these products.

Requirements to start a factory shoe sale

A requirement for setting up the factory, in addition to a large room, depending on the amount of production, is the coordination and liaison with all companies and business ideas.

Generally this business model is coordinated with designers, who have other services to produce the shoe, either in mass achieving a batch to offer it to pre-designed orders to the extent, everything depends on the type of customer you prefer to capture for the business.

Another requirement is the registration of the company, so that there are no problems with regulators, who carry out different inspections to determine if the business register is up to date, not to mention safety and health inspections for the payroll that is hired and the regulations about the workspace.

Problems that can occur in factory shoe sales

When it comes to manufacturing shoes from scratch, many problems can arise, from payroll dissatisfaction with labor policies leading to poor shoe manufacturing performance, to design flaws that can occur during manufacturing leading to loss of material and time.

Another challenge can be complicated customers who change the manufacturing parameters all the time, wasting the company’s time, low number of customers at the beginning to acquire projects, among other factors.

In addition, there is the constant risk of accidents which, if safety precautions or company regulations such as ISO standards are not taken, can lead to stressful situations based on possible work accidents from working with industrial footwear manufacturing machines.

Advantages of selling factory shoes

Once the business is established, it is up to you to project the designer. With large manufacturing contracts, you can perceive extremely important profit margins, in addition to the satisfaction that a unique product is being produced, on the other hand, you can be a designer of your own footwear line, diversifying your business to sell footwear directly to the public.

The possibilities of having a footwear factory can be extremely wide, because you are creating a product from scratch, so, you can develop multiple footwear lines that will help to perceive higher profits than the businesses that buy the footwear wholesale and then resell it to the public.

Success stories 

The Fabricacion Artesana de Calzado Sl, is considered a successful company, because it has established its activity within the category of the footwear industry, clothing and other textiles. Likewise, the company’s social objective is the manufacture, purchase and sale of footwear, as well as the storage of fabrics.

Another well-known and successful company is Losal Zapatos Artesanos 1899, which is an old company with a manufacturing process for its brand name that is complex since it requires a high dose of patience and care for detail with over 250 tasks for each shoe.

The shoes are hand-made, made by their craftsmen for more than 100 years. For the manufacture of each piece they use the best materials and follow the goodyear sewing technique, which ensures a good finish and footwear of the highest quality.

Tips for selling factory shoes

Try to start small, simple projects that will help you get used to working under date pressure, in this way you can progressively get to know the business to the point of mastering it. This is a profession that passes from generation to generation so it is recommended to grow progressively until you are big and successful.

Another advice is to have empathy with the employees and try to keep them satisfied with their labor remuneration, a successful business comprises a body of workers happy to do the job, this way a higher percentage of success can be assured during the existence of the factory.

Possible difficulties: In the case of catalogue sales or even the dropshipping modality by Internet where the manager, in this case you, does not have the opportunity to see the product before putting it on sale and evaluate its quality, several inconveniences can easily appear, such as: shoes different from what the customer ordered, a wrong size, the quality is low, another product arrives, late arrival of the product, the shoes ordered are not in stock (i.e. not available), among these the most frequent ones.

Keys: So that situations like the previous one do not take place in your commercial activity, the best thing will be to be able to see the product before to make sure of the quality of the same one, besides evaluating the times of arrival, among other factors that will be crucial to choose at least 1 supplier that is really worthwhile, though of course, to make sure that the product is going to arrive, you can count on another supplier, this way your client will not have to wait too long and receive the product he ordered.