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Opening a stationery store – Costs, Requirements and Advice

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Open a stationery store

A stationery store is a business that markets products and services demanded by students of all levels, offices, businesses and the home.

Being a family business, it generates bonds of trust among its customers and creates a sense of comfort, since it is usually located near schools, homes, businesses and offices.

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If you want to set up a business that is easy to operate and profitable, opening a stationery store is your business. To set up this kind of business you just need to have enough stock for all customers and give good attention so that customers want to come back to your store.

The first thing you have to do to open a stationery store is to prepare a detailed business plan in which you include all fixed costs, such as taxes, rent of the premises and expenses of the premises, salaries of employees and expenses of the items you will have in your store.

Then you have to choose a location, its size will depend on the cost of rent you are willing to pay and the amount of merchandise you want to offer and choose a name for your business, the design of the signs to attract customers, the type of merchandise you will offer and what kind of promotion you will give to publicize your stationery store, and also very important, you have to find a good location to open a stationery store, look for a good point, near a school, college or office area can be very profitable.

Once you have done this you should be clear about what services you will offer: office and school supplies and stationery, books, you can offer a photocopying and printing service, toners and printer refill cartridges, sale of cards to recharge cell phones, offer some sweets such as cookies, chocolates, soft drinks, gift items, even newspapers.

It is also important to have an attractive shop window, thinking of capturing the attention of those who pass by, can make those who did not even plan to enter, remember that they need a notebook.

To supply your stationery store you can count on specialized wholesale distributors who provide you with all the required product inventory and who also advise and train you to assemble and supply your stationery store properly, or what most small stationery stores usually do is buy through wholesale stores or “cash & carry”.

Advantages of opening a stationery store

Advantages of opening a stationery store

You can start with a small business and grow gradually as you see the demand from customers.
To open a stationery store you need a minimum investment to start.
Although there are low seasons, in general this business has high demand throughout the year
It’s an ideal business to attract school children and office workers
The product is usually noble and regularly consumed
It has high potential because of the geographic location of the city itself to focus on selling school supplies, books, office supplies, and also provide certain related services.
To start it requires a huge commitment and vision to stay in the market.
It does not require many requirements to obtain a license to operate and it does not have very strict regulations.
A stationery store is always useful and necessary for all products used in the home, school, office and company.

Costs required to open your stationery store

In your business plan you should include all costs, related to taxes, rent of the premises, payment of services, employees’ salaries and the investment of the items you are going to have in your store. The investment in the merchandise is usually the highest in principle. You must also invest in the design of your store, the advertising you will place to attract your customers, as well as the promotion you will have to do for your stationery.  You also need to include in the costs, the counters, the state-of-the-art register machine, the trade register, the invoicing, among other aspects.

Problems that may arise: The investment costs in the merchandise are the highest in this type of business, because paper has become more expensive due to the destruction of forest areas to obtain paper pulp. There is a wide diffusion in the countries to encourage the population to use less and less paper and printing in physics.

Final recommendations: We recommend that you start by opening a small stationery shop and as you make solid profits think about expanding your business. Another suggestion we make is to diversify your store as much as possible, selling the widest variety of school supplies and placing offers to attract your customers, especially in low sales seasons.

Tips for starting a stationery store

It is always convenient to look for a location close to educational institutions and to acquire merchandise adapted to the activities of the students

If you are near an elementary school, you can purchase items for tasks such as building science projects or exhibits.

You can offer photocopying service, this practical tool can generate constant income for your business in small amounts day by day, all students even in this century need to make photocopies to repeat all didactic information that helps them in their studies.

Costs required to open your stationery store

Success stories of a stationery store

A successful business in this sector is Papelería Salazar, which has been a stationery store for many years, making life easier for the customer and, above all, offering the best products. Here you will find everything you need for student materials, both school and university. Moreover, if you need to print something, it can be done at a really unbeatable price.

Another company that stands out is Papelería y Librería Losada, which differs from its competitors by its exceptional customer service. Because, if you do not find what you are looking for, their great team of professionals immediately contact the distributors so that the customer can have in their hands, as soon as possible, what they need.

Problems that may arise 

The income obtained per product sold can be very low, a high affluence of clients is needed so that the business perceives true profits, in addition it is necessary to know how to manage since the threshold of small profits by high number of sales can confuse in the accounting if one is not pending of not spending everything what enters the business.

Because of this in the stationery store must have a wide selection of products so that every customer who enters the door gets what they need, otherwise it will represent even more of a problem by not having the necessary educational products that the student or entrepreneur needs.