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Opening a tyre shop – Advantages, Concepts and Tips

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How to set up a tyre shop

Usually there are several people who want to start a small business today and see the tyre shop as an interesting and profitable alternative to invest. So in this article, you can basically understand how a facility of this type of business works and how to get good results with the sale of tires.

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How to set up a tyre shop

Try to determine the types of tires that most people buy, check the amount of wing competitors that will be faced and enjoy all this to go now to mount your own business plan.

Once you are sure that this will be the ideal business to invest in, my advice is to look for a commercial outlet to settle in. This site does not have to be in the center of the city or near a large shopping center, but look for a place that is easily accessible, like on a large avenue in your city. The interior space of your tire shop will have to be well organized, it should have a space to meet at least two vehicles at the same time, you can set up a tire depot, a bathroom and a small office that can be in the same area of service to customers.

How much does it cost to set up a tyre shop?

To say with certainty how much it costs to set up a tyre shop is not easy, because everything can be variable according to the proposed structure of your company. Generally speaking, your main investment will be the responsibility of purchasing various types and brands of tires, balancing machines, alignment machines, at least 2 different ramps for changing tires, furniture and basic work equipment.

The total investment to have your tyre shop in full operation may be somewhat different from one place to another and according to each model of structure. Therefore, the initial investment can vary from $40 to $100 thousand

How much does it cost to set up a tyre shop

Customers of a tire shop

Before you even open a tyre shop you need to think about who your target customers are, as the success of your new shop will be entirely dependent on the people who will buy your products or use your services. So in general, your customers will be the car owners and car companies that can partner with your shop and buy tyres always with you.

The truth is that winning your first customers is not easy and my advice is to not only offer a quality service, but also to provide an environment where customers feel welcome while waiting to change the tire.

Promoting a tyre shop

One of the most important factors in leveraging a tire store is nothing less than effectively disclosing your business. When I say effective, I don’t mean going around doing disclosure of any kind, but doing something that is focused on your audience and that will generate positive results for your business.

Then use traditional media to reach your specific audience, such as newspaper ads, on a radio program, make billboard ads for easy viewing and make sure you have your own business cards, as this simple strategy can make it even easier for your store to relate to customers. Some companies of the type often make small stickers to put on their customers’ vehicles and this can also be an interesting alternative to follow and increase outreach.