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Tattoo Studio – Characteristics, Structure and Entrepreneurship

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How to open a tattoo studio

If you have a passion for the art of tattooing combined with the necessary artistic skills, and are planning to open a tattoo studio, this guide will help you understand everything you need to start this type of activity.

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One of the main obstacles to overcome when we have the idea of opening a tattoo studio is to understand the laws that regulate the mandatory requirements needed to open this type of activity and they must have specific characteristics such as the premises for the creation of tattoos to be adequate and functional in all aspects.

The characteristics of the tattoo studio

Let’s see the characteristics that the place must have to be in conformity with the law and the conditions indicated for this type of business:

Location: You can start this type of business by renting a place or arranging a room or parking lot that faces the street if you have this space available at home, since you will reduce the cost of buying or renting another place. It is extremely important that your business has good visibility and access so that passers-by can mainly see you.

Entrance: it must necessarily be separated from the area where the work will be done, which is in the transit zone so that we can have access to other areas.

Waiting room: This is the area where each client is expected to take his turn, which is mandatory by law, can coincide with the entrance, but not to other areas.

Bathroom: It must be equipped with hot and cold water. By law it must be accessible both by clients who are in the waiting room so that they do not go to the restricted area in the operation, and by clients who are subject to the seat.

Operation Area: obviously, it is the one with the best conditions. The minimum size allowed is 9 square meters, it must be sufficiently illuminated. The floor and walls must be water-repellent and treated with disinfectant.

Materials: Reclining tattoo chairs with support accessories, tattoo and piercing stretchers, benches and chairs for tattooers and clients, tattoo armrests, autoclaves, lamps and lighting, workstations for needles, inks and other utensils, ultrasonic cleaners, tattoo inks, piercing utensils, a drawing desk for creating designs, a printer with cartridges for tattoos, mirrors, jewelry displays, cleaning products, among others.

Once the premises are equipped, you will be ready to follow the bureaucratic process necessary for this type of activity.

Documentation for a tattoo and piercing studio

The last, but not least, step is to apply for the certification of physical fitness in the local health area. Usually the documents required for this type of activity are the following:
Certification systems (plumbing, air conditioning, air/electrical intake, etc.).
Safety data sheets for all materials (inks, needles, soaps, disinfectants, etc.).
Handicap / habitability of the property.
Approval certificates for all equipment (machines, lamps, sterilizers, etc.).
Contract for the disposal of hazardous medical waste.
Report on processes and materials, and procedures related to the practice of tattooing.

To register your tattoo parlor as a business once you have the name, you can go to the entity in charge of it in your city. The procedures and processes that you must carry out depend on the area where you are, so you must go directly to this organization to know what documents you need.

Advertising for the study

Given the great competition in the world of tattooing it is recommended to open, together with the studio, a website to make your own business better known, attend training courses, participate in exhibitions and fairs in order to keep up to date with new trends and effectively enter this fascinating world of design and passion that grows every day.

In addition to this, the demand for studio premises and piercings is very high, so you should not leave aside business cards, flyers and advertisements in the busiest areas near the premises to attract the public.

Advantages of having a tattoo studio

Requirements to start a tattoo studio

The first requirement after having investigated the market, is the location of the store, it must be located in a strategic place of wide circulation of consumers, near large workplaces, shopping malls, city centers, conglomerates waiting for transportation among others.

It must have a capital for investment in the rent of the place, the setting and the acquisition of the merchandise. Ensuring reliable and responsible suppliers who send on time the replacement inventory.

Other requirements

is to make sure you have an operating license to open the business. Likewise, if you are going to sell food and beverages, you will need the respective additional permits and licenses.

You need to think about the customers and their profile, determine the attributes of the people who would be interested in buying.

Advantages of having a tattoo studio

Gift shops are great for last-minute shopping, which most people do. This type of business is advantageous because it provides good enough income, enough to expand in the future or even to open more stores elsewhere.

It’s a pretty good business idea because you can easily change locations, from the entrance to a movie theater, to shopping malls, to festivals and events in cities.

Success stories

A successful store is Original Gift, because all gifts are prepared on its premises, from breakfast arrangements at home to embroidered baby clothes, including laser-engraved glasses, offering a fast service and the best prices. Likewise, its system allows you to choose the day and time, being able to buy in the day and in less than 24 hours.

El Moderno, is another successful gift shop because it is dedicated to the small object of decoration and craftsmanship, offering special and original articles brought from international fairs in different parts of Europe. But they also have an offer of objects designed and made by Spanish artists.

Obstacles that can appear One of the main obstacles you will have to overcome when you have the idea of opening a tattoo studio is to understand the laws that regulate and the mandatory requirements necessary to open this type of activity. Not complying with the relevant health requirements and not taking the necessary cleaning precautions could lead to the closing of the premises.

Final recommendation: I recommend that in addition to the legal aspects you investigate before launching your business, all the equipment and material that you will need to set up a quote for it and thus, have an idea of the total investment capital you will need to raise initially. This allows you to have clear accounts, however, you must have a reserve capital for possible emergencies and issues that arise to deal with them.

Look for customer loyalty, as the competition is very high. What you can do is create discounts, promotional days for specific tattoo designs, among other activities.

And you must remember: the key to success of a tattoo artist, first of all, is his skill (which you can work on continuously making designs to develop this) and customer loyalty because it will generate their next visit to your place and a more effective advertising by referencing us.