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Used Baby Clothing Store – Entrepreneurship and Advantages

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Start with Used Baby Clothing Store

Much more than we might think, second-hand shops take a large part of the public’s attention as they are a clear representation of economy and savings, which has not only an economic impact on our pockets, but also an environmental impact with which we contribute to the reduction of production and waste.

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If you are looking for a profitable, simple and dedicated business for babies and parents looking for all types of clothing for their children, then a used baby clothing store is the solution. This is because children grow very fast and we buy a lot of clothes for them, some of them remain unused and others become unusable after two months or less, so it is convenient to sell them and also to earn money for them.

How do you start this business? Let’s see:

Business activity

The operation of a used baby clothing store requires a space to display the clothes, so we will need a physical area. Basically what we will do is acquire the clothes from friends, close friends who give them to us or sell them at low cost to put them on sale. You can acquire clothes for children between the first months of age and even between the first years.

Legal area of the business

You will need a business license and a name for your business, with which you can promote more easily. It is extremely is necessary to acquire all permits and operating licenses in order to operate smoothly.

Location and installation of the business

One advantage you have is that at this time this type of business is not so well known, so you will be setting up a business with little competition but with a significant demand. Therefore, you can locate yourself in commercial areas and warehouses with related items.

Initially you will not need such a large space, however this may change as the business grows. The important thing is that you can display the garments and people can observe them comfortably.

Business equipment

In addition to the location and procurement of the place to set up our business, we also need to consider the material. You will need items to display the garments, possibly some chairs, shelves, a cash register, office supplies, among other things, such as washing machines and garment alteration equipment to enhance the garments that arrive and to make the necessary cleaning process.

Cost of products

Because these are second-hand items, the costs for each item cannot be equal to or greater than the cost they would have in a store if they were new, either for you or for your customers. The idea is that you determine the cost of each product based on a profit. It is extremely important that the garments are in the best condition, in addition to having gone through a cleaning process.

Start with Used Baby Clothing Store

Store personnel

There will be a need to hire staff according to the amount of public and customers we have on a regular basis. Mainly you will need a person who is in charge of sales, another one of the administration and cashier area, cleaning the place, etc. What you can do is communicate this need to close people, friends or family to help you with this for low costs initially, this way you will reduce costs.

Investment capital

Your expenses will be reflected in the procurement of the premises for purchase or rental, the acquisition of the garments, shelves and displays, staff and advertising of the business, although clearly other expenses may arise, so I recommend adding a percentage for emergencies.

Launch of the used baby clothes store

Today, it is best to not only advertise your business through traditional media with flyers, business cards, referrals and billboards, but also through digital media such as social networks and websites. This is an excellent way to reach out to our target audience, showing the advantages of purchasing these types of products to save money.

Requirements to start a used baby clothing store

One of the first requirements of this business, is to have a space to exhibit the garments, so a physical area is needed. But if at the beginning you don’t have enough capital you could set up a virtual one with a website having the clothes in the house.

The other requirement is to have an inventory of used children’s clothing that can be displayed and of different ages. Also, you need an operating permit and a name for the business, with which you can promote it more easily. Also, it is indispensable to have all permits in order and operating licenses to be able to market the clothes without problems.

Requirements to start a used baby clothing store

Advantages of having a used baby clothing store

One of the The advantage of this business is that it is on the rise, becoming more frequent and profitable, because children grow very quickly and all the clothes and belongings are left behind, so mothers want to sell them and make a profit from it, so you can get many people who want to sell the baby’s second-hand clothes.

Another advantage of the business is that as consumer habits have changed so much in recent years, children between 0 and 4 years are now a first class market. Children, from the first years of life, have become the kings of the family budget, and commercial experts agree that the exposure of these products for infants in social networks is multiplying and influences significantly the demand.

Success stories

Babyeco, is a prestigious and successful company because people can buy and sell both clothes and other second hand items for babies in it. These shops for buying and selling semi-new, used and even brand new items are an excellent way of promoting sustainable, collaborative consumption, recycling and saving when buying items that are usually used for a short time, as children grow very quickly, especially during the first 2 years.

Another successful shop in this sector is Mocetes because it is a virtual shop of used clothes for children from 3 to 12 years old, where you can find clothes and shoes in second release of top brands at very low prices.

Problems of used clothes store for babies

Being a used clothing business we could think that the investment cost would be much less compared to a new clothing store, however, a big part of this capital will be destined to the maintenance and improvement of these clothes, as machines for cleaning and conditioning themselves. Unless you prefer to send them to professional businesses that take care of it, which could increase the cost.

Final recommendation

The day you open your business, you can make special offers or additional gifts that customers can win for quantity of purchases, purchase of a special garment, etc. The possibilities of conquering your public are many, so take advantage and bring them so that little by little they get to know the advantages of this type of product with this modality and the savings that participating implies.