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Toy Business – Getting Started, Tips & Tricks

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Starting a toy store as a profitable business

Setting up a toy store can become a profitable business if it is done properly.  To begin with, the idea would be to start the business as retailers entirely dedicated to selling toys and games in general.

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To start a business of this kind, the person must be active, creative and dynamic, must enjoy dealing with children and have the ability to advise parents on what toys or games are best for their children according to their age, sex, tastes, etc. She should also be a person who has some knowledge about the world of toys or at least be willing to acquire that knowledge gradually. When setting up a toy shop we must decide initially what kind of toys or products we are going to specialise in, for example, we could focus on the educational toy sector because of the enormous concern that modern parents have about their children’s education. Thus, we could include several lines of toys such as the music line (instruments in general for children), book line, games line (mainly games of mental dexterity, skill, magic, etc.), handicrafts line (paintings, toys for drawing, cutting, etc.) and sports line (swings, balls, slippers, etc.). Obviously we can add more lines, the important thing is that we focus them towards the type of toys that we are going to offer at the moment of starting our business, remember that to mount a toy store, like any other business, must focus towards a segment of the market that demands for our product, in the case of the example, the educational toys count on a high demand at the present time by the reasons that already we adduced.

Anyway, we can start with one line, and as the business grows, gradually incorporate the other lines, once we know what the customer demand is. For example, if we start with the line of crafts and we see that parents every time they visit our business ask us about games of mental dexterity, puzzles, skill, because we know that the next line to incorporate into our toy store will undoubtedly be the line of games in which these types of toys are included.

Also, apart from selling toys, we can offer other types of services when setting up a toy store, for example, personal advice about the toys and products in general that we sell, knowledge related to games for children, this to guide parents about what is best for their children in terms of toys. Finally, we can offer good customer service focused on sales, information and general advice about the products in our toy shop.

It must be taken into account that the retail trade of toys is basically focused on classic toys to which other types of products have been added such as computers, accessories, stationery, electronic items, books, etc., finding that both the stationery store and the bookstore are the complementary activity par excellence to the sale of toys, therefore, it is essential that when setting up a toy store you take this detail into account as well as all those we have mentioned in this article.

Requirements of a toy shop

You must have the necessary permits in terms of commercial registration, this type of diligence can be done personally or hire a lawyer specializing in the field to support or perform most bureaucratic procedures that include the establishment of your business.

Having a large space distributed in areas such as the reception of customers in the toy store, administration and deposit, if you do not have the necessary resources to acquire a physical platform can be organized and place the business on the Internet, under the creation of a sales website or using the pre-designed templates offered by social networks such as Facebook and other related.

Acquire toy suppliers from different companies, so that you can have a good selection of toys for the different tastes of children of the new generation.

Starting a toy store as a profitable business

Advantages of having a toy store

There are thousands of children in modern society who feel a great need to acquire an entertaining toy and parents willing to spend their money in order to see their children happy, which is an excellent advantage when it comes to attracting children as potential customers.

Toys do not have an expiration date, many can even have a collector’s value by increasing their value on a large scale, making this product easy to move and maintain, unlike businesses that

work with perishable items and must sell them quickly before their expiration date.

Tips for starting a toy store

If you do not have enough capital, it is recommended that you make the internet your best ally, even in the acquisition of the wholesale product, there are companies that make your lot more economical than companies that work in a more formal way, representing a greater expense due to bureaucratic processes involved in the acquisition contract of toys wholesale.

Always be attentive to the trends of young consumers, so that you can be at the forefront of sales in toys, stimulating the economy and the flow of capital for your business.

Advantages of having a toy store

Success stories of a toy store

Eurekakids is a successful company and franchise in this sector, as it specialises in high quality educational and pedagogical toys. Its toys are conceived and designed to help children in their global development, to make their playtime an enrichment through creative and playful activities.

The company recognizes the passion of many of its clients for the same old toys, those that can be touched, felt and even smelled. Therefore, its mission is to transmit values to children, increase their curiosity and help them to enhance their five senses with toys that support learning.

Dream Store is also considered a successful company and franchise, because in it the customer can find the Disney characters, Marvel, Pixar and many more. It is the opportunity you were looking for. A profitable franchise with proven success, which you can manage in self-employment and with a very low investment.

Problems that a toy store can present

Children’s tastes can change abruptly, which can cause the toy not to be sold and to last on the shelves for a long time, which can become a problem of stagnation represented in a product that is not sold, one must be well aware of children’s tastes and the toy fashion that companies constantly develop to keep the latest trends and to keep children entertained.

The acquisition of products in toy stores can be very expensive, so if you do not have good capital you may have problems to supply your business with a varied selection of toys for all tastes, shapes and sizes that can be represented in the need of young consumers.