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Start a Gift Shop – Features, Benefits and Tips

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How to set up a Regalería

Doesn’t it often happen that we have a birthday or a celebration and we have left the purchase of the gift until the last moment… and it is very difficult for us to find something appropriate? That’s because you often look for gifts at newsstands, bookstores and places like that, which are not really dedicated to special gifts, but may just happen to have something nice, which may not be the case. So, setting up a gift shop will allow you to cover a permanent need: that of entertaining.

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Options for setting up a Regalería

There are two main types of royalty: mass production and handcrafted. We tell you their differences and advantages:

Mass production: in these royalties, products are sold that are manufactured in large quantities. The advantage is that you can know in advance if the person you are giving the gift to will like it or not, since they are usually decorations, boxes, paintings, etc. that people already know and comment on their tastes towards them.

Handicraft: it is precisely in this sector that you can make a difference, since each product is unique, handmade and that is highly valued and valued in the market. You can buy products from a craftsman, or several, as well as you can make them yourself embossing copper items and making dry flowers and unique boxes.

Ideally, you can offer both types of products and divide them into different sectors of the same place when setting up a gift shop.

Requirements for setting up a Regalería

The first thing is to get a nice place, in a central area and with a nice window to display the gifts.

Secondly, you have to take care of the legal procedures to open the company. Go to the state offices in charge of this aspect.

Think of a name for your company; it should be something representative, short and eye-catching.

Have a colorful sign made to be placed at the top of your store’s entrance.

Get suppliers. Whether it’s suppliers of finished products or materials for you to make some craft gifts yourself, make sure you get a good supplier who gives you discounts for being a regular customer and who delivers on time.

Setting up a Gift Shop

The first thing, since it will be what draws the attention of the passer-by, will be the assembly of the window. Make it attractive by also dividing the industrial sector into series and the artisan sector. Use the inclined planes and the pendants a lot, stick elements to the glass and use a caller, which will be preferably red, it can be a bouquet of dry red roses or paper or a vase, for example.

On the inside, he organizes an organized mess. By this we mean that you place the objects in such a way that they appear to be placed there arbitrarily but have been placed there on purpose. In this way, you will be forcing the customer to look everywhere and his view will always find something new to surprise him.

How to set up a Regalería

Advantages of having a gift shop

The gift shop has had a major boom in recent years, so this business is a good investment idea, the space is friendly and does not require much human resources, with one or two people is enough to run the business.

Supplying the inventory can be economical, in terms of cards, decorations, stuffed animals and other details that can be offered in the business, to the point where it is very easy to acquire a large and varied inventory without much effort.

Tips for Starting a Gift Shop

Locating the right business is vital for getting customers quickly, so look for a space near other gift shops or in a busy shopping centre, so that attracting customers can be much easier.

Plan advertising strategies to publicize the business, it is recommended to be known by social networks, advertising campaigns where the inventory is shown in a great way or organize events that can publicize your business more quickly.

Organizing a blog or a website is always a great help, the google tool to establish your business address and information is a very useful tool to start, because the new generation bases a large percentage of their interests and information acquisition on the Internet, especially google.

Success stories

AW Gifts Spain, is a successful company specializing in gifts, imports handmade gift items directly from India, Indonesia and China. So they have a factory in the UK technologically equipped to produce aromatherapy products, home fragrance items and bath gifts.

They also have distribution warehouses in the UK, Slovakia and also in Malaga, Spain, to meet the expectations of their many customers. It is a company to

passionate about gift items since 1995, with over 50,000 retailers worldwide registered and benefiting from trading and exchanging with this prestigious company.

Problems you may encounter 

Because it is a question of marketing products that can be used as gifts, it is a business that is visited only for this specific case, which can represent a low daily influx of customers if you do not have the necessary advertising media or do not have a good selection of articles.

Care must be taken with the location of the business, otherwise it can be very problematic to get customers, increasing the time, effort and expenditure on advertising media sufficient to stimulate the influx.

The selection of items can be extremely varied, to the point that it can overwhelm the dispersed inventory, you must have knowledge about the most sought after items to avoid this factor representing a problem for the business in the process of trying to satisfy all tastes.